News of the Week (October 23rd, 2016)


News of the Week for October 23th, 2016

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The Country Where Offensive #Hashtags Are Considered Worse Than The Sexualization of Children

     There is a jihad against incorrect words and even thoughts. It is considered so horrible, that the sexualization is not big deal in comparison! How bad? Use social media to express an incorrect thought, or other wise act in a way the state deems “harms” the legally protected, and you can go to jail. Create and distribute pictures of a sexualized minor? It’s not like they have to prosecute anyone!

     The country in question?

     The U.K.

“Internet trolls who create derogatory hashtags or post humiliating photoshopped images could face jail, the country’s most senior prosecutor has warned.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has published new guidance to help police determine whether to press charges against someone for their behaviour on social media.

“It comes after a major report found one in four teenagers suffered abuse online because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or transgender identity.

“Cases of sexting that involve underage children should not be pursued for prosecution if the images are shared consensually between two children of a similar age in a relationship, the CPS said.”


     Oh, the punishment of doubleplusuntgood wrongthink is strong:

“‘Ignorance is not a defence and perceived anonymity is not an escape. Those who commit these acts, or encourage others to do the same, can and will be prosecuted.’

“Creating a hashtag to encourage an online harassment campaign, or pushing for retweets of a ‘grossly offensive message’ are given as examples of unacceptable behaviour.”

     Innocently retweeting a tweet that just so happens to have included a hashtag that some government official deems to be doubleplusungood can get you thrown in jail.

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Science and Racism, or Why Witches Throwing Magical Lightning Bolts Don’t Exist

     Just as Feminists consider science to by Sexist and a plot of The Patriarchy, it is claimed that Science is Racist and a tool of oppression wielded by the White oppressor. The solution that is proffered is to “decolonize” science and replace objective scientific reality with a more magic friendly “science”.

     A perfect case in point can be seen by a group of students in South African students who even have their very own hashtag: #ScienceMustFall:

     So, they basically reject science as an oppressive tool of the White man because it denies witchcraft and magical lighting bolts thrown by tribal wizards:

“I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab’uyalingana. They believe that through the magic‚ you call it black magic‚ they call it witchcraft‚ you are able to send lightening to strike someone. Can you explain that scientifically because it’s something that happens?”

     Perhaps that student just stumbled upon a LARP:

     Clearly, they do not even understand what science is:

“Western knowledge is totalising. It is saying that Newton, and only Newton, knew or saw an Apple falling and then out of nowhere decided that gravity existed, and created an equation, and that is it. The only way to explain gravity is through Newton.”

     The irony is that they are parroting philosophies thought up by… White people, as noted in the comments over at David Thompson’s blog:

“I wonder if the same offended young woman – the one so offended by (white) Western modernity – is fully aware of the extent to which she is merely regurgitating the ossified words of long dead, white western European male intellectuals?

“I mean at one point she quite literally parrots Sartre (‘western knowledge is totalising’) and the whole de-colonising shtick comes from Said which in turn came from Foucault.

“If she wants to ‘decolonise the university’ those might be good places to make a start before having a go at the scientific method.”

     The phrase “decolonize your mind” is a general epithet to deny, out of hand, the possible validity of a thought or opinion because it is associated with “colonial oppressors”.


     To a large degree, this nonsense has the same root cause as the desire to create a feminist science, and includes many of the same misconceptions and idiocy, abet with a bit of the bon sauvage thrown in.

     To the decolonizers, science is a “social construction” because it is but one of a myriad ways of examining and ordering the natural world. In other words, just one of many ways of doing so. Magical lightning bolt throwing Mchawi are just as valid as rocket scientists, if not more so due to the formers elevated states of not being a colonizing oppressor. The colonizers, then use their particular method to oppress the apparently magical indigenes (ignoring that peoples were invading and conquering other territories well before Europeans arived), meaning that liberation must axiomatically oppose science as it is definitionally a tool of oppression.

     There is no such thing as “White science” just as there is not such thing as “African science”: There is just science and not-science.

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Dutch Euthanasia Goes Looney Toons

     The Netherlands introduced euthanasia with the promise that it would only apply to the terminally ill suffering unbearable pain. By “terminally ill” they meant perfectly healthy and by “unbearable pain” they mean having a fulfilling life

“The Dutch government intends to draft a law that would legalise assisted suicide for people who feel they have ‘completed life’, but who are not necessarily terminally ill.


“In a letter to parliament this week, the health and justice ministers said the details remained to be worked out but that people who ‘have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete, must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them.'”

     Dying and in pain? Kill yourself! Had a happy and fulfilling life and still in perfect health? Kill yourself!


