Storm Troopers of Political Correctness

     The University of California, Santa Cruz has established their own frontline Sturmabteilung for Political Correctness:

“UCSC’s Hate/Bias Response Team reviews all hate/bias incident reports and the appropriate member(s) will contact the reporter/victim, if this is desired, to provide support and offer referral to services. If enough information is provided in the report, the appropriate team member(s) will address hate/bias incidents as they are related to students, faculty and/or staff.”

     And, of course, like most places run by totalitarian minded twits, the students are encouraged to inform on the others:

“Members of the UC Santa Cruz community have been encouraged for several years to report hurtful acts expressing hostility or bias on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, place of origin, religion, and more, on the Report Hate website.

“Now, this online reporting tool is expanding to become one of the first programs of its kind to take such a proactive and comprehensive approach to hate and bias incidents. Students will be encouraged to report possible hate crimes directly to the UC Santa Cruz Police Department, and the Bias Response Team will be the first responder to bias-related incidents.

“Intentional collaboration forms the backbone of the Bias Response Program, said Sheree Marlowe, UC Santa Cruz campus diversity officer, who is leading the effort through the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI).”

     The collection of “incidents” would make the Stasi spin in amazement!

     Watch out!  Political Correctness is mandatory… or else…

     Hat Tip: The College Fix.

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Political Ploys Are Born This Way

     The statement that homosexuality is always an unchangeable trait was a prerequisite for protection under “equal opportunity” laws, such as those that covered race and sex.

     Later, the transgender movement pushed the idea that the brain and the body didn’t have anything to do with each other, and thus the gender/biological sex divide.

     But with the former being normalized, and the later a fait accompli, it is no longer necessary to require either sexuality or gender to be innate, as opposed to “social constructs.”

     Indeed, the dismissal of biological sex as merely something doctors “assign at birth” creates the following paradox: How can one be biologically hardwired to be attracted to one sex or the other, when biological sex does not biologically exist?

     The answer is that, because protections based sexual orientation have become to intertwined with social sentiments against “discrimination,” the actual justification of sexual orientation being innate and hardwired in the brain is no longer necessary, or even useful:

“Adults choose who to have sex with, how to have sex, where they have sex, and the frequency with which they have sex. Libidinal desires may exist beyond our control, but we do very much have control how we act upon those desires externally in the world with other people. To put it personally: ‘I just don’t fall into a vagina and stay there,’ is how I jokingly explain my belief that sexuality is a choice. I am drawn to women and will happily talk about scissoring and other exquisite lesbian stereotypes, for sure, but there’s not an inescapable magnetism forcing me to leech onto women.

“This position flies in the face of the accepted narrative within gay circles that have adopted the phrase ‘born this way’ for social justice and moral justification, as well as for political expediency. (Although, according to the most recent PEW Research data from 2013, I am one among the 42 percent who believe ‘being gay or lesbian is “just the way some choose to live,”‘ as opposed to 41 percent of those surveyed who subscribe to the ‘born this way’ argument.) I am an atheist and harbor no religious ascetic values like shame or guilt about who I have sex with or how I have sex. In terms of American politics, because our rights and laws are predicated on socially sanctioned identities, sexuality has been conceived as an ontological trait or biological certainty. Take the relevant example of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This federal law targeted a specific group of people. Consequently, we have had to work within America’s paradigm of identity politics to prove we are collectively oppressed in order to obtain equal rights.”

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The Alt-Right Is NOT Conservative

     This isn’t about Donald Trump.  This isn’t about most of Trump’s supporters.  It is about some of Trump’s supporters, specifically the “Alt-Right.”

     Trump’s campaign has been cat-nip to the Alt-Right due to support for building a border wall and putting the clamp on Muslim immigration.  It must be made clear, that there are indeed non-White Trump supporters who care not for the Alt-Right idiocy.

     But who are the “Alt-Right”?  Sargon of Akkad presents a fair assessment of who the Alt-Right are.

     Alt-right aren’t conservatives. They are a mirror reflection of the Left.  They are racial and ethnic collectivists who put the collective above the individual.  Both the Progressives and the Alt-right are racist… they just disagree as to who the enemy is.  The Left divided people by race, amongst other factors, and set-up an “us vs. them” dichotomy.  The Alt-Right in America, old school neo-NAZIs aside, are a creation, then, of the Left.  The Alt-Right agree with the Left that there is an “us vs. them” dichotomy, and even of what that dichotomy is, but differ on who is “us” and who is “them”.

