News of the Week (February 7th, 2016)


News of the Week for February 7th, 2016

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Time is a Social Construct

     Apparently not only are gender and race “social constructs” by The Patriarchy™, but apparently time itself is a tool of oppression!

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Accepting Homosexuality is Homophobic

     ”Homophobia” has been, yet again, redefined such that one is declared to be a “homophobe” unless they enthusiastically celebrate and nurture sexual relations between those of the same-sex!

     The broader definition that is commonly used is that homophobia is “defined as the irrational fear of homosexuals, homosexuality, or any behavior, belief, or others which does not conform to rigid sex role stereotypes. It is this fear that enforces sexism as well as heterosexism.”

     Though it is obvious to the un-indoctrinated, the double standard is but #doublethink incarnate: A straight person who thinks that, to them, same-sex relations is unappealing and a turn off is “irrational”, is expressing an “irrational fear”; in contrast, it is taken as a given that someone who is homosexual naturally finds coitus or other different-sex sex acts to be disgusting, and it is considered “H8″ to suggest they feel otherwise.

     But even if you not only tolerate, but even accept, homosexuality, you are still “homophobe” according tot he “Riddle Homophobica Scale”.  The scale goes from mega-homophobic 1 (Repulsion), to super-supporter 8 (Nurturance).  Affirmation becomes “mandatory”, and straight people must continuously do penance to be saved from the original sin of “homophobia”.  The scale goes beyond mere support.  You must admire people because of who they sleep with!  You must appreaciate the glory and wonder of two people of the same-sex getting it on!  You must nurture and spread the gospel, you evil breeder!!1!

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White Privilege Conference and Friends

     For yet another year, the annual “White Privilege Conference” will occur, where people come together and figure out how to better blame Whitey for everything wrong in the world.  Also, intersectionality:

“The 2016 conference will feature a variety of speakers and numerous breakout sessions, all of which come at an additional charge. On two of the four days, participants will have the opportunity to spend six hours attending workshops of their choosing, including several tailored for middle-school and high-school students in attendance. More than 20 workshops will be featured at the event, covering topics of sex, race, and gender.”

     And coming together to gripe about Whitey doesn’t come cheap:

“The student registration fee is $200, plus an additional $100 for various ‘one day institutes,’ and another $40 for a ‘community dinner,’ a sum of $340. However, some universities are offering to front the cost and cover hotel and transportation fees.

“For instance, Miami University (MU) of Ohio is covering more than half the cost and charging students a flat fee of only $60, potentially $240 less than the total expense of the conference. In addition, a document obtained by Campus Reform shows the university will also be covering the ‘hotel fee and transportation,’ which would theoretically put MU’s total expenditure for the conference well beyond $240 per student.”

     Aside from the usual suspects of academia and organizations like “Center for the Study of White American Culture,” the “Host Team” for the 17th White Privilege Conference heavily includes some Christian organizations with a socialist bent, specifically, the Quakers (i.e. The Society of Friends), such as the Friends General Conference (FGC), American Friends Service Committee, Friends Council on Education, Germantown Friends School, and the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious society of Friends.

     The question arises: Do Quakers share the hatred for White people, or are they just virtue-signallilng useful dups?

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Queering Outer Space

     This is not a pithy title, but what anthropology professor graduate student Michael P. Oman-Reagan state’s he is trying to do.

“However, from at least the 1970s, some space scientists have challenged this trajectory of resource extraction, neo-colonialism, and reproduction of earthly political economies with alternative visions of the future. Today’s ‘visionary’ space scientists imagine space exploration as a source of transformative solutions to earthly problems such as climate change, economic inequality, conflict, and food insecurity.

“Elsewhere I’m doing research on all of this as a PhD student in anthropology, but here I want to argue that we must go even further than academically interrogating the military and corporate narratives of space ‘exploration’ and ‘colonization.’ We must water, fertilize,and tend the seeds of alternative visions of possible futures in space, not only seeking solutions to earthly problems which are trendy at the moment, but actively queering outer space and challenging the future to be even more queer.”

