The Intolerance Towards Normalcy

     This hatred for what was once considered “normal” is wide spread.  A lesbian couple trying to transform an adopted son into an adopted daughter is considered liberating, but when that ideology of transsexualism leads to tragedy, it is at best ignored.  A gay couple raising a child is lauded as wonderful, but a conservative straight couple raising a child is condemned and even effectively prohibited exercising the same legal right as a gay couple — adopting and raising a child.  As Robert Stacy McCain noted:

“Professional athletes can spawn with multiple baby mamas, and feminists have no word of complaint. Gay men hiring surrogates to breed children for them? Lesbians raising adopted child sex-change experiments? No problem, say the Womyn’s Studies majors. In response to the general plague of divorce and fatherlessness, the poverty-inducing epidemic of illegitimacy that replicates underclass misery, the collective reaction of the Official Women’s Movement is . . . crickets chirping.

“However, let a normal couple of married Christians give birth to more than the standard 1.7 children, and they become the targets of seething rage and resentment”

     This double standard isn’t really a double standard, though.  The calls for equality and tolerance are simply convenient excuses and lies that serve only to destroy social norms so that they may be replaced by the Left’s own visions.  They themselves will refuse to show the tolerance that they demand of others.  This is because they define the views they disagree with as “intolerance,” “H8,” et al. and the opposition to those views as necessarily being for “tolerance” and against “H8” regardless of the actual lack of tolerance or hatred that they show.  In other words:

“It’s pretty simple: if your choices aren’t their choices, then your choices are wrong, illegitimate, and societally harmful.”

     In order to support this manichean worldview, intolerance, oppression, and hate must be defined as the Cultural Maxist “superstructure” of straight White “cis-gendered” “X-tian” males who created social norms for the sole purpose of securing their unjust privileges by oppressing everyone else.  The Left then sets up history as a progression of this “oppression” to one of “equality” and “democracy.”  This “progress” is defined as being in manichean opposition to the founding principles of this country, and our Anglo-Saxon heritage upon which it was built.  From this, their attacks become less incoherent hypocrisy, and more targeted destruction:

“Such unspeakable hatred… is rooted in a radical ideology that views the culture and institutions of traditional morality and family life as part of an oppressive bourgeois capitalist system which they — the feminists — must destroy.

“It is not just marriage and motherhood, but also religion, patriotism and all notions of virtue, honor and decency associated with those concepts which are the targets of cultural destruction”.

     The fight for “tolerance,” “liberation,” and “equality” therefor becomes a fight to destroy society through intolerance, oppression, and inequality, so that a “tolerant,” “liberated,” and “equal” society can be based on an ideology that was rooted in intolerance, oppression, and unequal treatment of the destroyed society (which was somehow tolerante, liberated, and equal enough to allow the supplanting ideology overthrow it).

     Because “no man is an island,” the claims of the Left that they don’t want to control you, but just society, are laid bare as lies.  When society becomes a public issue to be changed or replaced, you who are a member of that society become the target for effecting that change or replacement.  Dissent becomes intolerable, and affirmation becomes the only way to shrive one of the their politically incorrect thought crimes.  And you will be assumed to be a propagator of those thought crimes, because the Left needs a villain to blame its own failures upon.

     “Justice” then becomes an excuse to re-combobulate society.  The schools will be used to condition the young to adhere to this new utopian ideology, and everyone else will be “nudged” to go along with it.  They won’t have to be forced to believe that they see five fingers when there are only four, they only have to act and say as if they do.  When they are forced to do that, the lie will become the truth soon enough.  In this grand world of tolerance, only the “correct” values will be “tolerated.”

     Their own intolerance and hatred, and the labeling of all others who disagree with them as intolerant and hateful, no matter how tolerant and unhateful those others may be, is just a justification for recreating society and molding others to the ideal of a “perfect” society.

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