According to Academia, Mountains are People Too

     We are familiar already with how glaciers are misgendered, but now we can learn about how to get intimate with… mountains.

     A graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bryanne Young, suggests just such a course.

     Let us, again, state the usual elements of these “academic” papers: Feelz over Realz; blaming Whites, men, straights, &c. for the problem (the more intersectional, the better); and, of course, heavily reiterating the work of others.

     For a taste of the insanity, the Abstract:

“This essay engages feminist science studies and theories of performativity to inject with dynamism familiar figurations of static being. Through the modalities of ethnographic writing, memory, and embodied experience, I enact a lively engagement with Canada’s Rocky Mountains. By shifting the way we understand this unique, constitutive feature of the Canadian West, I suggest an approach to ethics that expands categories of agency, disaggregating it from realms of human exceptionalism. Through the analytic of performativity, I attend to the dynamic and agentive capacity/ies of glacial bodies, mountains, and lichen—nonhuman bodies considered passive and inert by prevailing epistemologies—to make/materialize meaning. I animate the argument that what we call nature is not a passive, immutable surface on which culture is inscribed, but rather is the production of active, agential practices, each containing divergent wills to power immanent with the capacity to make cuts of their own. The aim of this writing is to think through how mountains, and other such complex living systems, might pose a necessary series of questions to prevailing epistemologies and systems of epistemological capture.”

     Right out of the gate, the author invokes not just natural and scientific elements, but something akin to a spiritual longing, when it comes to mountains:

“It is marked by spatio-temporal longing and the hope of return as well as the psychical/physical impressions left on the body of actually having been there”

     Lady, it’s called having an acid flashback.  To try to keep the reader from getting too drawn in, some mood music will be included…


“Furthermore, it can productively work to deconstruct what physicist and philosopher Karen Barad (2003) calls the thingification of the world: the deadening transfiguration of phenomena and relationality into a static series of objects/things.2 By engaging what I call a posthuman performativity, whose point of origin is latent in Judith Butler’s earliest elaborations of the concept, I interrogate and revitalize static concepts of embodiment, agency, relationality, and materiality. My aim in doing so is to contribute a useful theoretical framework for developing more nuanced understandings of bodies and embodiment, pointing to the necessity of taking seriously the materializing epistemological cuts we enact when we frame our understanding of the world.”

     Ah, the type of “nuance” one gets by dropping enough acid to make the late Syd Barrett say “WTF?!”

     So, rather than study nature by natural laws and the scientific method, the author suggests we ignore the oppressive realz for the liberating feelz.

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News of the Week (July 24th, 2016)


News of the Week for July 24th, 2016

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Donald Trump and the Holding of Tongues

     #NeverTrump will not cause a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

     Trump (and his more crazy supporters) will cause a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

     Trump will do to Republicans what William Jennings Bryan did to the Democrats.

     While it is possible that Hillary loses if she truly screws up, it would require a massive screw up of epic proportions.  Trump’s only real chance depends on the missteps of the Hillary campaign… or of an understated desire by the electorate to choose a form of the destructor.  While Hillary is certainly capable of screwing up, she still has the media, education system, and other members of the Progressive Nomenklatura to cover for her.

     In contrast Trump will be portrayed as “literally Hitler”.  That anti-Trump campaign commercials are increasingly doing little more than showing videos of him talking should be setting off warning bells off in Republicans’ heads.

     Looking at the situation in a political way, the question is not whether this is actually a big deal or not, but a question of if the Democrats and the media will convince the “Low Information Voters” who get their information from the mainstream media news and campaign commercials.  Politics is about feelz not realz.

     Heck, just look at Romney and the “binders of women”. It was not only nothing, but it showed that he was engaging in Affirmative Action to include women. Yet, despite facts and logics, it was used as a devistating weapon against him.

     Hillary is far, far worse than Trump.  I sincerely hope she loses.  My lack of cheerleading for Trump doesn’t mean otherwise.  I pointed out in the past Trumps negatives (such as lack of ground game, lack of infrastructure, his acting like a bully and buffoon, &c.) in order to draw attention to them from Republicans who could have stopped his nomination.

     Just when many were ready to just walk away after Trump’s nomination became inevitable and let Trump do as he wants, Trump and his most ardent supporters started goading them, so of course they react—they come across as vindictive and focused not on defeating Hillary, but making dissenting Republicans pay.   Trumps most ardent supporters have put their full faith into Trump, perhaps as intensely as Obama supporters did eight years ago, if not more.  They seem far more focused on the heretics than the heathens.

     And upon a Trump loss, would the Trump acolytes blame anyone and everyone who wasn’t a Trump cheerleader?  Heck, they’ll blame even his supporters if they weren’t outspoken enough.

     We see a reflexive defense of anything Trump does or says, and a reflexive attack on unbelievers. Dissent must be purged.

     Upon a Trump loss, would those who advocated for him accept their consequences?  Of course not.  They are already preemptively designating those Republicans who ardently opposed Trump as the cause of Trumps loss.  A “stab in the back” by Jews Neocons, and race-traitors Cucks, according to Trump’s most loyal Alt-Right supporters.

     If Trump says something stupid, is it worse for a conservative to point it out in the almost hopeless chance that he will knock it off, be silent in the sea of others who are pointing it out, or to lie and protect Trump and enable his idiocy?

     I know that I will be blamed even if I shut up from now until after the election for failing to “clap for Tinkerbell”, but I will not lie for him or excuse the inexcusable.  That doesn’t make me a Hillary supporter or responsible for a Hillary win, though I know I will be accused nonetheless.

     I have a moral obligation to vote against Hillary on election day. My personal vote on election day will not matter, so I have no moral obligation to vote for Trump.  To say otherwise is sheer fearmongering.

