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Social Justice League

     The following super letter was dropped off by a dog in a silly green cape. Hey there superfriends! One thing we’ve learned while palling around with Superman, Wonder Woman (the secret alias of Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Batman (and his same-sex … Continue reading

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For The Delaware Green Party Species Is Just A Social Construct

     From the verified account of the Green Party of Delaware… Their dolphin-human baby is the future of intelligent life on earth. (And it's the only way we'll let dolphins, in some form, survive.) — Green Party of DE (@GreenPartyofDE) … Continue reading

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The Antifa Playbook

     By now, it is beyond clear that the riots and “revolutionary actions” are anything but “spontaneous”. Street reporter Andy Ngô archived a Twitter thread by “CrimethInc.” listing a plethora of links to information.      In order to preserve not just the … Continue reading

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News of the Week (November 22nd, 2020)

  News of the Week for Nov. 22nd, 2020 Tweet

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Belated And Surprisingly Chill Election Aftermath—Despite The Cries Of A “Coup”

     So, despite being fairly accurate in midterms, but after overestimating Republican chances in 2012 and underestimating Republican chances in 2016, how did your humble author do in 2020? Fairly well. And no, there is no “coup”, either from the “Deep … Continue reading

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Antiracist Baby

     The teaching of “wokeness” isn’t just for woke 8-year-olds anymore, with children younger and younger being targeted. The ABC board book for toddlers entitled “A is for Activist” is one already covered example that is still being sold. But there … Continue reading

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Woke Racebending

     One of the big ballyhoos in Hollywood is the fight over “racebending”, which is the casting of a character of a certain racial background with an actor or actress of a different racial background. The casting in the movie “The … Continue reading

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Berkeley Professor Supports Book Burning

     An English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley—who of course specializes in, in part, Critical Theory and Gender & Sexuality Studies—has come out lauding that liberal value of … book theft and book burning. Since some ppl have misunderstood … Continue reading

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When Everyone Is White

     Apparently “White Supremacy” is so oppressive because “Whiteness” is so… inclusive and diverse. *universe exploding from head gif* — David Edward™ (@_David_Edward) November 5, 2020      That’s a funny “supremacy” that seeks to include more and more people within it. … Continue reading

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Corona-chan Brings Communism To Los Angeles

     Does it come to anyone’s surprise that Corona-chan, AKA Xinnie the Flu’s Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague Bio-weapon of DOOM (with sprinkles*), brought not only the COVID-19 pandemic but outright “workers of the world” uniting… or at least in Los … Continue reading

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