What Does A Socialist Dictator Do When People Flee? Blame The “Wreckers” While Living High On The Hog!

     What do you get when you combine hyperinflation, mass unemployment, a destroyed education system, and murder rates that make war zones look safe?

A hellhole that people are trying to escape from no matter what, despite even countries that Venezuela doesn’t even border need to crack down on the wave of refugees. Of course, considering that this has led to a measles epidemic in Brazil, it is understandable.

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News of the Week (September 23rd, 2018)


News of the Week for Sept. 23rd, 2018

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Trump’s Greatest Asset, Redux

     The unhinged Left continue to be Trump’s greatest asset.

     The RNC has previously put together an ad highlighting the willingness of the Left to proudly air their insanity. Since then, the Left has continued to provide fresh new insanity to throw into the mix:

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Quick Takes – Capitalism: Extermination; Racism; Redistribution

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: From each according their means to all Nomenklatura according to their want.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     One can always tell if they are part of the new Nomenklatura or the new Kulak class by whether their speech is “free speech” or “hate speech”…

“A socialist student group at Iowa State University has repeatedly made threatening comments about conservatives on social media, but the school says the comments are protected speech.

“In one recent tweet, the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter called for the hanging and extermination of all ‘capitalists.’

“‘The left has done a good job radicalizing juggalos, weebs, furries, but I will not rest until ‘hXc’ stands for hang+Xterminate capitalists,’ the group wrote in an October 4 tweet that has since been deleted.

“After students brought the tweet to attention of the university, it replied via twitter by stating ‘this falls under free speech’ and then offering available ‘resources’ to student if they ‘feel threatened or harassed.'”

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Freeing the Humanities from Academia

     The greatest assault on Western Civilization came from the inside, and what was once the deepest reposit of that knowledge: Academia. This is nowhere seem more deeply than in the purging of the humanities of millennia of learned knowledge and the wisdom of generations to make room for its antithesis.

     Little wonder, then, that liberal arts colleges and humanities in general are dying in the academic sphere as they lose any and all value with the replacement of cultural and civil knowledge with “social justice” and post-Modernist nonsense.

     How, then, can the humanities be saved. While some are more than happy to throw accelerant on the fire to see the Progressive Left burn with thousands of years of collected wisdom in order to “own the libs“, a wise and prudent person understands that this, our heritage, must be saved and preserved.

     One alternative, previously noted, is to have a conservative version of the campus teach-in, which would provide students “1st, to dismantle at the root the basis of the Left’s beliefs; and 2nd, to provide an alternative worldview”. However, if academia is to won back, it will not be through overt and cathartic action, but sub rosa though a counter-Gramscian march that will slowly change the underlying basis until those who wish to save Western Civilization can effect their own Fabian moment.

     However, this is far from guaranteed. In lieu of, or better still in parallel with, a slow and quite infiltration of academia, alternatives to academia as holders of all we have gained from Western Civilization must be established. History, philosophy, et al. are not things to just concede to the Left while quaffing the absence of something perceived as inherently tainted and impure, living in the false paradise of anti-educational bliss; these are all things that we have a moral responsibility to cherish and protect—an inheritance to hand down to future generations.

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Euthanasia in Belgium

     Countries where euthanasia are accepted as normal “medical treatment” nonetheless tend to ignore, gloss-over, or ignore the most egregious cases of state-sanctioned “medical” homicide. This only means, though, that what they do admit to is considered so within the pale that it is almost revolutionary to have any qualms over it!

     The Belgium Federal Commission on the Control and Evaluation of Euthanasia presents such antiseptic homicides as the bare minimum of acceptance with incidents that are beyond even their capacity to find problems with. A summary of their report can be found here, but for the sake of unbiased reporting, the full reports in the original untranslated text can be read below.

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Begun, The Meme Wars Have

     The so-called Parliament of the European Union has passed sweeping copyright laws that are tantamount to a proactive censorship that would require licenses to link, pre-clearance of posts, and 24/7 monitoring to enforce vague requirements.

“The Copyright Directive, first proposed in 2016, is intended to bring the issue of copyright in line with the digital age. Articles 11 and 13 have caused particular controversy, with many heralding their adoption as the death of the internet. Article 11, also known as the ‘link tax’, would require online platforms such as Google and Facebook to pay media companies to link to their content, while Article 13, the ‘upload filter’, would force them to check all content uploaded to their sites and remove any copyrighted material. How this will affect regular internet users is still subject to debate, but it could seriously limit the variety of content available online — and it could pretty much spell the end of memes.”

     It should be noted that there is no provision for fair use. This in effect means censorship of information that others claim outside of the others’ recognized control. Commentary has been kneecapped; parody throttled; and memes effectively outlawed.

     The internet is on a conceptual basis an interconnected network with linking between sites. Taxing and licensing it turns it from something open and free to regulated utility with a very different idea of what “freedom” is.

     A Free Speech Panel held with UKIP MEPs expounds upon the details of what happened further:

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News of the Week (September 16th, 2018)


News of the Week for Sept. 16th, 2018

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Watermelons of the Global Elite

     By “watermelons”, it is not meant the delicious food, but of those of the political bent that can be described as “red on the inside; green on the outside”; in other words, eco-socialists.

     There is no greater concentration of such “watermelons” than at that elitist proving ground of globalist post-Western tyrants than the United Nations, whose toady “scientists” have declared the absolute necessity of outlawing the free interaction of free individuals in opposition to the whims and desires of a distant and delusional elite:

“A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change.

“Capitalism as we know it is over. So suggests a new report commissioned by a group of scientists appointed by the UN Secretary-General. The main reason? We’re transitioning rapidly to a radically different global economy, due to our increasingly unsustainable exploitation of the planet’s environmental resources.”

     Except that it isn’t unsustainable. Moving towards economical energy sources is not “unsustainable”. If those now economical energy sources become scarce, than an incentive towards alternative energy sources, either extant or impetus for development towards, will become more economical and thus the “energy crises” will solve themselves.

     But such freedom is anathema to the governing elites, and only totalitarian control, under their guiding hands of course, can be allowed, as outlined in the following report:

“… Rapid economic transition requires proactive governance – markets cannot accomplish the task

“It is clear from these examples that strong political governance is required to accomplish the key transitions. Market-based action will not suffice – even with a high carbon price. There must be a comprehensive vision and closely coordinated plans.”

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Quick Takes – Unconstitutional Denial of a Constitutional Right: From Illinois and California to Vermont and Florida

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: What other Rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights can be taken away from adults based on some arbitrary age requirement?

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     There are moves to ban any adult, who even in absence of a criminal conviction, from exercising their Constitutional Rights as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and then there are moves to ban scary looking guns.

     Illinois can decided to move on both, but only where they intersect, via HB 1465 as passed by the Illinois Legislature, which bans anyone between the ages of 18 and 20 from owning the vast majority of semi-auto long guns, with the bill that:

“Defines ‘assault weapon’ as any rifle that has a belt-fed ammunition system or a detachable magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition”

     A last minute amendment “grandfathered” in current 18-20 year old owners, likely to avoid the “gun grabber” headlines.

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