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New Mexico Avoids Legalizing Death Dealing Doctors… For Now

     Euthanasia may be on the march across Europe and many American states… but not in New Mexico… for now: “The [New Mexico] state Senate on Wednesday night defeated a bill that would have legalized assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. … Continue reading

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American Governance and the Future of Conservatism

     What will become of America and the future of her governance? Moreover, what will be America, and what does that mean? Is it something to be conserved and forfended against by stewards of the public trust, being left to thrive … Continue reading

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The Modern Mamluks of America

     Not limiting themselves to violent riots or histrionic temper tantrums, the institutional Left is refusing to acknowledge that an outsider at odds with them dares claim their power to rule. Bureaucrats have decided to join the so-called #TheResistance and run … Continue reading

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Trump’s Useful Idiots

     The Left has often used “useful idiots” to defend itself from just and accurate attacks against them, most notably in re the Soviet Union and Lenin’s alleged use of the term. But now these same “useful idiots” are being used, … Continue reading

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One Close Election Balances Another

     Last November, Bloomberg’s anti-2nd Amendment brigade outspent pro-2nd Amendment lovers and passed, by less than 1%, a flawed anti-2nd Amendment initiative measure that required FBI background checks for almost transfers of possession of firearms, even temporary ones amongst people at … Continue reading

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North Carolina and Democracy

     It is now being claimed that North Carolina is no longer a “democracy” and thus must be shunned as evil, which is neither here nor there since the U.S. Constitution guarantees the states a republican form of government, and not … Continue reading

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The Constitution Is Not A Rubber Stamp For The States

     Amidst machinations by Democrats to overturn their loss to Donald Trump this past November, a legitimate Constitutional point has been raised… and decided poorly. Many states “bind” the chosen Presidential Electors, in effect treating the Electoral College as just a … Continue reading

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The Enwokening of White People

     With the alienation of the vast majority of White people from the Democrat party, some on the Left are trying out how to get White voters back. John McWhorter tries to do this—not by acknowledging that playing identity politics results … Continue reading

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Black Swans and Continental Drift

     I have only once been more ecstatic to be wrong than I was with my top-line prediction. Despite the accusations by Trump’s more ardent cult followers, I was not pro-Hillary, and was hoping for a miracle to save this country … Continue reading

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2016 Election Predictions

     It’s prediction time! My “official” prediction for the 2016 election are below. This election cycle feels like I’ve been Cassandra to the Trump supporter’s Priam, abet with far more accusations of being an agent for Hillary Clinton and of being … Continue reading

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