Academic Doublethink

     Presented with no comment other than “here be doublethink“…

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When Socialism Fails, They Always Blame Saboteurs

     Amongst the woes Venezuelans face, is the loss of their countries largest brewery, due to being unable to import barley to make the beer.  But according to the tenets of socialism, failure is always caused by “wreckers” and “kulaks”.

     Because socialism is always axiomatically determined to work, one but needs the “will of the people” and  prosperity will magically happen… if it weren’t for those pesky fascist wreckers!!1!

“Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a sweeping crackdown Saturday under a new emergency decree, ordering the seizure of paralyzed factories, the arrest of their owners and military exercises to counter alleged foreign threats.

“The embattled leftist is struggling to contain a raging economic crisis that has led to food shortages, soaring prices, riots, looting and vigilante justice, pushing Venezuela to the brink of collapse.


“The move comes after the largest food and beverage company in Venezuela, the Polar Group, halted production of beer on April 30, saying government mismanagement meant it was no longer able to import barley.

“The company’s owner, billionaire businessman Lorenzo Mendoza, is a vocal opponent of Maduro, and the president has accused him of conspiring against his government.”

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Toilet Witches for Transpersons

     Funny, how it is always the “scientific” Left who keep on invoking witchcraft in support of their political and social ideals.  A company called “Problem Glyphs” are offering posters that promise to “hex” anyone opposed to grown men using the ladies’ restroom!

     Such solid and reasonable arguments were made there!

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Greatest Fear of a Pregnant Social Justice Warrior? Having a White Baby

     Surprisingly enough, the greatest fear of a pregnant Social Justice Warrior is not having had an abortion yet, but the fear of having a baby that turns out to be… White!

     A biracial woman, Xavia Dryden, who is married to a White guy is afraid that her son will “enter the world under the veil of whiteness” …

“In true millennial fashion, my first instinct after confirming my pregnancy was to turn to the internet for guidance. Naively, I perused the slick, pastel interfaces of maternity sites for posts on ‘common new mom fears,’ searching feverishly for the ‘helpful hints’ I actually needed. I crossed my fingers and hoped for articles with titles like, ‘So, Your Baby Is Passing’ or ‘What to Expect When Your Baby Begins to Show Signs of Internalized Anglo-Normativity.’

“No such luck.”

     Maybe, juuust maybe, most parents aren’t worried about their biracial (quadroon, to use the old terminology) child will turn out to be the reincarnation of Hitler?

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Being raped is now Jewish Privilege

     A comment posted on an article written by a woman who was raped by her boyfriend’s best friend prompted an anti-Semitic tirade about the “privilege” held by White and Jewish women when it comes to being raped:

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School Punishes Meat-Eating Thought Criminal

     Do you think that “vegetarians are idiots“?  If so, you’d better shut up about it, or else you’ll get punished for it.  This is what is happening to a sixth grader who uttered those words to another student.

“The case began on Oct. 30, 2014, when the two 11-year-old sixth-graders were having lunch in the cafeteria of Montgomery’s Lower Middle School. One of the students, identified in court papers as C.C., made the comments to another student, K.S., about his decision not to eat meat.

“The investigation by the school’s anti-bullying specialist, guidance counselor Lesley Haas, found that C.C. told K.S. that ‘it’s not good to not eat meat’ and that ‘he should eat meat because he’d be smarter and have bigger brains,’ according to court papers.

“C.C. also admitted that he told K.S. that ‘vegetarians are idiots.’

“[Vice-Principal] Haas concluded that C.C.’s comments met the legal definition of harassment, intimidation and bullying under state law because they targeted a student’s ‘distinguishing characteristic’ and ‘substantially interfered with the rights of K.S. and had the effect of insulting or demeaning him.’”

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News of the Week (June 19th, 2016)


News of the Week for June 19th, 2016

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Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered

     It’s funny now, but the way the Left is exponentially getting the hellhole of a utopia they want, it’ll probably be more prophetic than anything else.

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Oppressed Academics vs. the American Chimera: A Progressive Parable

     The pre-determined truth of the academic Left is that Western Civilization is evil, and thus “Whiteness, Patriarchy, and Capitalism”.  The goal of the academic Left is not to seek out the truth, but to invent justifications for the pre-determined narrative.

     How hard is it to come up with newer and more insane justifications?  So hard that it requires four academics across fourteen institutions… to come up with a parable.

