Happy Thanksgiving for 2022!

     This Thanksgiving, let us eschew politics and recognize the blessings that other do not have… and that of those few are just discovering, such as those who have escaped tyranny.

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School Smut Hypocrisy, Texas Edition

     It goes from shocking freakish acceptance of degeneracy to unsurprisingly normalcy when not just twice but thrice acceptance of sexual normalcy is presented by schools directly to children that is somehow just too extreme for parents to even be aware ofparticularly in Texas.

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News of the Week (November 20th, 2022)


News of the Week for Nov. 20th, 2022

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Election Aftermath — A Snapshot Of Politics In Flux

Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

     In your humble author’s 2022 election prediction post, you humble author stated:

“In a neutral environment, the Democrats were likely to lose the House of Representatives and be endangered in the Senate with the only saving grace being that the GOP started with so many Senate seats already which limits their pick-up opportunities.”

     And indeed it looks like the Democrats lost the House of Representative, and were indeed endangered in the Senate (retaining at least 50 seats, by eking out a victory in Nevada by less than 1%).

     However, your humble author made the same mistake that almost everyone did: That it would be a rather bad year for the Democrats. Instead of a four seat gain for Republicans in the Senate, the Democrats have 50 and could easily pick up a 51st seat with the Georgia run-off.   Instead of a 30-seat gain in the House of Representatives for Republicans, the net gain will be closer to ten, and a very slim majority. That presumed GOP wave was stated as the reason why many of those candidates predicted to win, but who actually lost, would be “dragged over the finish line”.

     The sad thing is that Republicans did do better the Democrats nationally in turnout and votes even while losing many of its own voters, but ended up losing in many places because independents turned against the Republicans… or at least Republicans associated with Trump or his brand of politics. In Georgia, all the Republicans easily won while the Senate seat where the Democrat received a plurality will go to a run-off. In Ohio, Gov. DeWine ran ahead of the Trump endorsed Vance by around double digits.   Dr. Oz lost to a human vegetable.   In Arizona, both the Governor and Senate Republican candidates lost, with the Democrats picking up the Governor’s seat. Democrats kept every other Governor’s seat they held save for Nevada, and picked up three (Arizona, Maryland, and Massachusetts).

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Public Schools Protecting Furries

     As reported previously, there were seemingly outlandish claims of schools accommodating children who identify as animals. It seemed too crazy to be true. Sure, public schools have gone all in on gender identity madness, but thinking you are a different species should cross a line? Clearly, when biological reality is irrelevant… than biological reality is irrelevant.

“One month after Jefferson County school administrators denied that kids were dressing up as so-called ‘furries’ at school, CBS News Colorado has obtained emails showing the district was aware of the issue and yet denied it was happening.

“Darlene Edwards is among the parents who wrote in. She says when her 14-year-old son came home from school and said classmates were dressing up in animal costumes, she initially urged him to just ignore them.

“‘It got progressively worse,’ Edwards told CBS News Colorado. ‘He said, ‘but mom they’re scratching hissing and barking.’ He was getting agitated overwhelming frustrated.’

“Edwards says her son – who is on the autism spectrum – became so upset that she sent an email to the JeffCo school district saying, ‘He does not see the fairness of these students being able to act inappropriately and dress in a manner that is disruptive to learning.’

“According to her 6th grade niece, she told the district, the kids also ‘walk on all 4s in the hallway… eat with their face in their food’ and refer to themselves as ‘animal avengers.’

“An open records request shows Edwards is among at least two dozen parents who’ve written the district over the last eight months. Most of them refer to the kids as ‘furries.’”

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The Pro-Life Movement: Preparation Is Not Practical Experience

     The Pro-Life movement has been around as a force for fifty years or so. They were the corner stone of the Republicans becoming the party of the Religious Right and the Religious Right one of Ronald Reagan’s three electoral stool legs. They have supported Pro-Life candidates, helped fight against abortion funding, and even saw some legislative success with partial-birth abortion bans.

     But for almost all that time, Roe v. Wade, and later Planned Parenthood v. Casey, there was always a limit to how far any law or lawmaker could go, regardless of stated Pro-Life position or goal. Voters knew that even the most extreme Pro-Life position would not survive the courts, so it was for those moderate swing voters who had a moderate view of abortion had little reason to care. As such, the Pro-Life movement never needed to provide any compromise in its positions… until now.

     And oh, how the Pro-Life movement failed to prepare for the post-Roe world. There were six ballot measures on abortion—the Pro-Life movement lost every single one of them. Kansas rejected a Pro-Life amendment to their state constitution to declare that there was no right to an abortion in their state constitution earlier this year, which ought to have been a warning sign. Instead, Kentucky rejected a measure to do the same. Some blame problematic or poorly written language… but the Pro-Life movement had about half-a-century to work on language that would be passable.

     There was not much of a political detriment to taking anything but an extreme yet vague Pro-Life position. So, without a clear cut-off for the abortion, or exceptions for life of the mother, rape, or incest, people assume that it’ll be a total ban. The political ads this year showed this being pushed with even moderate politicians being accused of no limit no exception abortion bans and created nightmare scenarios of women dying or doctors afraid to save a woman’s life.

     And the only major rejoinder was that the other side supported abortion without limits, even up to birth.

     It turns out that given a choice between a total ban and total allowance, the vast majority of voters will choose the later because the former is far more objectionable. That the later was also the law of the land for nearly fifty years makes it far less scary than the nightmare scenarios they were presented with in campaign ads. So much so that state Constitutional amendments to allow an unrestricted and absolute right to abortion passed not only in Left-wing California and Vermont, but also in Michigan.

     The Michigan “abortion rights” amendment overturned a law from nearly a century ago which was a blanket ban on abortion. Instead of even hastily trying to pass a replacement law with at least some exceptions, the Republican legislature did nothing and got aborted at the same election that amendment passed.

     So bad was it, that Montana rejected a measure to protect children born alive after botched abortions.   Yes, the language was badly written, even many Pro-Life groups would admit. But this just underscores how unprepared the Pro-Life movement was for the practical political fighting that so many other movements have been dealing with just as long if not longer.

     Both the Pro-Gun and the Pro-LGBTQ&c. movements have worked in the political trenches since the 1970s (or longer) to shift public opinion, make incremental changes to remove restrictions, and gain practical experience with electoral politics.

     The Dobbs decision was not the end of the political fight, but only the right to begin fighting in the political arena.

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News of the Week (November 13th, 2022)


News of the Week for Nov. 13th, 2022

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When Even Academia Honored The Brave

     Though begun as “Armistice Day,” Veterans Day has expanded in the United States as a day for all those brave men and women who fight to keep us free. But we must never forget those who sacrificed themselves.

     Even Ivy League schools such as Yale once remembered those of their own who fought bravely.

     On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, let us remember they who risked everything for freedom, including their very lives.

     Requiescat in pace.

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Post-Election Ballot-Counting Musical Interlude

     While the counting of ballot continues and continues, let us enjoy an apropos musical interlude.

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Word To Remember When Voting

     A decade ago, I was talking with a scientist who had immigrated from Bulgaria, had lived under Communism, and had become an American citizen. The words she spoke to me still gives me a chill of terror:

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