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California and the Ghost of John C. Calhoun

     Now that the Democrats are out of power in the Federal government (Leftist mameluks in the bureaucracy notwithstanding), the one-party People’s Republic of California has decided to embrace the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions and take up the States’ Rights cause … Continue reading

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Obama, Just Go Away

     A bit over eight years ago, a majority of American voters were entranced by an allegedly post-racial, and factually post-male, Barack Obama. Eight years later, America thoroughly rejected everything Obama stood for and the Democrat Party that prostituted themselves for … Continue reading

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Salon, the Alt-Right, and Conservatism

     The pseudo-amateur webzine Salon tries to wrap around the entire Conservatives vs. Alt-Right question, and invariably gets it wrong, in large part by projecting it’s own ideological framework. They blame the rise of the Alt-Right on conservatives being too ideological … Continue reading

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The Resistance: Because Once Again Dissent Is Considered Patriotic

     When George W. Bush was President, dissent was the highest for of Patriotism. After Barack Obama was elected, dissent quickly became not only treasonous, but also racist. Now that the President will soon again be affiliated with the doubleplusungood Republicans, … Continue reading

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12 Posts of Christmas, 2016 (Day 11)

     A little Christmas message for our enemies around the world.      The Previous “Posts of Christmas”: Day 1 – The Chemistry of Snowflakes. Day 2 – Someone’s getting a lump of coal… Day 3 – “Silent Night” by the Gothard Sisters. … Continue reading

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The Constitution Is Not A Rubber Stamp For The States

     Amidst machinations by Democrats to overturn their loss to Donald Trump this past November, a legitimate Constitutional point has been raised… and decided poorly. Many states “bind” the chosen Presidential Electors, in effect treating the Electoral College as just a … Continue reading

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Happy Bill of Rights Day!

     Today is the 225th anniversary of the first ten amendments to the Constitution coming into effect. The original Bill of Rights contained a preamble stating that the clauses were “declaratory and restrictive” — i.e. they restricted the Federal Government and … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving for 2016!

     This Thanksgiving, between expressing our thanks that both the era of Obama and of Clinton will soon be over, and enjoying some tasty turkey, let us eschew politics for at least one day while we enjoy the company of kith … Continue reading

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For Those Who Remain

     Though begun as “Armistice Day,” Veterans Day has expanded in the United States as a day for all those brave men and women who fight to keep us free.      On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th … Continue reading

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Why The Alt-Right Doesn’t Get Conservatism

     A freelance writer at the Daily Caller, is celebrating the death of conservatism, and the rise of the Alt-Right. Clearly, the freelancer doesn’t quite get what conservatism is: “I would ask those who today consider themselves conservatives: What exactly are … Continue reading

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