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We Should Accept Everyone, Except for Normal People

     You are “Cis-Gendered” if you are a guy who thinks he’s a guy or a lady who thinks she’s a lady.  Apparently this is wrong and you have no right to oppress people by being normal.

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Turning on a Light Switch is LITERALLY Rape

     Remember “Microagression“, where harmless and innocent things are all declared to be tools of oppression by The Patriarchy™ or more broadly The Kyriarchy™?

     Well, if you accept this, then you should be hyper-aware of the oppression you are imposing on the oppressed when you… turn on a light switch:

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Elton John, Gay Basher

     Two Gay fashion designers are hitting back against the “hypocritical” and “Taliban” attack by a washed-up pop star.  The designers are accused of “archaic” thinking.  A number of other washed up musicians also chimed in against the two gay fashion designers.  Certain forces in film and television also are attacking these two Gay men.

     Who was this outspoken basher of these two Gay men?  Elton John.

Pictured: Elton John without glasses

     Why are these two Gay men being attacked as sub-human?  Because they believe that a child deserves a Mommy and a Daddy.

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News of the Week (March 22nd, 2015)


News of the Week for March 22nd, 2015

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Doctors are Oppressive Deniers

     One of the rational questions posed to mentally ill special little snowflakes concerns self-diagnosticaton:

“Why do you believe self-diagnosis is okay? It is smart to be aware of your symptoms and research possible causes, but to diagnose oneself without seeking a medical professional…? That doesn’t seem like a good idea, if doctors are available.”

     Unsurprisingly, the mentally ill tucute polygener aurokin, “ryuu,” with multiple personalities (and who uses faun/fei/cel pronouns) declares:

“(strroy for typsos pple triggered me)

“slef diagnoisi is good bc uase the docotros in ourr system ar eusually gateklkepres and no teveryowne has scaaces to thmem uwu uu

“(im sorrry im shakign realy bad)”

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Uncovered Kabul Woman Protestor Beaten and Burned to Death

     The mystery woman who dared to walk through Kabul, Afghanistan without covering her head, and with her lower legs exposed, has been beaten and burned to death.

     She allegedly burned a Koran, though there is no proof of that.

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Progressive Fantasy: Super Happy Fun Time

Peter Pan is the Progressive ideal.

     Perpetual childhood of the masses is the end goal for Progressives, with most people spared having to grow up and actually run things like a responsible adult… in particular, their own lives.

     Hipsters, special little snowflakes, and other pampered adult children can now pay for the privilege of acting like they were in kindergarten again, to the tune of $1000:

     Is it any surprise that so many men and women are flocking towards more radical elements of Islam?

“They have two bad choices: The culture which seems to run contrary to their impulses, generally looking down on masculine virtue, or the one which promotes a ridiculous version of masculinity as little but Warrior-Tribe aggression displays, violence, and rape. And of course some rioting, and of course some terrorism and slaughter, too.”

     Yet it would seem that America, and Western Civilization, is increasingly turning into a collective of Peter Pan wannabes.

     And now it looks like such idiocy might even get Federal support if Hillary Clinton has her way:

     Hillary’s happy happy joy joy fun camp!  What could go wrong?

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Smashing the Duo-Normative Diarchy: Not Just for Homosexuals Anymore!

     There have been many examples of trios of both gay men and lesbians who have fought against duo-normative oppression by polyamorous “marriages” between the trios.

     Now, heterosexuals and bisexuals are joining the vanguard of the revolution against oppressive duo-normative oppressors:

“Two women named Melinda and Dani Phoenix and the man they both consider their husband, Jonathan Stein, are in a polyamorous relationship and parenting two babies together under the same roof.

“Melinda and Dani began their relationship as a lesbian couple and became domestic partners in 2010. A year later, Jonathan joined them as the third partner and the three married last summer in a ceremony that is not legally recognized.

“Now they’re sharing their story to raise awareness about polyamorous families and hope that some day these arrangements can be widely accepted and legally recognized. With children entering their picture, they feel gaining support from the community is more important than ever.”

     Note that this isn’t traditional polygamy where a man has two wives; this is a situation where each member of this tripartite marriage is equally involved with the other two.

     Unnatural, one might say?

     Check your duo-normative privilege, oppressor!

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Saint Patrick’s Day Mood Music

     Without comment…


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