News of the Week (November 23rd, 2014)


News of the Week for November 23rd, 2014

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Obama in the Rain

     The day after Obama’s second mid-term election, Obama completely dismissed the obvious rebuke the American people gave him.  In effect, not one “f**k” was given by him.

     This is reminiscent of, of all things, the koala:

     Barack Obama, no f**ks given.

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Who Treats Women Like Sex Objects?

     A minor league Canadian hockey team has come under fire for a bit of tasteful cheesecake:

“There is also not a lot of enthusiasm for the cover at Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services in Simcoe. Executive director Jane Scheel says the cover is a classic case of a male-dominated organization dehumanizing women by reducing them to sex objects.

“‘If someone is an object, you don’t have to treat them like a human being,’ Scheel said. ‘When a woman is an object, it is a one-way relationship. You have a relationship with the object; the object doesn’t have a relationship with you.’”

     Reduced to just an object.  That retro-style pin-up is tasteful and respectful.  Does it play upon the fact that the vast majority of men are unabashedly heterosexual?  Yes.  Does it reduce women to just a piece of meat?  No.  Appreciating the feminine form does not mean relegating a woman to a mere physical object.

     A gentleman will be attracted to an attractive lady, but will try to win her over and treat her with all the respect she deserves. If anything is evocative of that, a retro-style image harkening back to the time when gentlemen were not reviled certainly would be.

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Two Senators, Millennia Apart, Speak Out Against Dictatorship

     Senator Ted Cruz demonstrated the timeless wisdom of the ancient Roman, Marcus Tullius Cicero, by reciting Cicero’s first oration against Catiline, with a few substitutions of names and terms such as “Obama” for “Catiline.”

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Why Are Ferguson Protesters Interested in a Nuclear Laboratory?

     Protests over the coming grand jury’s likely decision to not indict Darren Wilson for murder, are being planned for across the country.  One of the targets of these “protesters” is the Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex at Oak Ridge National Labs

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The Tabula Rasa Generation

     The Progressive Left have been rather open about their contempt for parents and their desire to use the state and the schools to indoctrinate children.

     Yet again, they demonstrate that Common Core is a tool to remove the last vestiges of parental involvement in their children’s education, and even use the children as a means to influence the parents:

“[Parents] are upset because the Common Core way of math leaves them unable to assist their children with homework. Throughout the country, school districts are holding special classes for parents and offering ‘homework hotlines’ to help them understand Common Core math.

“‘The kids who come to us are a clean slate,’ states Jennifer Patanella, an instructional coach with the Rochester, New York public schools who teaches parents in the strange ways of Common Core math. ‘It’s the adults who have to be retrained.’”

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Obama on Executive Orders & Immigration

     Pretty much sums it up…

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Jonathan Gruber, Meet the Memory Hole

     Obamacare was a lie meant to trick fools?  All those who opposed this Frankenstein’s monster knew it.  The members of Congress who voted for it, on the other hand, were indeed snookered, and one of the chief liars has been caught repeatedly boasting of how he tricked them. The man in question?  Jonathan Gruber.

     A quick summary to get everyone up to speed:

     With all of these videos, with doubtlessly more to come, of Gruber openly boasting of the lie that is Obamacare, what other recourse is there but for those paragons of the truth known as INGSOC Universities to dispose of Gruber’s boastful admissions.

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Dunham and the Decline & Fall of Western Civilization

     Lena Dunham’s declaration that she did to her toddler sister “anything a sexual predator might to do woo a small suburban girl” raises the question of just how f**ked up her childhood was.

     Jim Hoft, over at Gateway Pundit, points out that Lena Dunham’s obsession with sex and nudity might jut have to do with growing up the daughter of a hack “artist” that is obsessed with grotesque paintings of female genitalia.  His “art” will not be displayed here due to it being the type of thing a child abuse victim would draw for his or her psychologist.  If you don’t value your eyes, you can view them here.

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The Battle for Free Thought and the Weapons of Words

     Author Sarah Hoyt discussed how if you control speech, you control what people thing. If speech is not free, our thoughts are not free. If out thoughts are not free, then we are not free.

“I don’t care how noble a side sounds, how profoundly urgent its benevolent message, if they say ‘this you cannot think. This you cannot read. This you cannot even consider’ they are a tyranny in the making. If they get power over you and yours soon you’ll find that it’s ‘This air you cannot breathe.’

“They are also unsure of their logical appeal and their ability to withstand the market place of ideas. Otherwise, why ban certain thoughts and ideas and points of view?

“This is why ‘political correctness’ is a bad thing, because it takes away your tools to think of things properly. If you can’t even express that men and women might be different, you surely can’t think about it.

“It is also why progressivism with its ever growing list of ‘forbidden terms and words’ because of racist sexist and imperialist bad thought (brown bag, really?) is a tyranny in the making.”

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