     The idea that you should just kill yourself just because you’ve seen it all is looney… LITERALLY.

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Science and Sexism, or Why Feminist Science Isn’t

     It is a trope and cliché, abet accurate ones, that the so-called “social sciences” in Academica reject objective reality and substitute “social constructs” with the clear implication that:

“[T] here are female ‘ways of knowing’ that differ from male ways of knowing, implicitly arguing, […] that women can have a ‘feeling for the organism’ that differs from the scientific behavior of males. This is a claim that men, by their very nature, are incapable of finding some truths about nature accessible to women.”

     In other words, they feel that science is sexist because women can’t do science.

     In simple terms, it is a question of feelz over realz.


     There is, to these ignoramuses, no real reality and no true truth, but rather:

“[T]hat science is, in the end, like lit-crit, a farrago of competing claims that can’t be adjudicated. Let a thousand truths blossom! Theyre all true in their own way.”

     Clearly, because science is seen as “static and unchanging”, that only the masculine point of view to celebrated as valid, thus science is declared sexist! Furthermore, it is sexist to require knowledge and skills one has learned; it is almost as if these scientists want to deny each student a chance to come up with their own truth!

     In other words, a Feminist version of science explicitly embraces multiple truths and multiple realities:

” Instead of promoting the idea that knowledge is constructed by the student and dynamic, subject to change as it would in a more feminist view of knowledge, the syllabi reinforce the larger male-dominant view of knowledge as one that students acquire and use make [sic] the correct decision.”

     So, basically, everyone lives in their own extant reality of the multi-verse à la some type of “Crisis on Infinite Social Studies Departments”…

     Science is not a construct, but simply a way to better understanding how and by what mechanism things work. It does not assert a truth; it rejects falsehood. As such, it inherently contrary to the existents of contradictory truths.

     This feminist view is one of each and everyone reinventing the wheel, with a banana-shaped wheel being equally as valid as a round one. We build knowledge not only over our own lifetimes, but over the lifetimes of the countless generations that came before us. In other words:

“And the something people bring in each episode of learning is prior knowledge they have acquired by systematically investigating and accumulating truths about the world around us. In other words, human beings learn essentially along the lines of the scientific method itself: Through exploring and testing their ideas in relation to a fixed, objective reality (as well as having our ancestors’ experiences passed down to us to save time and forestall repeat mistakes).”

     Let us look, now, a bit more directly as specific examples.

     So, according to feminist scholars, are all views equally valid? Of course not! Some are clearly “more equal than others” as outlined in the academic paper “Science: a masculine disorder?”:

“Science is based on the professional creation and certification of knowledge which is tied to powerful interest groups, notably the state, corporations an the scientific profession itself. Patriarchy is based on male control of dominant socical structures and the exclusion of women from positions of power through means such as direct discrimination, socialisation and the gender division of labour.

“Patriarchy within the scientific community is manifested through male control of elise positions and various exlusionary devices. The scientific method incorporates masculine features such as the objectification of nature. Scientific knowledge is masculine in its neglect of women’s experience and its adoption of paradigms built on assumptions of competition and hierarchy.

“Four model strategies are analysed for challenging masculine science and building alternatives. Each of these strategies had strengths and limitations. Between them there may be hope for denting masculine-science-as-usual.”

     The denigration of boys and men is hardly new, and is oft repeated.

     Though this paper was written over thirty years ago, there were plenty of women who were more than capable of working within this “masculine disorder” and even excel as demonstrating and espousing this “masculine disorder” themselves. Today, women at about, or exceeding, parity when it comes to science majors in colleges—both physical sciences and life sciences.

     The authors consider science is a “social construction” because it is a “way of examining and ordering the natural world”. In other words, just one of many ways of doing so. The Patriarchy, then uses their particular method to oppress women, meaning that feminist liberation must axiomatically oppose science as it is definitionally a tool of oppression.

     Science is not a spiritual understanding nor an aesthetic wonder for each and every person to find within themselves. These things are not alternatives to science, but things that exist in parallel (in a Euclidean sense of the term). It’s basis is in logic and reason; it is not about pushing a belief on reality, but deriving knowledge from reality. Objectivity, then, is seen as a subjective choice because it “enables a distancing between the scientist and the subject matter, hence the results of an experiment.”

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The following blogs are not longer active, and will be removed from the Blogroll: Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, Clean up Nevada, and Cranky Hermit.  If they ever come back online, they will be re-added.

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News of the News (October 16th, 2016)


News of the Week for October 16th, 2016

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Why The Alt-Right Doesn’t Get Conservatism

     A freelance writer at the Daily Caller, is celebrating the death of conservatism, and the rise of the Alt-Right. Clearly, the freelancer doesn’t quite get what conservatism is:

“I would ask those who today consider themselves conservatives: What exactly are you still conserving?