     The abstract give a condensed summary of the insanity:

“In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a fire-breathing monster with three heads: one of a lion, one of a horned goat, and one of a powerful dragon. Of similar construction is the presence of three structures in US society, whiteness, patriarchy, and capitalism, which are overwhelmingly represented, valued, and espoused when examining areas of progress, i.e., family income, poverty rates, high school and college graduation rates, and home ownership.  This modern American three-headed beast controls, manipulates, and permeates all aspects of US society irrespective of class, culture, or gender. Using critical race theory and critical whiteness studies, this critically interpretive parable draws from the ways in which whiteness, patriarchy, and capitalism function in social, cultural, economic, and educational spheres.  The parable tells the story of Sue Libertad and analyzes how this metaphorical Chimera, despite its ubiquity, silently permeates all aspects of her life. Not until a tragic outbreak occurs, does the hegemony of this chimera erodes and Sue.”

     It’s practically a script for some idiot actor cum director in Hollywood!

     Though not a word-for-word fisking, a highlight of the papers main points will be enough to cause repetitive palming of the face, or heading of the desk…

     N.B. References will be omitted to provide clarity and flow of the paper, such as there is.

“Overwhelmingly valued in the US definition of ‘success’ are the three prongs of whiteness, patriarchy, and capitalism. Taken against the backdrop of family income, poverty rates, high school and college graduation rates, and home ownership, this triumvirate reigns and terrorizes, for what else more deviously controls, manipulates, and permeates all aspects of US society irrespective of class, culture, or gender?”

     That America is oppressive via the classical Marxist idea of class oppression, and the Cultural Marxist idea of racial and sex oppression, is taken as a given.  Indeed, anyone trying to get tenure in almost any university now-a-days in these fields of “study” would have to in order to get tenure, let alone get hired in the first place.

     A good family income of a traditional Middle Class, the lifting out of poverty make possible by the free market, what used to pass for education, and the idea of property itself, are all aspects which Americans should, or that past would have, been proud of as bastions of prosperity.  But the mores and values that have made the Middle Class possible have been eroded, the free market is strangled by taxes and red tape, education has been co-opted by the Left (as this paper do aptly demonstrates), and the ability to own a house or other fine things, have all been the result of the policies and ideology of the Progressive Left.

     This, of course, is their modus operandi: Blame the intentionally disastrous results of their own policies on the enemy they wish to destroy.  That they can only think in terms of organized plots and conspiracies, an example of projection if there ever was one, is telling.

“With that said, as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Derrick Bell’s seminal book Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism, we feel a stylistic obligation to pay homage to his tenacious parable/chronicle approach to racial analyses. Refusing to let his style die in race research, we describe the American Chimera through the use of a parable that utilizes critical race theory (CRT) as a theoretical lens through which to examine racism and white supremacy.”

     And to do so, they invoke “magical racial realism“, which is clearly a racially tinged version of the genera known as “magical realism“.  They argue not on facts, but on putting for a fictional narrative that appeals to their target they wish to corrupt.

     In justifying their justification, they out their real goal: To create excuses for hating this “American Chimera”:

“In order to problematize this ‘American Chimera’, this critically interpretive parable draws from CRT and critical whiteness studies (CWS) because these applications acknowledge the endemic nature of race and racism inside American schools and best situate the saliency of racism in education”.

     For s**ts and giggles, the authors also throw in “ableism” and “heterosexism” with “racism, classism, [and] sexism” via that magical conspiratorial cabal of intersectionalism.

     The article then begins storytime!

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Braid Hair? Go to Jail!

     Draconian “occupational licensing” has long ago gone beyond licensing occupations where there is a serious threat to life and limb.  Such licensing now serves as a barrier to entry into an industry and a way to limit demand and so artificially keep prices up.

     Case in point:

“Achan Agit is no stranger to oppression.

“Born in what is now South Sudan, Achan was forced to flee her homeland in 2001 during the Second Sudanese Civil War. After living in Egypt as a refugee for three years (amid rampant xenophobia and racism), in 2004, she came to the United States and became a lawful permanent resident. Achan learned English while braiding hair in various salons, before she eventually settled in Des Moines, Iowa. Achan realized her skills as a braider (she has been twisting and locking hair since she was five) could help provide for her family. So in 2009, she opened her own braiding salon.

“Just one problem: In Iowa, braiding hair without a license in cosmetology is a crime, punishable by up to one year in prison and civil fines as high as $10,000.”

     But she just has to get a cosmetology license, right?


“Unfortunately, obtaining a cosmetology license was not a feasible option for Achan. As the Institute for Justice noted last year in a report, “Iowa has the dubious distinction of imposing the most red tape on braiders.” Becoming licensed in cosmetology requires a high school education (or its equivalent) and finishing at least 2,100 hours of coursework, or roughly 490 days. In other words, Iowa’s cosmetologist license is more burdensome than the training requirements for dental assistants, bus drivers, emergency medical technicians, animal control officers, child care workers, security guards, pest control applicators and animal breeders—combined.”

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