     Though not all people who associate with the Alt-Right are motivated by feelings of actual White Supremacy or hatred of Jews, the hatred from the Left with their conspiracies about “Kyriarchy” push people towards the Alt-Right as a welcoming counter to the Progressives.

     It is a  false assumption that the GOP is a manichean choice between establishment squishes and Alt-Righters, for neither side is conservative.

     This “Right-Left” dichotomy the Alt-Right invokes is a distinctly un-American one.  American Conservatism is not on the European Right/Left spectrum, but orthogonal thereto.  It is a civic inheritance, not an inheritance of blood:

     The American weal is a civic inheritance that transcends race. To deny that is to deny America.  It is not about race, it is about assimilation. Droves of socialist 1st World Europeans coming to America would not be better just because those socialists were mostly White.  It wasn’t the race of the immigrants who are destroying America, it was the war against assimilation wages by the Progressives via the cult of “multiculturalism”.

     Would importing socialist Europeans would be better? Better for the populist/nationalist Leftists (i.e. the Alt-Right) of course.  This would be but the mirror image of the Progressives importing non-Whites that they try to keep from assimilation by bashing America as racist and encouraging Balkanism.  Both are anti-thetical to America.  America, then, is not for or against immigrants because of their race, but based on whether said immigrants want to become America and embrace it… or merely to supplant it.

     Real conservatives will call out those who play ethno-national and racially populist nonsense, and condemn them.

     There is no better example of this than the late Joe Pyne, who was one of the earliest conservative radio and TV personalities, as can be seen with his clear disdain of “American NAZI” Lincoln Rockwell:

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When Democracy Fails Socialism, The Shooting Starts

     Democracy isn’t going so well for Venezuelan President Maduro.  With the country collapsing, democracy, which once was touted as a seal of legitimacy for socialism, is being eschewed by Maduro after the Venezuelan National Assembly was taken over by a super-majority of anti-Maduro candidates?

     So what happens when you can’t stop the opposition at the ballot box?

     You stop them with an assassination.

“Venezuelan politician German Mavare, leader of the opposition UNT party, died Friday after being shot in the head, an assassination that occurred in the western state of Lara, his organization said.”

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Fear And Loathing At the Nevada Democratic Convention

     The chaos that erupted at the Nevada Democratic Convention has already been noted for outright violence.  Bernie Sanders supporters claimed that many of their delegates were denied entry, and that sudden rule changes were pushed through before the convention items were supposed to be voted on.

     The Bernie Sanders supporters explain it thusly:

     The Sanders campaign has openly condemned what went on vis a vis the machinations.

     While some Leftwing pundits, like Nevada’s own Napoleon XIV½ Jon Ralston, defend what happened and belittle the Bernie supporters, it is nonetheless very clear that some Bernie Supporters are taking this way to personally and way to violently, up to and including death threats.  Specifically, death threats aimed at the state Democratic Chairwoman.

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News of the Week (May 22nd, 2016)


News of the Week for May 22nd, 2016

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Witches Feel The Bern

     Nothing quite says “mainstream support” like holding a political rally involving… Wiccan rituals!

Meanwhile... at the Bernie Sanders rally...

“Attending a rally for Bernie Sanders usually involves long lines and security screenings, but that wasn’t the case at an intimate, informal event Friday evening supporting the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign in a park here.

“Instead of metal detectors, entrance required burning ceremonial sweetgrass.

“Participants were ‘smudged,’ meaning the smoke from the sweetgrass was wafted over them before they could enter the sacred circle and begin a Wiccan ritual to support Sanders ahead of Oregon’s primary on Tuesday.

“;Welcome to the “Feeling the Bern ritual,”‘ Leigha Lafleur, 41, told the gathering  as she prepared to lead them in the ‘amplification of positive energy of Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement.’”

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Obama Administration Condemns Thousands of Eagles to Death

     In order to facilitate companies that slaughter endangered birds with “eagle blenders” (and also dabble in “green energy”), the Obama administration is allowing even more endangered birds to be wantonly slaughtered:

“The Obama administration is revising a federal rule that allows wind-energy companies to operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years, even if means killing or injuring thousands of federally protected bald and golden eagles.

“Under the plan announced Wednesday, companies could kill or injure up to 4,200 bald eagles a year without penalty — nearly four times the current limit. Golden eagles could only be killed if companies take steps to minimize the losses, for instance, by retrofitting power poles to reduce the risk of electrocution.”

     While you would be prosecuted with severe penalties for harming one bird, these “green” elitists are more equal than you and actually receive the government’s blessing to slaughter thousands.

