The Vanguard That Rocks The Cradle

     …is the vanguard that rules the world, amirite?

     The Gramscian “March through the Institutions” has, at its forefront—nay, it’s vanguard—the educational establishment, which for well over a century has been twisted by tyranny and mutation until it makes anything the Soviet Union came up with seem downright “reactionary”.

     Case in point? Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher.

“Yvette Felarca, a social studies teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, attended a protest against Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speech at the University of California Berkeley Wednesday, when she spoke out against the Breitbart senior editor’s controversial views and called on protesters to prevent him from speaking ‘by any means necessary.’


“[She] then issued marching orders to dozens of other radical leftists who converged on campus to shut down Yainnopoulos’ free speech tour ‘by any means necessary.'”

     But this is just a teacher teaching about civic activism, right?

     LOL, NO.

     This person who has given the power and privilege of teaching our children has turned the “teachers apple” into something far, far more evil.

     BAMN (By Any Means Necissary) are violent extremists who have for decades sought to silence any and all dissent.

     These are people who make the Red Guard seem like pacifists.

     Yes, this is reminiscent of Weimer Germany, where the NAZIs gained popularity because they were the only ones willing to stand up against the outright Communists… even before the “beefsteak” Straßerites were purged in the “Night of the Long Knives”.

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News of the Week (February 26th, 2017)


News of the Week for February 26th, 2017

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Scientists Laying the Groundwork for Cyborg Catgirls

     Scientists have made headway into integrating electronics with the neurons of a living being:

“A biomedical solutions company called Draper is developing a technology that can turn a dragonfly into a living drone. They call it the DragonflEye project, and the technology’s main component is a tiny backpack equipped with solar panels to harvest energy. It also has integrated guidance and navigation system composed of optogenetic tools that Draper made with the help of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Janelia Farm. The idea is to use those tools to send commands from the backpack to the “steering” neurons that control the insect’s flight inside the dragonfly’s nerve cord. It’s a totally different approach to hijacking an insect’s muscles.”

     Aside from spying, this technology may have some future small impact on helping integrate artificial limbs into an amputee’s body or perhaps even allowing paraplegics and quadriplegics full use of their limbs.

     The major utility of this technology, of course, it the laying of the technological groundwork that will lead to the existence of cyborg catgirls!

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Quick Takes – Gender Bending: In The Schools; In Utero; In Opposition

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Not MY Social Construct…

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Because some peoples feelz are more equal than others. So much for lack of privilege and power

“A male student claiming he is a girl is bullying other girls for not letting him watch them change, or engage in lewd acts around them. In any common sense situation, this student would viewed as a pervert, and the school would act immediately to protect the girls from this situation progressing.

“Clearly, these girls want nothing to do with the boy, but due to the school enforcing rules that are supposed to “prevent bullying,” these girls are considered bullies for not going along with it. Because they are basing their views in reality, and not going along with the cause célèbre, they are now villains, who in the eyes of the left, are bigots and ‘phobes.’

“They are not. They are typical girls, who want to protect their privacy, and safeguard themselves in their more intimate moments from a student who is not a girl. Student X believes that he is somehow entitled to these intimate moments, and leftists like Ford believe he is correct. Again, they are not. X is not a girl, and has zero right to force actual girls into interacting with him during their moments of vulnerability. That Ford and the left believe the girls are somehow in the wrong here is nothing short of lunacy.”

     In order to square the “gender is a social construct” shtick with “innateness” requisite for legal protection, fetuses somehow have gained the right to identify as a trans-person… despite not being a (legal) person…

“Katie Couric sympathizes with the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood. But when it comes to gender, she admits that the unborn can ‘feel.’

“Last week, Ellen DeGeneres invited Yahoo anchor Katie Couric on her show to discuss her “incredible” upcoming National Geographic documentary, Gender Revolution, which confronts ‘gender identity in this country.’ And, according to her, even the unborn can feel a different gender.”

     The time to stand in opposition is NOW.

“Tell children about social contagion, and relate it to fads. I have recently spent some time revisiting children’s literature and movies, and found a forgotten treasure trove of lessons. Use children’s literature. Teach character traits and read some fables about the classic scammers: foxes, scorpions, and pity trolls. Ask why people would want others to feel sorry for them?

“After laying the groundwork in what now amounts to a lost art of common sense and decency, parents can proceed to empower their children by handing reality back to them. Let children know that they have a right to boundaries, and that includes who they share intimate space with and who can see their bodies.

