Tyranny of the Oppressed

“Slaves would be tyrants were the chance theirs”

— Victor Hugo

     The Oregon bakery that was being sued, for refusing to provide their services for a same-sex “marriage” ceremony, has closed down because they refused to suspend their 1st Amendment rights of free expression.  We are readily hurling towards a nation were only those who express opinions that are not inconsistent with the Progressive mantra.  Everyone one else is treated like a second class citizen; this is termed anger by a loss of “privilege” over oppressed minorities.  However, the clearly demonstrated power of these “oppressed” interest groups over the “privileged” establishes quite aptly that those who preach for “tolerance” of themselves, are least likely to show it to others.

     As the veritable Ace put it:

“But what we see here in Oregon — as we saw earlier in New Mexico, and as we will see everywhere, unless we do not pass a law sharply delimiting people’s right to sue people for unamerican, subversive crime of nonconformity with the current temporary government’s ephemeral cultural allegiances — is the attempt of a group of people who have long contended that they merely wish to be left alone to live their lives in peace suddenly feeling a little power and deciding that now that they have a short-term burst of political muscle, they may now indulge in the bullying and coercion they once thought was kind of a bad thing.”

     This isn’t just limited to the LGBTQ movement, but to individuals and groups who feel, or even just imagine, themselves to be persecuted.  There is an almost animalistic urge people seem to have for revenge, and to oppress others as the only way to prevent their own oppression.  It is a manichean struggle of “us vs. them.”

     All sub-cultures have those who want to claim their own little satrapy over the sub-culture.  They also mistake lack of outright affirmation and head-patting as lack of “tolerance.”  When they are shown tolerance, they will use that tolerance to strengthen their own power and then crush those who showed tolerance towards them, all while guilting the tolerant into submission.  This is why White South Africans, both Afrikaaners and of other persons of pallor, voluntarily tore-down Apartheid and submitted themselves to a corrupt political apparatus that may very well go genocidal on them, all in the name of “social justice.”

     Victor Hugo pointed out that “slaves would by tyrants were the chance theirs.”  While such extremes may be a bit hyperbolic, the underlying sentiment is solid:  Those who were, or perceived themselves to be, “oppressed,” would themselves wield greater oppression, then the “oppressors” who showed enough tolerance and moderation to allow the “oppressed” the opportunity to gain power over their “oppressors.”

     As Ace reminds us all:

“They might want to start considering the benefits of a society in which the government intrudes less into people’s lives and does less coercing towards what the government, at any particular moment, considers The Right Way To Be Which Is Now Subject To Court Order and Enforcement. “

     Because sometimes, the pendulum swings back.

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