News of the Week (February 17th, 2019)


News of the Week for Jan. 17th, 2019

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Red Pandas, Penguins, and Same-Sex Marriage

     A couple of years ago, a penguin at a zoo (names Grape-kun), became enamored with a 2D character of a penguin-girl from the anime show “Kemono Friends”. Your humble author at the time noted that if “gay” penguins were “scientific proof” that same-sex coupling was valid, then having an “anime waifu” was now valid and otakus should be considered a protected class.

     Now another example from the animal kingdom has arisen, in this case from a red panda.

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Quick Takes – Verboten at College: Alex Jones; CAPITAL LETTERS; Women Who Say They’re Men

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: No let doubleplusungood.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Ah, college is a place that embraces insanity like “gender studies” or “critical Whiteness”, but can’t stand the old school cops of Alex Jones’… fan.

“If you want to know why Bradley Shear is pushing Congress and the states to crack down on social-media snooping by colleges and universities, ask the lawyer about the Alex Jones case.

“One of Shear’s teenage clients was denied admissions to a prestigious college after the admissions officer ask him why he followed the InfoWars conspiracy theorist on Twitter, according to Shear.

“The student didn’t interact with Jones or himself promote conspiracy theories – he simply followed a controversial personality.”

     What’s scarier than someone who listened to Alex Jones? CAPITAL LETTERS!

“Staff at Leeds Trinity’s school of journalism have also been told to ‘write in a helpful, warm tone, avoiding officious language and negative instructions’. Some blasted the move as ‘more academic mollycoddling’ of the snowflake generation. An ‘enhancing student understanding, engagement and achievement’ memo lists dos and don’ts – with ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ among words frowned upon.

“Course leaders say capitalising a word could emphasise ‘the difficulty or high-stakes nature of the task’.

“The memo says: ‘Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all.

“‘Generally, avoid using capital letters for emphasis and ‘the overuse of “do”, and, especially, “DON’T”.'”

     Guess what one Women’s college thought was beyond the pale and must not be accepted? If you guessed “women“, then collect your prize!

“A women’s college recently changed its admissions policy to accept applicants who either live or identify as women while no longer accepting women who now identify as men. The college has refused to comment on this new policy.

“Stephens College, a private school in Columbia, Missouri, has decided to change its definition of womanhood for the first time in its 185-year history. The new policy states the college will ‘admit and enroll students who were not born female, but who identify and live as women.’

“On the flip side, the new policy states that ‘the College will stop admitting and enrolling students who were born female but who now identify as men or who are transitioning from female to male.'”


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Euthanasia Epidemic in the Netherlands

     The popularity of medical homicide in the Netherlands is well known. However, the sheer numbers of dead Dutchmen due to euthanasia is staggering: ¼ of all deaths in the Netherlands is caused by doctors intentionally killing off their patients!

“As people got used to the new law, the number of Dutch people being euthanised began to rise sharply, from under 2,000 in 2007 to almost 6,600 in 2017. (Around the same number are estimated to have had their euthanasia request turned down as not conforming with the legal requirements.) Also in 2017, some 1,900 Dutch people killed themselves, while the number of people who died under palliative sedation – in theory, succumbing to their illness while cocooned from physical discomfort, but in practice often dying of dehydration while unconscious – hit an astonishing 32,000. Altogether, well over a quarter of all deaths in 2017 in the Netherlands were induced.”

     Even excluding the 1900 Dutch who killed themselves (it is not clear if a doctor was not involved at all), this number is comparable to the number of people killed by guns in the United States for the same year (2017), of 38,600 to 39,733. What’s worse is that the suicides by gun in the United States are about 24,000, is only 60% of the total medical suicides in the Netherlands. When considering the fact that the United States currently has about 18 times the population of the Netherlands, Dutch doctors are nearly 30 times more likely than American guns to be the cause of suicide. Even taking into account all deaths by gun, an American is less than 6% as likely to be killed by a gun than someone from the Netherlands is to be killed by a doctor.

     This means that there is but one choice to save lives in the Netherlands: Band Dutch doctors and replace them with privately owned firearms. It’s for the children, dontchaknow…

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Stop (Terrorist) Hammertime!

     According to the British police, the only thing more important than hunting down thought criminals and ignoring gang rape is to crack down… people who buy hammers and other such tools. Why? Because only a terrorist would buy a hammer!!1!

     The idiocy and blow back was so great that they deleted the original tweet. However, the internet is forever.

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Big Brother the Nanny

     One of the fevered dreams of Leviathan is to assume parental control of children in lieu of the parents, who are only to be tolerated to the point that the state’s de facto totalitarian control is not yet absolute. In Scotland, for example, children now have a “super-guardian” that supercedes parents. Even in the United States of America, some feel that the government is being generous by considering the inclusion of parents at all when it comes to children.

