Pimp Hand Of Social Justice

     Nothing says “fighting systemic injustice” like appointing a felon who pimped out children as “street czar” to provide “alternatives to policing”.  Unsurprisingly, this bright idea came from the City of Seattle.

“Seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp who once vowed to ‘go to war’ with the city — a $150,000 ‘street czar’ whose mission is to come up with ‘alternatives to policing,’ reports said.

“Andre Taylor — who appeared in the documentary ‘American Pimp’ about his life as ‘Gorgeous Dre’ — is getting $12,500 per month for a year, along with an office in Seattle’s Municipal Tower, according to the contract published by PubliCola.

“It comes just a year after his organization, Not This Time, was paid $100,000 to sponsor a speaker series that was called ‘Conversations with the Streets.’


“He was later accused of trying to get millions from the city for militants who set up the controversial police-free Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) zone, the Seattle Times said.”

     #PimpLivesMatter?   Does the “Street Czer” outrank the Duke of New York?

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When Trying To Burn Books Is Anti-Racist

     Ironic, isn’t it, that hooligans who label themselves “anti-fascist” should declare that most fascist of past-times, burning books, to now be “anti-fascist action”.

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A Woke Boot Stamping On A Human Face Of Pallor—For Ever

     Is it any surprise that an ideology that masquerades as a method of open analysis basis its root tenets on what it allegedly is supposed to root out (which presupposed that there is something there to be rooted out? Many of Critical Race Theory’s proponents outright admit that!

     A “Theory” or method of analysis that serves not to determine the veracity of a belief but to find evidence that it assumes is already there and then framing that “evidence” necessarily must be consistent with the presupposed conclusion is not and can not be confirmation of said conclusion.

     It is also presumed that the “oppression” caused by the “unearned privilege” of White individuals is perpetual—which justifies perpetual “racial justice” and “anti-racist” action be taken to undercut said “White Privilege/Whiteness/Persons of Pallor”.   It also explains why not seeing people first and foremost as members of some racial unit is “racist” because if people didn’t care about the race of others then Critical Race Theory implodes on itself and “anti-racist” actions and “racial justice” become themselves racist. Clearly, it is Critical Race Theory, and “racial justice” in general that is systemically racist.

     Racism “always” existing is the justification they use to perpetually treat people unequally on the basis of race and to declare White people intrinsically inferior on a moral level. Critical Race Theory & “Racial Justice” is an “anti-racist” boot perpetually stomping on a human face of pallor in order to provide some with unearned privilege to some by establishing actual systemic racism (even as neutrally defined academically) while claiming to be fighting it. The privilege will go to the inevitable “Nomenklatura” (by that name or another) while keeping down both Whites (explicitly) and non-Whites (by not solving real problems and using “White Supremacy” as an excuse.

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News of the Week (September 27th, 2020)


News of the Week for Sept. 27th, 2020

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The Gnostic Mysteries Of Wokeness

     It has often been noted here that the ideology of the Left is in all actuality a non-theistic religion and the believe in its tenets a matter of unwavering faith. A twitter user by the Twitter handle of “Lafayette Lee” also makes this observation.

“Whenever I discuss Critical race theory with my friends on the progressive left, they always end up telling me that I just *don’t understand* the subject matter… even though I’ve read exponentially more CRT literature than they have.

“If my friends and colleagues are any guide, the progressive worldview only tolerates two possibilities for rejecting cherished orthodoxies like CRT: 1) an inability to understand (“ignorant,” “uneducated”), or 2) irrational hatred/fear (i.e. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.).

“‘You just don’t understand’ is the most charitable dismissal someone could ask for from a progressive; it’s a step above the the racism/sexism/homophobia etc. charge- ideal for friends and family…

:Given that these are the only two explanations for dissent, it appears that the progressive worldview is more of a belief system- inherently religious in nature- than a rational conclusion based on evidence, as commonly portrayed…

“At the end of the day, to most progressives, the unconverted and unbaptized are either too simpleminded to comprehend the good word (and therefore- further evangelization is required), or they are too wicked and sinful- which warrants inquisition and forced conversion.

“Often conservatives assume that their progressive counterparts will be turned by more sophisticated, consistent arguments… or that standing by one’s principles will appeal to their sense of virtue.

“But this never works; progressivism isn’t just ideology, it’s religion, too“

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“Justice” Is Just An Excuse For Riot & Revolution

     “Racial Justice” or “Social Justice” is the rallying cry of “anti-racists” who claim that there is a plague of police who are executing innocent men who happen to be Black in order to maintain a “White Supremacy” that is “fascist” thus justifying Antifa “Black Bloc” revolutionaries. But would they riot when a police officer is clearly defending themself against a crazed and armed attacker like this officer below did?