“Please tell me, dear conservative friends: What have you conserved?

“This failure of conservatism to prevent the left’s takeover of the West is what has driven the emergence of the alt-right. Despite Hillary’s attempts at caricature, the alt-right is not a frog. Neither is it the monolithic entity that goose-steps out of the fevered imaginations of transgender Social Justice Warriors in recently re-segregated campus dorms across the nation. It is an organic reaction to the degenerate and destructive program the left has relentlessly pushed upon the peoples of the West.”

     Conservatism is but an adherence to a just and good civic inheritance, that both at once has allowed for both virtue and liberty: Liberty to choose, and the virtue to choose wisely. It is not a movement or a political machine. It does not plot change, for it is descriptive and conserving, not proscriptive and mutagenic towards society.

“It is something that must be conserved. … It calls for stewards to keep and protect our civic inheritance, and to protect society’s evolution from the hands and machinations of intelligent design by unintelligent designers.


“If we are, indeed, authors to each of our abilities and influence to greater thread that is our society, our heritage, and our endowment to the future, than it behooves us to be the crystallizing lens that focuses what was, what is, and what could be to a perseverance and a potential that is a future and a promise that is worth striving, laboring, and even fighting for.”

     Have Americans, and those who wish to conserve that which is the essense of America, been the perfect stewards? No. That rare combination of liberty and virtue—that rare and radiant civic and cultural heritage—was always precarious. But even if there is but a whisper of it left, it is worth fighting for—it is worth conserving.

     In contrast, the Alt-Right are but mirror image versions of the broader Progressive Left and their fellow goers. It is a rejection of America, and an embracing of European-style petty nationalism.

“This ‘Right-Left’ dichotomy the Alt-Right invokes is a distinctly un-American one. American Conservatism is not on the European Right/Left spectrum, but orthogonal thereto. … [Ours] is a civic inheritance”.

DC Rally

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Quick Takes – Academia: Purging the Unfaithful; Purging H8rz; Purging Academic Study

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: All the little Eichmanns…

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

Eagle with Flag

     If there is any more proof necessary to demonstrate that “Social Justice” is an insane religious cult, here it is:

“A new study claims that highly religious college students would be particularly easy to recruit as social justice warriors, arguing for ‘educational’ programs to promote their conversion to the cause.


“‘These findings imply that intrinsically religious college students should be a group of focus and utilization for implementing educational and experiential learning experiences, aimed to foster positive outcome expectations in social justice behaviors,” she states, adding that “this corresponds to past research that indicated such learning experiences to be most efficacious when utilized on students with already established interest in social justice'”

     But this zealotry is supposed to be used for “good”, right?

     Depends on what one means by “good”…

Eagle Divider

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The Hugo Awards Ought To Go Psycho

     This past Summer I attended, on two consecutive weekends, both the WorldCon in Kansas City, which hosts the Hugo Awards, and thereafter a Heavy Metal festival in Las Vegas known as Psycho Vegas. In terms of entertainment and “Social Justice” the contrast was stark.


     The Hugo Awards and the WorldCon (MidAmeriConII) has been previously discussed. To whit, it was all about child molestation and puppy kicking, so as to speak. Panels didn’t just have individuals on them that declared themselves “unironically” to be Social Justice Warriors, they has panels about Social Justice and kicking straight White “cis-gendered” men in the groin, so as to speak. Both the Hugo Awards and the “business meeting” took glee in attacking those fans who find that the “fandom” that controls the Hugo Awards are becoming nothing more than Social Justice Warriors who trumpet “Social Justice” and smashing the “Kyriarch” over quality science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and horror. The WorldCon quite often seemed bent on obsessing over the race, sex, gender, (dis)ability of the writers, and of the fans, than the actual content and purported reason the Worldcon even exists.

     In contrast, Psycho Vegas was about the music, and about headbangers and metalheads having fun together. It was not about race, one’s biological sex, gender identity, or other such Leftist assigned interest group. Was there a bunch of straight White “cis-gender” men? Yes. Were there women who were more than just victims of misogyny to be used by The Patriarchy™ as sex objects? Yes; there were women dresses-up and looking hot as well as women dressed more casually; there were young babes and there were older women; there were White women and there were non-White women; there were skinny women and fat women. There were women playing in many of the bands. There were non-White men playing in the bands, including bands that didn’t have a single White person. And yes, even a “woman of color” rocking out on stage. There was even a guy in a dress.

     This is unsurprising as Heavy Metal has been an unsuccessful target, one of the few, of Social Justice Warriors.  Hashtag #MetalGate.

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