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Happy Halloween! (2020)

     Here is the silent classic, “The Cat And The Canary” from 1927. Tweet

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Big Brother Comes To Real Estate

     One would expect a professional guild to expect their members to adhere to professional guidelines as they exercise their profession, and to assure that their members are living up to those professional standard while exercising their profession. The National Association … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Systemic Struggle Sessions

The “racial equity” indoctrination is more widespread than many people realize. Not even an Executive Order from the President can stop it at state/local government or private companies. Case in point: The total take over of Seattle and Kings County, … Continue reading

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The Political And Cultural Bias of Freedom House

     An outfit calling itself “Freedom House” has decided that the U.S. is free… but not free enough.   Why is the U.S. not free enough?   President Trump. The administration of President Donald Trump continued to introduce restrictive new policies … Continue reading

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When Anti-Fascism Means Attacking Jews

     “Antifa” we are told, just means that they are “against fascism”, and after all who wouldn’t be against fascism other than some fascist Nazi? So, when Antifa and friends actually “bash the fash” they obviously target… Jews? People in New … Continue reading

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Nevada Early Vote 2020 (First Full Week)

     The first of full week of early voting has finished up, with one more to go.   In past elections your humble author would compare early vote numbers with past elections to get an idea of how this election was … Continue reading

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Words To Remember When Voting

     A decade ago, I was talking with a scientist who had immigrated from Bulgaria, had lived under Communism, and had become an American citizen. The words she spoke to me still gives me a chill of terror: Tweet

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News of the Week (October 25th, 2020)

  News of the Week for Oct. 25th, 2020 Tweet

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The Newspeak Dictionary Is Both Real And Woke

     Back when homosexuality was illegal and considered a mental illness, advocates of legalization argued that it was merely a “lifestyle choice” and a “preference”, rather than something that they could not control.   After it was accepted as legal, and even … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Euthanasia In The Age Of Corona-Chan: Promoting Suicide As An Alternative; Suicide via Zoom; Suicide By Involuntary Proxy

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Oh, just die and suffer.      First, a little mood music:      Carrying … Continue reading

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