“Girls can refuse. Billy wants to pretend he is a girl while he is at school. His parents and school say is okay for him to wear girls’ clothes. The truth is, a naked girl is a girl, and Billy is still a boy. You and other children do not have to pretend anything you do not want to. You have the choice.

“Frame the situation to empower children against relativism and exaggeration. Kids can know that real conditions have real and painful symptoms that are not “cured” because the whole school pretends that Billy wearing a dress makes him a girl.

“More to the point, let kids know it is an unprecedented social demand on children that one person’s feelings must define many other kids’ reality. This social manipulation erodes other children’s rights. Ask them what they think. Other children have not agreed to be an active part of a schoolmates’ treatment plan or to listen to classmates, parents, activists, or school staff use suicide as emotional blackmail.”


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Judge Not, O Person of Pallor

     It would seem that a state Representative from Rhode Island fully believes, when it comes to who can serve as a judge, that “once you go Black, you never go back”. Well, not just Black, but any “person of color”, according to H5302 that was introduced to the 2017 legislative session:

SECTION 1. Chapter 8-16.1 of the General Laws entitled “Judicial Selection” is hereby amended by adding thereto the following section:

8-16.1-8. Replacement judges.

Notwithstanding any provisions of this chapter to the contrary, whenever a judge from the superior court, family court, district court, traffic tribunal, workers’ compensation court or municipal court who is a person of color leaves the bench, for whatever reason, their replacement must be a person of color, so as not to diminish the number of judges of color in that court.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

     This not only runs afoul of the Equal Protection Clause, but Rhode Island’s own Constitution which explicitly bans “discrimination by the state” due to the “reason of race, gender or handicap”.

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The Constitution as Crime

     You’d think that if anything were Constitutional, it’d be the Constitution. Not at Kellogg Community College it isn’t!

“Kellogg Community College is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket Constitutions and signing students up for a conservative student organization.

“As detailed in video footage[…] a KCC student and two fellow conservative activists spent two to three hours handing out Constitutions and recruiting for a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter on campus in September before they were accosted by administrators and ultimately arrested for trespassing.”

     The excuse? Free speech violates free speech or something:

“They were first stopped by Drew Hutchinson, the manager of Student Life at KCC, who told them they couldn’t approach students outside or engage them in conversation because it could ‘obstruct the student’s ability to get an education.’

“‘We ask that you don’t do it in the middle of everything, and part of that is because if we obstruct the student’s ability to get an education then it kind of becomes counterintuitive to the whole, um, right to speak, kind of Second Amendment rights [sic],’ Hutchinson explained, intending to cite the First Amendment.”

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News of the Week (February 19th, 2017)


News of the Week for February 19th, 2017

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From Canada, In Your General Direction

     Canada, indicatively suffering under a Prime Minister who makes Barack Obama seem intellectual by comparison—quite a feat indeed—the Canadian Parliament is discussing the important questions… like the use of the word “fart”:

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The Latest in Social Justice: Anti-Miscegenation

     The anarcho-syndicalist “Antifa” (i.e. “anti-Fascists”) who recently threw a violent temper-tantrum at U.C. Berkeley to stop the “NAZIism” of a gay foreign man with a Black lover, have warned people against the biggest threat to “Social Justice”: Miscegenation.

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Culpability by Presence

     A man in the U.K. has been sentenced for manslaughter for… literally doing nothing.

“Simon Taylor for the prosecution told the hearing: ‘Mr Bowditch accepts that although he cannot say exactly how Becky Morgan came to fall into the sea, once she fell in he failed to take any steps to try to assist her.

“‘It is the failure to take any steps to prevent Miss Morgan’s death after she fell into the sea which forms the basis of his culpability for manslaughter.’

“Sentencing Bowditch, Judge Jeremy Carey said: ‘You did not try in any way to help a drowning girl – not by throwing her a life buoy, not by going to her aid as some would have done, not by calling for help, not by contacting the rescue or emergency services.”

     As despicable and loathsome as it may be to sit back and watch someone die, he did not actually cause the death, he was not actually responsible for anything that led to her death, nor did he prevent anyone else from helping.

     But should mere presence of a death combined with lack of action cause criminal culpability? Should mere knowledge of a person dying create a legal penalty for failing to intervene? The only difference between this man and billions of other people on Earth was knowledge that it was happening. That knowledge, then becomes criminal.

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