The European Union Proves One Point: Napoleon and Hitler were Poseurs

     The question of whether the U.K. will stay with the European Union or not will (hopefully) rest with the voters of the U.K..  Here are some debates that might illuminate not only the British, but the world at large as to the arguments:

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Feminism ISN’T About Choice

     The old lie that was pushed by Feminists was that they wanted to “liberate” women and “empower” them so that they could pursue whatever they wanted to do.  But as Feminism isn’t about “equality,” it isn’t about choice either; it is about destroying the status quo so as to allow some delusion of utopia to spontaneously pop-up.

     Case in point:

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Stars and Flowers and Fae and Sunshine

     An agender pansexual wtfromantic/nebularomantic Gaelic Polytheist “woodland spirit” who has ADHD (with dyscalcula), MDD, GAD, and goes by the name of “Journey” wants to let the world know how special of a little snowflake she* is:

“I love this generation so much we went through shit like drug scares and eating disorders and being punks and emos and self harmers and depressed and suicidal and now now now you start to see all these flower crowns and pastels and it’s like we’re all slowly slowly healing and growing up and it’s s obeautiful we’re all taking selfies and coming into our own and we’re all scared but we’re all here for each other and we’re unlearning inter-community hate and we’re all just such nice girls and boys and everything else we’re stars and flowers and fae and sunshine and we care about the world and we are just s obeautiful and powerful and new”

     Methinks that she* forgot about the lollipops and rainbows…

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Pediatricians to the Netherlands: Let Us Kill Children

     Following the lead of their euthanasia loving neighbors, Belgium, the Dutch are now being urged by pediatricians to allow said pediatricians to kill their own child patients:

“The Netherlands is one of few countries in the world where euthanasia is permitted for terminally ill patients.

“But the Dutch Paediatric Association said that existing laws do not go far enough and called for an age limit to be scrapped.

“Under current laws, only those aged 12 and over can ask to die. ‘We feel that an arbitrary age limit such as 12 should be changed,’ said Eduard Verhagen, professor of paediatrics at Groningen University, and a member of the association’s ethics committee.”

     Children can not consent to a myriad number of things, yet they are expected to be able to make a sane and sober minded life and death decision… even if they are a toddler?

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News of the Week (June 28th, 2015)


News of the Week for June 28th, 2015

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WalMart Considers the Islamic State to be Morally Acceptable

     A man went to WalMart to get a cake with the following flag on it:

     Note that the flag expresses a message against hate.  Even still, WalMart found the image to be so beyond the pale, that they refused to bake it.

     However, they were totes fine with the moral message of the Islamic State!

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America Down the Memory Hole

     ”It’s just the #ConfederateFlag,” they say, “and if you don’t support purging it from history, you’re racist!” But it isn’t just about the flag soldiers flew a century and a half ago.

     It is right and proper for the government to not fly the Confederate battle flag, nor to display it outside a museum.  If a company wants to refuse to sell it, or allow others to use their service to sell it, on moral grounds (while supporting NAZIs), that is their legal right (Gay Pride flags, OTOH…).  But there is a boarder societal effect of banning anything that the baying mobs of Political Correctness demand.

     Why not tear down all memorials for the losing side in a war that ended a century and a half ago?  Heck, why not remove memorials for the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

     Why not the Flag of the United States of America itself?  That is not a hypothetical, but something that pointy headed ivory tower idjits are already demanding.

     This is another Kobayashi Maru scenario: You either loose by defending something that is connected to racism and slavery, or you concede and allow the Left to go on to another target.  Overtime they will make more and more things declared racist.  The end game?

     To have all of American history tinged with racism (and sexism, homophobia, &c.).  If you make all of American history “racist” then people will accept anything as an alternative if it is offered.  That is how you “fundamentally transform” America into a Progressive utopia.

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Marriage, R.I.P.

     Marriage, R.I.P.

     Time Immemorial – 2015.

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Are Amazon and eBay Pro-Genocide?

     Amazon, eBay, and several other companies have declared that they will not sell items with the Confederate Battle flag on it because said flag stood against their values.

     By refusing to sell Confederate battle flag (or Naval Jack) memorabilia on moral grounds, eBay and Amazon are saying they morally approve of anything they do sell.

     So, just what flags do they consider morally acceptable?


     The murderous regime of North Korea:


     The Khmer Rouge and their auto-genocidal regime:


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Diversity and Equality Means Whitey Speaks Last!

     In the name of fighting “misogyny and racism”, a proposal has been made to make sure that White males are forces to shut up and listen to the more morally pure non-White and/or non-male students.  If there is time left, a Professor might let one of those oppressors speak… maybe.

     Of course, elements of the Left denies the reality that they would impose on others:

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