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If You Think The Year 2020 Is Bad For You, Remember That At Least You Aren’t In Venezuela

     The year 2020 is doing people wrong, but at least most people don’t have to live both during the year 2020 and in Venezuela. This is how living in the Socialism of the XXI Century it is not Cuba it … Continue reading

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News of the Week (October 18th, 2020)

  News of the Week for Oct. 18th, 2020 Tweet

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Struggle Sessions British Style

     The modern-day “struggle sessions”, “anti-racist training”, and other woke attempts at indoctrination seen happen within the United States are not unique to America, but are present in the United Kingdom as well, as explained by Carl Benjamin (AKA “Sargon of … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Turning Fantasy Into History: Lynching; Slavery; The Corporate Narrative

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: When the fiction becomes fiction still, print the fiction.      First, a … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not Systemic

     Ah yes, Twitter, where one can find astute and insightful commentary such as this. Just like your mum's intact hymen you trump goblin 😎 — L.A. Mad (@l_a_mad) August 22, 2020 "Twitter account with politically incorrect hot take claims racism … Continue reading

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Is Elon Musk On The Verge Of Making Cyborg Catgirls Real?

     Animal cyborg development has been increasing in recent years, with breakthroughs with synthetic DNA, artificial organs/skin, and in vitro growth of brain tissue.   However, the possibility of brain-computer interfaces has been the most intriguing. Now, Elon Musk may be … Continue reading

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A Sea-Lion In The Twitter Wild

     “Sealioning” is defined by þe olde Urban Dictionary thusly: “A subtle form of trolling involving ‘bad-faith’ questions. You disingenuously frame your conversation as a sincere request to be enlightened, placing the burden of educating you entirely on the other party. … Continue reading

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News of the Week (October 11th, 2020)

  News of the Week for Oct. 11th, 2020 Tweet

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The Superficial Dating Transphobia Lie

     Human beings are a sexually dimorphic species, with physical and physiological differences between the sexes, that reproduce via sexual congress of the two sexes. It is only natural and normal, then, that most people have a sexual interest in members … Continue reading

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Systemic Madness

     With all the Social Justice warriors, eco-zealots, Antifa, ‘twould seem that Portland is the center of madness. Is there a reason for this? In all seriousness, YES. This was supposed to be a thread about the pathology of fear, but … Continue reading

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