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What’s Not Beyond The Pale Is Within It

     It has become increasingly popular to unperson individuals for wrongthink because merely holding dissenting beliefs puts one beyond the pale of social acceptability. The corollary to this, of course, is that if you set up that standard that what you … Continue reading

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Tech Overlords of Silicon Valley: Gay Frogs and the Silencing of Dissent

…or, whither free speech?      Less than a dozen tech companies have accumulated a de facto monopoly on communication and the ready exchange of information. Increasingly, more and more people, not only in tech, but in politics and elsewhere desire to … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Crazy: Coathangers, Mobs, and Decapitation

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: The normalization of madness.      First, a little mood music:      Carrying on… … Continue reading

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Republicans Should Be Hitting The Panic Button

     Since November 2016, a clear trend has emerged from special elections, primaries, and regularly scheduled general elections: Democrats are energize, organized, and have demonstrated a capability to turn out en masse and massively narrow normal Republican margins if not outright … Continue reading

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Republicans should be terrified

     In this world of hyper-partisan news vs. “fake news”, it is easy to become over confident and replace any critical thinking skills with “feelz” and assume political outcomes based on little more than faith.      In that vein a fair warning … Continue reading

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Public Lands, Not Elitists’ Trophies

     A distinction long ago recognized, but increasingly forgotten, is the differentiation of public land and the government’s land: The former is the people’s who of right may use it without needing to beg for permission; the later is restricted to … Continue reading

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California Est Omnis Divisa In Partes Tres

     Yet another attempt is being made by Silicon Valley capitalist Tim Draper to divide the state of California up into multiple states, this time into three states. A previous attempt, also by Draper, would have split California into six states … Continue reading

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Governor Moonbeam’s Stopped Clock

     It’s that time again. Yes, that time when California’s clock stops on a reprieve from the status quo insanity thanks to Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s “moment of clarity” (as an alcoholic would call it).      Surprisingly, Gov. Moonbeam vetoes a law … Continue reading

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A Fighting Proposal

     At this point it has become stale trope to view anything other than an overt war with a strict demarcation of allies and enemies, must itself then be either an open enemy or a pernicious and subversive one. Much of … Continue reading

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Gentlemen Fight, Thugs Brawl, Amateurs Flail

     Evan Sayet has many insightful views into Leftist thought, and their fundamental dishonesty.   However, like many, he seems a bit impatient vis a vis “fighting back” and incorrectly equates civilized and gentlemanly behavior with surrender as well as equating with … Continue reading

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