     Of course they would riot! Obviously a police officer who doesn’t let some crazed lunatic kill them is by merely not dying oppressing people with White Supremacy! </sarcasm>

     They’re gonna riot and try to start a revolution regardless of the truth, for they will not allow truth to interfere with their zealous belief that the status quo is evil and the only way to be anti-evil is to bring down the entire “system”.

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The Not-So-Free State Of George Floyd

     We live in a country where people can look at the hellhole that the CHAZ/CHOD “autonomous” zone in Seattle and declare that “that wasn’t a real non-hierarchical utopian commune” and then build that same d**n thing with the inevitable results.

     Minneapolis has it’s own “autonomous zone” that they’ve declared the “Free State of George Floyd”… that isn’t so free, especially for those who are physically attacked by violent scum who find refuge in this “hate-free” paradise.

     This person was beaten and treated at a hospital by a criminal who came back to threaten him with a gun and then came back again to threaten him. Things got so bad that the police wouldn’t even enter this no-go zone. Despite identifying the criminal, the police can’t arrest him because he is being protected by this idyllic paradise of wokeness. ‘Twould seem that being pro-criminal (or at least when the criminals are Black or “anti-racist”) is a common thread amongst these wannabe revolutionaries.

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The Latest Tool Of White Supremacy: Miscegenation

     You know you are live in an age of wokeness when interracial marriage is not only responsible for perpetuating “White Supremacy” but also a tool of genocide against… Blacks! Who knew that miscegenation was a tool of “Whiteness”?

     Chinyere Osuji, an academic (of course) at Rutgers, thinks that interracial marriages are problematic. That she recounts in a podcast discussing all this how at one school all the Black males preferred White females; perhaps has clouded her judgment?

     Amongst some the denegrations include this bizarre claim:

“Brazil literally tried to wipe out it’s black population through race mixture with European whites.”

     Apparently “White Supremacy” doesn’t mean keeping some “Aryan” Nazi ideal of a master race, but “White” genes being spread to the point where everyone is at least a little bit White and thus non-Whites “genocided” due to an “impurity” of “Whtieness”.

     By this measure, Cabo Verde is a White Supremacist success story.

This is what “White Supremacy” looks like…

She goes on to make odd claims like the following:

“Almost everybody loves the person they choose to marry. It’s pretty common in Western love marriages.”

     Marrying for love is now a “Western” (and thus presumably “White”) imposition? She isn’t making a very good case for why this “White Supremacy” is evil, is she?

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Peaceful Protests?

     One of the most blatant of lies is that Antifa are just peacefully protesting against fascism and it is fascists that are causing chaos. The evidence against this lie is myriad, but there are some who believe that Antifa are just “soy boys” who are no serious threat and that will melt away when in the presence of resolve against them. However, while there isn’t any explicit hierarchy with a supreme leader, it is still an organized group with a plethora of cells that can work alone or together, united by an ideology, and with a diffuse leadership class that helps organize their actions, regiment their ideology, and interface with the rest of the Leftist hydra.

     If there was any doubt as to their capacity to organize, take a gander at their organizational structure.

     The original poster at the r/AntifascistsofReddit subreddit deleted the image because he/she/it realized that it was being posted out in the open where non-Leftists could find it—but the internet is forever.

     Of note in the comments, was the suggestion to attack police wearing face masks with paint which would only work against a gas mask. Also of note is the slip that they use the “Riot.im” online messenger as their preferred means of coordinating.

Antifa is not just some “spontaneous” uprising by revolutionaries on the street, but is fully funded and organized from the outside, complete with bail funds flush with over a million in cash for Portland rioters alone as well as a plethora of supplies for violent rioting.

     As much as some want to push the fantasy of an oppressed people rising up against “fascism”, the truth is that this is an organized attack, and even comes from within.

     Update: They’ve been caught doing it again in Louisville.

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When The Center For Disease Control Considers There Is No Greater Disease Than Racism

     Despite “training programs” that push Critical Race Theory, the Center for Disease Control nonetheless attempted to push ahead with a plan to “examine the mechanisms of systemic racism” in opposition to “White supremacist ideology.” Thankfully, that has been forcibly canceled. However, yet again, Christopher F. Rufo has compiled documentation and made such primary sources available for all to read and assess for themselves.

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