Modern Educayshun

     The way things are going with the modern campus Red Guards, the insanity below seems almost… plausible.

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Happy Thanksgiving for 2015!

     This Thanksgiving, between expressing our thanks for all that Obama hasn’t taken away yet and enjoying some tasty turkey, let us eschew politics for at least one day while we enjoy the company of kith & kin.

     Here are Irish people trying Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.

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Fly This Flag or Burn This Flag?

     In the Ruthuglican H8 state of Utah, a condominium community association has fined a  homeowner for daring to fly a flag of unity and justice!

     Why isn’t the ACLU standing up to defend the flying of this flag?  Why, this flag is under attack… with the courts even saying such H8ful thing like it’s totes OK to burn this flag!  H8 Crime!!1!  H8 Crime!!1!

     Could you imagine the Gay Rainbow Pride flag being burned with impunity, while people who fly it get punished for flying it?

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Public Service Announcement for all College Men

     Here is a public service announcement for all college men:

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News of the Week (November 22nd, 2015)


News of the Week for November 22nd, 2015

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If You Think You Are A Deer, Please Seek Help

     If you have the insatiable need to dress and use prosthetics to feel more like your true deer-self as a deer-kin, please seek help.

     Sadly, thinking that you are not only a deer, but a queer deer, seems to be a thing…

     Now, it turns out that this young girl received quite a bit of criticism, and felt the need to respond:

This is exactly why I don’t show my true feelings to other people. They dismiss and demean them because they are “Not normal.” I know in this incarnation that I am human, and that I am having trouble letting go of my past lives as animals. And I have been to therapists, and have been diagnosed with many different disorders, but no matter what medicine they give me, or how many psychiatric hospitals I go to, and no matter how long I stay, I still feel the calling of the deer trapped inside of me. And I can’t keep ignoring it. This is just who I am. And as long as I don’t hurt anyone I don’t see what the problem is.

     While there are some people who just like harassing others, most people who would point out the obvious that she is not a deer do not do so out of hatred. There are two types of “true believers” amongst “otherkin”: Those who are attention whores who feel the need to demand everyone validate their insanity by ranting and raving, and those confused souls who just need emotional support. This particular young lady seems like the later. But the worst thing we could do is validate her belief that she is a deer. Clearly, she is troubled. Your humble author is not one to fully diagnosis this young lady, but her believing herself to be a deer seems to be simply a coping mechanism for something deeper.

     I do not hate this girl. I actually hope she gets the helps she needs. But pointing out reality, rather than feeding into delusions, is a necessary first step for her to get help.

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#MathJustice and the Fiscal Fantasy of Social Justice Warriors

     A core axiom of the Left is that society is always designed and that things are a certain way because the state deemed it so.  Society, being but the ultimate tabula rasa, is manipulated, in this view, like so many knobs and dials.  If college students have debt or have to pay tuition, than this must obviously be due to the man (AKA, the “Kyriachy”) oppressing the students.

     Why, under this view, the state could just dismiss all debt and somehow let these precious little snowflakes form a home on college campuses (not, notably, anything having to do with an intellectual space).

     The lack of intellectual rigor can be clearly seen by a spoiled brat (and liar) Social Justice Warrior from Yale clearly thinks that mathematical reality is just a social construct, even after her idiocy is calmly dismantled.

     Clearly mathematics is oppressive, necessitating #MathJustice!!1!

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Children, Critical Theory, and Decolonizing Sexuality

     A group called “The School of No Big Deal” comprising of two women by the names of Poussy Draama and Fannie Sosa, have put together what is arguably the most disturbing video regarding teaching sexuality this side of kiddy pr0nz.  From their definition of the video:

“‘baby, love your body’ is a tv show for kids created by poussy draama and fannie sosa. this is a platform to exchange thoughts on how to talk to children about sexuality, consent, respect and compassion. our belief is that decolonisation and critical thinking needs to be a language we speak with our kids from the beggining. let’s create body positive narratives for children together!”

     The video, while legal with neither actual children nor actual nudity, is definitely NSFW… as are most of the links in this post.

     As much as it would be a comfort to invoke Poe’s Law and dismiss this as parody (abet a completely insane parody that nonetheless indicts the bat-s**t insane loonies who put it together), it appears to be legit, with the Puffington Host going so far as to demand for “Poussy Draama”: “Someone give this lady an MD. Stat.”.

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Quick Takes – Racist Parliament, Racist Facebook, Racist West

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Racist! You’re all racist!!1!

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Australia’s parliament is somehow racist because it has a lot of White people:

“For a long while since the invasion of this continent, the narrative was either keeping people down – the First Peoples – or keeping them out – non-Anglo culturally diverse peoples. Where are we today? Assimilation into the dominant oppressor narrative is the only passage and reward for those who in Australia’s modernist racist past were kept out. Whiteness sadly remains the stricture despite this nation’s appearance of multicultural blend – of citizens from more than 180 nations, from hundreds of cultures and despite more than a quarter of the nation’s population born overseas.


“The makeup of Australia’s parliament is racist. Let us look at the federal parliaments – the House of Representatives and the Australian Senate – 226 representatives. Forget that some were born overseas, the statistical narrative that says it all is the one about the Whiteness of our Australian parliaments – 213 lay in this category, with the rest – 13 – arguably not. You could not bleach our Australian parliaments more ‘White’.”

     This isn’t the first time that democracy is decried when it doesn’t result in a pre-approved result.

     Of course, the real world isn’t the only space declared racist…

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The Modern Red Guards

     During China’s “Cultural Revolution”, students were organized into a paramilitary social movement to be the vanguard to destroy the old way of thinking and institute a more socially just ideology.

     In an equally obvious attempt at astroturfing, organized groups at college campuses across America has “spontaniously” arose demanding that incorrect speech be banished, incorrect races denies access to “safe spaces”, and that already liberal to hard Left administrations cater to the whims of pampered and elitist students.

     The lit match in this Leftist tinder was the now infamous “poop swastika” at the University of Missouri (AKA “Mizzou”), which was reported and under investigation.  While this “poop swastika” did exist, it is far from clear whether this is a genuine expression of racial hatred, or if is a giant hoax.

     Never letting a crisis go to waste, the student body president at the university decided lie and declare that the Ku Klux Klan was invading the university.

     Despite this being an admitted lie, a Professor at the university was made a target and example of for daring to… hold class and an exam.  Not being happy at purging a professor, they forced the President and Chancellor of the university to not only resign, but beg forgiveness.

     Unsurprisingly, the top protest leadership includes an intern for Democrat Sen. McCaskill, as well as an oppressed hunger striker who comes from a family worth $20 MILLION DOLLARS.

     Their demands were simply that the university dismiss any requirement for evidence in declaring racism, declare war against “White privilege,” end free speech, rewriting curricula to conform to a narrow Social Justice worldview, and, of course, FREE STUFF!

     Also, they demand a “safe space” where people are excluded based race, amongst other factors.

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