     Now, Oregon is considering an emergency law to “study” having the states’ “licensed health care providers” investigate families:

“The Oregon Health Authority shall study home visiting by licensed health care providers in this state. The authority shall submit findings and recommendations for legislation to an interim committee of the Legislative Assembly related to health care not later than December 31, 2019.”

     While this seems at first a vague and not necessarily an indicator of government intrusion into the family, this bill fits in with the Oregon Governor’s rather far reaching plans:

“Gov. Kate Brown has established her budget proposals for the coming two-year period, 2019-21, and they include a focus on behavioral health (addictions and mental health), investing in the health of children and Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations; a uniquely Oregon approach to blending a wide array of health services under one umbrella.


“One of the governor’s priorities that he’s most excited about is the beginning investment in a six-year program to create universal home visits for new parents. When the program is complete, every new parent — this includes adoptions — would receive a series of two or three visits by someone like a nurse or other health care practitioner. The visits could include basic health screenings for babies; hooking parents up with primary care physicians; linking them to other services; and coordinating the myriad childhood immunizations that babies need.”

     This in effect suspects all parents of being guilty of child abuse until proven innocent (if then).

“Government agents monitoring the homes of law-abiding parents who have not been accused of a crime without a warrant is an unconscionable violation not only of parental rights and individual liberty but also a trampling of the Fourth Amendment and the Due Process Clause of the Constitution.

“The parental right to familial self-determination has long been the constitutional standard, dating back to Pierce v. Society of Sisters in 1923 when the Supreme Court threw out an Oregon law requiring all children to attend public school. ‘The fundamental theory of liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes any general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only,’ the justices wrote. ‘The child is not the mere creature of the State; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.'”

     Inch by inch, the Leviathan loving Left lurches towards becoming a literal nanny state.

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News of the Week (February 10th, 2019)


News of the Week for Jan. 10th, 2019

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Sheep-Human Hybrids Are Now A Scientific Fact: Are Catgirls Far Behind?

     In the ever accelerating race to create human-animal hybrids, researchers have now created sheep-human embryos!

“Researchers in 2018 achieved a new kind of chimeric first, producing sheep-human hybrid embryos that could one day represent the future of organ donation – by using body parts grown inside unnatural, engineered animals.

“With that end goal in mind, scientists created the first interspecies sheep-human chimera in February, introducing human stem cells into sheep embryos, resulting in a hybrid creature that’s more than 99 percent sheep – but also a tiny, little bit like you and me.”


“Although it’s still a long way off, organs produced in interspecies chimeras could be one way of producing enough supply to meet demand – by transplanting, say, a hybridised pancreas, from a sheep or pig, to a desperate patient.

“For the transplant to work, the researchers think at least 1 percent of the embryo’s cells would need to be human – meaning these first steps demonstrated in the sheep are still very preliminary.

“But, of course, upping the human ratio in the chimera mix also inevitably increases ethical qualms about the kind of creature being created, ostensibly, for the sole purpose of having its essential organs harvested.”

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Quick Takes – Transing Labels: Gender Badges; Ally Badges; Trans Puppets

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Cis-hetero people get yellow stars to wear.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Because you will not be trusted to politely ask others what their “gender pronouns” are, Edinburgh University is handing out “gender badges” to tell you what you must say in order to avoid being hit with a “H8 crime”.

“A guide to pronouns released by the university students’ union last week said that those who make assumptions based on appearance risk ‘singling out trans people who want to clarify their pronouns’.

“It said: ‘Many people assume that the pronouns they should use for an individual are obvious.

“‘People who look like men should be referred to using he/him, and people who look like women should be referred to as she/her.

“‘However, these assumptions based on appearance can be frustrating and harmful, particularly for trans folks who might challenge people’s perceptions of what a man or woman looks like, and those who might use gender-neutral pronouns.’

“The guide added that gender is ‘fluid’, so even if someone has used a particular pronoun in the past, they may no longer feel it is correct.”

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Belgian Euthanasia Advocates Channel Monty Python

     In “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, there is one scene where a man being carried over to be taken away as dead expresses that he is quite alive…

     Belgium, in order to dispel the notion that the Dutch could outdo them, have gone full in on killing depressed people who are seeking actual help.

“This week, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg agreed to hear the case lodged by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Tom Mortier, after Belgian courts refused to allow him to seek justice for the death of his mother.

“Robert Clarke, one of Mr Mortier’s lawyers, said there were some ‘deeply worrying’ details about the case. ‘This was a woman who was under the care of a psychiatrist and according to medical definition was a vulnerable person,’ Mr Clarke said. ‘The state had a duty of care to protect her and it failed.’

“In April 2012, Godelieva De Troyer, who was 64 and in good physical health, but had a history of severe mental health problems, was killed by lethal injection by Wim Distelmans, Belgium’s leading euthanasia proponent and provider. Her son Tom Mortier was only informed when ‘hospital officials asked him to come to the morgue to fill out the paperwork necessary for turning over his mother’s remains to the department of experimental anatomy, per her request.'”

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