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American Bar Association Poised To Ban Expressions of Thoughtcrime

     The American Bar Association considering speech codes that would open up lawyers to punishment if they utter innocuous statements that the Leftist-inclined ABA deems to be expressions of thoughtcrime.

“It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:… (g) harass or discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or socioeconomic status in conduct related to the practice of law…

“[Discrimination and harassment] includes harmful verbal or physical conduct that manifests bias or prejudice towards others because of their membership or perceived membership in one or more of the groups listed in paragraph (g). Harassment includes sexual harassment and derogatory or demeaning verbal or physical conduct towards a person who is, or is perceived to be, a member of one of the groups. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. The substantive law of antidiscrimination and anti-harassment statutes and case law may guide application of paragraph (g).

“Conduct related to the practice of law includes representing clients; interacting with witnesses, coworkers, court personnel, lawyers and others while engaged in the practice of law; operating or managing a law firm or law practice; and participating in bar association, business or social activities in connection with the practice of law. Paragraph (g) does not prohibit conduct undertaken to promote diversity.”

     What’s worse, is that there is no limitation to the extent of this speech edict:

“Hostile work environment harassment law is also often defended (though in my view that defense is inadequate) on the grounds that it’s limited to speech that is so ‘severe or pervasive’ that it creates an ‘offensive work environment.’ This proposed rule conspicuously omits any such limitation.”

     Though state bars, which control whether you are allowed whether one can practice law or not, are not required to adopt the ABA’s edict, many look towards the ABA for guidance.

     This would potentially mean that any lawyer who expresses a thoughcrime, such as disagreement with same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom rules, &c., could be disciplined, potentially to the point of not being able to practice anymore, which would bar one from a judgeship in most states.

     It is a lot easier for the Left to get what they want via courts when not only are the judges those who have no moral qualm with the pre-determined answer, but then you have no lawyers able to argue against it.

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The Unlibertarian Libertarians

     One would expect, out of all the major and minor parties in the United States of America, that the Libertarian Party would be the one that would support businesses in their right to refuse service if they find such service to be morally repugnant, based on the idea that the state shouldn’t coerce people as such.

     One, however, would be wrong.  Turns out Gary Johnson has a bit of a Statist streak, as Benny Huang over at Freedom Daily notes:

“If you’re like me you’re probably searching for a third party candidate in the wake of Donald Trump’s clinching of the GOP nomination. For those of you considering the Libertarian Party (LP), I hope you’ll reconsider.

“The party’s current frontrunner, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, doesn’t seem to understand this liberty thing. He thinks it means drugs and abortion but should you decide that you don’t want to engage in a business transaction he wants the government to coerce you. The party’s other candidates aren’t quite as extreme in their statism though none of them will make an unqualified stand for your Thirteenth Amendment right not to be held in involuntary servitude—which is exactly what private sector nondiscrimination laws are.

“Johnson is so enamored with the concept of private sector nondiscrimination laws that he wants to force Jewish bakers to make a Nazi wedding cakes. Yes, really. Contrary to the battle cry of his party, ‘Minimum government, maximum freedom,’ Johnson thinks the government should mandate that party A do business with party B. I don’t. My philosophy is that both ends of any economic transaction should be voluntary. That is not, by the way, a return to Jim Crow. Jim Crow was also a statist monstrosity which prohibited businesses from serving whom they wished. Big difference.”

     While Mr. Huang is making a salient point about the Libertarian Parties hypocrisy, it also misses another point: There is a difference between refusing to sell some standard widget to someone just because of their race; and refusing to participate or personal creative abilities to promote and endorse a moral message.

     That former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has gone so far as to state that the government may void your free speech rights, just so that someone else can get what they want, is just proof that many “libertarians” are libertines who only care about getting what they can get.

     It also demonstrates that the “right” of a customer to get whatever they want requires that the business, and the people who work for it, to surrender all moral agency and just follow orders, as is the case with the city of New York forcing bars and bartenders to serve pregnant women a drink.

     There are probably some libertarians who would have volunteered in the Khmer Rouge because their leader’s name was “Pol Pot”…

     To a large degree, this is the end result of John Stewart Mills’ opinions on the squares who wanted to harsh his mellow.  Libertines want not only the right to do what they want, but the “right” to compel you to do so.

     Mills whined about the “inclination to stretch unduly the powers of society over the individual, both by the force of opinion and even by that of legislation.”*  He was, in fact, complaining not just about coercion by the state, but by the opinion of society in effect “harshing his mellow.”

     The irony here is that Gov. Johnson is endorsing using the “powers of society over the individual” via “coercion by the state.

     Libertarians have become what they ostensibly declare they hate.

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