     Like a typical leftist, Oman-Reagan deplores “neutrality” in science and how “expression” of ones non-Whiteness, Queerness, or femaleness!

“If expressions of personal identity are seen as running counter to ‘scientific neutrality,’ and are marginalized within science because of that — we have only to look to the history of science to see how un-neutral this normative notion of neutrality is. And how counterproductive this is for science and creativity (e.g., Kuhn on paradigms and scientific revolutions), and for honoring, respecting, and learning from indigenous knowledge and wisdom about the Earth and about space.”

     Heck, apparently we need to de-colonize Mars and concomitantly #OccupyMars!

“When NASA received a signal from the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 2012, they called it ‘the sound of interstellar space’ and marked the data as the moment human exploration crossed into the ‘space between stars’ (NASA JPL n.d.). And while science and technology take us to the edges of the solar system and beyond, venture capital is planning how they can terraform new worlds — a neoliberal, capitalist project which has, of course, already stolen the phrase ‘Occupy.’ In response, we need to pre-emptively Occupy Mars while taking one of the many important lessons offered by indigenous people to the Occupy movement, and de-colonize Mars in the process. Which means injecting all of our queer and indigenous selves into the discussions about ‘settling’ and ‘colonizing’ Mars, into these plans to fundamentally change the surface of another planet, to reproduce Earth there.”

     And what about those poor oppressed aliens!!1!  After all, if they give you an anal probe, intersection critical studies declare that it’s all your fault you Earth-normative oppressor!

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Obama Administration Declares War on the Gender Binary

     The idea that there are not just two “genders” isn’t just limited to colleges or Tumblr, but has reached all the way to the White House:

“The Department of Labor is seeking to remove the terms ‘he’ and ‘she’ from a regulation prohibiting discrimination in the workforce in an effort to ‘avoid the gender binary.’

“The agency is also adding ‘sex stereotyping, transgender status, and gender identity’ to the list of types of employment discrimination banned under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. If adopted, the regulation would cost job training centers millions of dollars to change their equal employment opportunity posters to include ‘gender identity.’”

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Intersectional Feminism is Objectively Pro-Rape

     Feminism is purportedly about overthrowing The Patriarchy™, yet Feminists are silent, if not complicit, in the rapes and assaults on European women by “migrant” men, even to the point of outright saying they will protect these rapists over “racists” because the rapists just happen to be “refugees”. Though not all of the migrants are rapists, it would seem that the Feminists would rather women be raped than possibly insinuate that any non-European is anything less than morally pure.

     How do we square this circle? Why, with the concept of “intersectionalism”, of course!

     In effect, everyone oppresses everyone else, with individuals ranked in a hierarchy of oppression, with the “Kyriarchy” (i.e. White cis-heterosexual males, especially Christians, who are part of Western Civilization) being the pinnacle of moral impurity and thus the ultimate oppressor.  The farther one gets from the attributes of a “Kyriarch”, the more you are definitionally oppressed and thus the more morally pure one is.

     While those who were raped and molested are women, they are somehow the oppressors.  How?  Even though they are women, and thus oppressed in relation to the morally inferior men, the men are “brown”, and most importantly, Muslim and non-Western.  Thus the rapists and molesters were more oppressed and more morally pure than the White women.  Thus in any interaction between the two, it is the women who are oppressing the migrants who rape, and it is the migrant men who are morally pure and actually the victims!  Anyone who disagrees with this is thus “racist”.

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News of the Week (January 31st, 2016)


News of the Week for January 31st, 2016

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The Real Reason Lincoln Won The Civil War

     This certainly explains how Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War… the power of Manspreading!

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What is Cultural Marxism?

     The birth and evolution of “political correctness” via “critical theory” through dominating over social studies… and beyond.

     It transformed Marxist “justice” into “death by a thousand cuts” against Western Civilization.

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