Chicago and the Blue Helmets

     A member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners had opined that in order to solve the anti-gun city of Chicago’s disturbingly high murder rate is to bring in United Nations peacekeepers to stop the “genocide”, going so far as to say:

“I’m hoping to appeal to the U.N. to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts, because I think it’s so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe…


“There is a quiet genocide taking place in too many of our communities. Eighty percent of those who are being killed by gun violence are African American, and often killed at the hands of another African American […] So we must protect these population groups, and that’s what the United Nations does. They’re a peacekeeping force. They know all about keeping the peace, and so we’re hopeful that they’ll hear our appeal.”

     That the U.N. has NO authority to intervene in Chicago was made clear by Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: “[T]he U.N. has no jurisdiction here. They really have no jurisdiction in this country.”

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News of the Week (January 21st, 2018)


News of the Week for Jan. 21th, 2018

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An Absolute Nonsense

     In an attempt to deny “absolute truth”, a rather silly post by rather evangelical atheists managed to provide a list of non-sequiturs and patent ridiculousness.

     This means one thing: A fisking is in order!

A fisking! A fisking!

     For the sake of argument, the accuracy of the “facts” will not be bothered to be gone over, simply their laughable use.

“…you can see less than 1% of the electomagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum.”

     So what?

“As you read this, you are traveling at 220 kilometers per second across the galaxy.”

     Monty Python said it better.

“90% of calls in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are no ‘you'”.

     On a cell by cell basis, this seems a bit high percentage of the human biome. But then I guess they are assuming that we will take it on faith that this statement is an absolute truth

“The atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you were born with, but they all originated in the belly of a star.”

     1st, That’s not how wave functions work; 2nd, again, a suggestion of belief via faith… at least you can enjoy Caesar’s last breath; 3rd, not all nuclei originate via fusion reactions (something something 1H something).

“Human beings have 36 chromosomes, 2 less than the common potato.”

     Some human beings, due to various medical conditions, have more or sometimes less. Palm trees, IIRC, also have 36 chromosomes.

“The existence of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist. So you don’t just look at a rainbow, you create it.”

     Um, no. Something does not exist just because we haven’t perceived it yet. That some critter can’t see a rainbow does not mean that the rainbow does not exist, only that it can no perceive the existence of an objective phenomena.

     To suggest that something only exists just because one perceives it is magical thinking.

“This is pretty amazing, especially considering that all the beautiful colors you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.”

     Wait, if something doesn’t exist if you don’t perceive it, than how can 99% of the spectrum even exist if you don’t see it???

“This is pretty amazing, especially considering that all the beautiful colors you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.”

     So, the disproval as an absolute truth of absolute truths is based on non sequiturs, misunderstandings, and facts so mis-used as to be unworthy of verification?


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Quick Takes – Jail for the Mind: Policing Speech; Policing Equity; Policing Privilege

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Time for a poster of Rita Hayworth…

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Did you think that the insanity of Political Correctness was limited to American shores? Think again.

“King’s College in London is paying people £12 per hour to police speaking events on campus and take ‘immediate action’ if they hear anything that might offend the audience.

“The marshals also put up posters and hand out leaflets reminding all attendees that ‘this is a Safe Space.’ Examples of speech that might violate the policy ‘could include derogatory comments about someone’s age, disability, marital or maternity or paternity status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, trans status, socio-economic status, or ideology or culture'”

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Free Healthcare Is Neither Free Nor Healthcare

     Inalienable rights are termed “negative rights” because to exist, there is only a “negative duty” of others to not infringe them; “positive rights” require that others be compelled to provide a “positive duty”, potentially against their will. The former is a protection of one’s liberty; the later a negation.

     All one has to do to enjoy a “negative right” to act freely. While defending that right may require civil obligations of others, such obligations are not necessary to, per se, effect it. “Positive rights”, such as a “right to education”, however, unless one personally forces others to act, requires a largess from the state (or state equivalent).

     Ultimately, “positive rights” aren’t because that dependency on the largess of others is limited by what those others can, or choose to, provide. Thus, you have no actual right beyond someone else’s choice to provide anything at all. Case in point: The “right” to healthcare.

     In the United Kingdom, people have a right to be in a healthcare system, but don’t have an actual right to said healthcare, but only to what the state via the National Healthcare System (NHS) chooses to allow them; any right that is dependant on the whims of others is not a real right. This can be clearly seen with the NHS ordering hospitals to cancel all routine operations, up to 50,000 in total. If the British really had a “right to healthcare” then those operations could not be cancelled for to do so would mean violating their rights. Yet that is exactly what has happened, thus elegantly disproving that there is such a thing as a “right to healthcare” in the U.K.

     The “right” to healthcare is dependent on not just the willingness of the state to provide, but also its capacity. Unlike an inalienable or natural “negative” right, just because you are said to have a right doesn’t mean you will be able to compel the “positive duty” when there is no one available to perform said “duty”. Oh, you may still have a “right to healthcare” when forced into a nationalized system de jure, but de facto this can be flipped into not only denying actual healthcare—such as with rationing of services, medicines, &c. effectively denying this “right”—but even proactively banning any actual right to healthcare, even when said healthcare is provided privately by purchase or even by volunteering of others, as was the case with Charlie Gard.

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An Erotic Clothing Company’s Newest Mascot: An 8 Year Old Drag Queen

     Remember that woke eight year old drag queen “superstar” named “Lactatia“? He is now the poster boy for an “avant-garde” vegan clothing company… that specializes in erotic wear and drag queen costumes.

     They also billed themselves explicitly as an “erotic clothing company“… until they changed their Twitter description due it being pointed out that their poster model is EIGHT YEARS OLD.

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The Denigration of Humanity to Mere Economic Worth

     One of the longstanding complaints of Communists, Socialists, and Progressives, is that Capitalism reduces people’s worth into mere monetary and economic worth, with the rich and powerful grinding the poor and unfortunate into dust.

     Interesting, to the historically illiterate, that it that ’tis not the allegedly dehumanizing traditional conservatives who reduce people to mere cost/benefit analyses, but the collectivist loving Left who reduce individuals into mere financial considerations, such as what the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health calculated the cost of a person with Downs Syndrome, per year:

     Isn’t the point of a “cradle to grave” welfare state the implicit promise that anyone who can’t provide for themselves will be taken care of, or even that those who can will nonetheless be taken care of?

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News of the Week (January 14th, 2018)


News of the Week for Jan. 14th, 2018

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Whitewashing The Bloodline

     It is well accepted that White-supremacists despise “half-breeds”. But then, what of the racial purists of a non-White variety who rage against any possibility of “Whiteness” infecting the gene-pool?

     There is so much sturm und drang over the superficial appellations of race, that one can not wonder if one purist is just like another in some far more fundamental way.


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Quick Takes – Blame the White People; Blame the Republicans; Blame the Christians

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: It’s always everyone else’s fault.

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Evil, of course, must be opposed and stopped… unless, of course, said evil suggests that the demographics of said evil is politically incorrect, in which case the facts must be silenced!

“Portland police will no longer maintain a database of suspected gang members, due to concerns that the vast majority of people with the gang label are racial minorities.

“Starting Oct. 15, the Portland Police Bureau will end the 20-year practice of issuing gang member designations, which police say can lead to “unintended consequences” and a lifelong stigma even for those who have given up the gang lifestyle. Officials intend to notify the approximately 300 people on the gang list that the bureau will purge all records related to the designations”

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