     I’ll happily attack Hillary.  I’ll work to support other campaigns.  I will hold my tongue until after the election as it regards Trump.  I will not respond to any provocation, unless it is a personal attack.

     The die is cast.  Nothing I can say will change how it lands.  I see no reason to waste any energy on this any further.

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Donald Trump and the GOP Establishment

     There is the belief that the “GOP Establishment” opposed Donald Trump and that anyone who opposes Trump is a tool of this “Establishment.”

     This of course, ignores statements from Trump that place him close to Hillary Clinton ideologically and governmentally.  This also ignores the real GOP establishment bending backwards to support trump against real conservatives.

     All a Trump nomination does is protect Progressives while giving cover to the minority-loving real establishment in order to purge from political discourse real conservatives.

     As such, the relationship between Trump and the real GOP establishment can be summed up as such.

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Quick Takes – Triggered by Dissenting Non-Whites; Triggered by Trump Chalkings; Triggered by America

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Everything is triggering! *Goes to Safe Space*

     First, some triggered special little snowflake:  Social Justice Warriors Triggered Compilation

     Carrying on…

     Social Justice Warriors at Claremont College have put together a list of “persons of color” who dare to disagree with “Social Justice”…

” Among this list is a Shady Person of Color (SPOC) board, which includes a royal court of five members of the CMC community who opposed the group.


“‘The entire notion of fake or ‘shady’ people of color is just blatantly racist. Since when does being a person of color not allow you free thought? The whole point of this is so the protestors can still feel good about themselves by saying that they represent all ‘real’ people of color campus, but in order for them to consider you ‘real,’ you have to be one of them. Martin Luther King, Jr. said he wanted people to be judged off of the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Oddly enough, the protestors have consistently done the opposite. The protestors are the most racist group on campus I’ve seen to date.”

“The use of the term ‘SPOC’ to dissociate students of color who dissented from the protest movement was widespread last semester. ‘Pomona’s new Latinx club was actually planning on creating a “SPOC calling-out” committee’ to target Latino students who did not agree with them”

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The Ultimate Tool of White Supremacy (in the 3rd grade)? Brownies!

     Brownies, the moist chocolaty treat, is now considered racist.

“A third grader had made a comment about the brownies being served to the class. After another student exclaimed that the remark was ‘racist,’ the school called the Collingswood Police Department, according to the mother of the boy who made the comment.”

     The boy’s mother went on to explain:

“There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side”.

     The police responded because they claim is potentially criminal… such as “a simple name-calling incident”.

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Perpetual College Living and the Marxist Dream

     The Marxist vision of utopia can effectively be described as “the dream of eternal college and student co-op.”  When it comes to work the modern elitist “college” lifestyle is the normalizing experience for many a budding Marxist:

“It is the vision of hipsters!  They do some meaningful labor that everyone shares and benefits from and spend the rest of the time enjoying the meaningful labor that everyone else shares and benefits from.  Not just the labor of working at some meaningful dream job, but of a collective total existence.  They think that they can work as a barista and then spending the rest of the time doing poetry, studying Marxist philosophy, enjoying interpretive dance, &c.… all without parasitically sucking off of the trust fund set up by Mommy and Daddy.  It is the dream of eternal college and student co-op.”

     Part of this “college” experience is the social living arrangements with most elements of housing being in common rooms available to the residents of the dorm.  This serves to normalize the idea that one does not have their own living space, but a communal one with others.

     This new normalized communal experience, which captures the “college experience” is now real and available for adults, as noted in an article from the New York Post entitled “I’m living like a college student at 44“:

“Increasingly, New Yorkers are turning to slick, luxurious communal-living setups. In the dormlike buildings, adults well out of college share kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, and everything from toilet paper to coffee to a cleaning service is included in the rent.

“‘All the little stuff that you would have to go out for and plan and think about, you don’t have to think about,’ says James Jackson, 27, a Web developer who lives in a new communal building in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, operated by the co-living company Common.

“Common’s Williamsburg property is its third and largest. It operates two other buildings in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and has space for 100 residents across the three properties. Since launching in October, the company has received 6,000 tenant applications.

“Once accepted — Common doesn’t perform a credit check but requires some sort of financial information as well as an interview — residents can show up empty-handed. Bedrooms are fully furnished, and even sheets and towels are part of the deal. Rent starts at $1,800 per room and includes all utilities and Wi-Fi.”

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News of the Week (July 17th, 2016)


News of the Week for July 17th, 2016

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Labor Secretary Calls Out the Brownshirts

     Obama’s Labor Secretary and possible Hillary Clinton Vice-Presidential pick, Tom Perez, has called for Hispanics to cause “good trouble” in the question for “social justice” over “immigration reform” (i.e. total amnesty).

“Despite being heartbroken over the Supreme Court’s split decision on President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration, Labor Secretary Tom Perez urged Hispanics to ’cause good trouble’ to get comprehensive immigration reform passed.”

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Belgium Forces Catholics to Kill

     Forcing people to violate their own faith in order to facilitate someone else’s “rights” is not unique to the United States, though at least (so far) in the United States the result is not lethal like it is in Belgium:

“A Catholic nursing home in Belgium is reported to have fallen foul of the country’s courts after refusing to permit a resident to access euthanasia.

“The incident happened in 2011 when Huize Sint-Augustinus home in Diest refused to allow an elderly woman’s doctor access to see her – when it was thought she was about to be given a lethal injection.

“The home has been ordered to pay €6,000 (approx $6,600 or £5,000) in damaged to the family of the woman.

“The civil court in Louvain ruled that ‘the nursing home did not have the right to refuse euthanasia on the grounds of conscientious objection.’”

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