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Death Cult Diversity

     When a person hears about a terrorist attack, one of the normal reactions is to think of those who were killed, be it by putting them and the survivors in one’s thoughts and prayers, be outraged over their deaths, or—if … Continue reading

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German Rape — Turkish Delight

     In an age where a woman is considered to have been raped if she changes her mind after a consensual encounter, it would be reasonable to assume that a woman who screams for her rapist to stop as she fights … Continue reading

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Europe’s Magical Migrant Fairy

     What is a Eurocratic overlord to do when the peasants start complaining too loudly about being replaced by an imported population that is encouraged to NOT assimilate?      Why, pelt them with a poorly animated piece of propaganda about oppressed refugees … Continue reading

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In Sweden, Defecating in the Street isn’t Illegal, but Complaining about It is a H8 Crime

     A Seventy-year-old Swedish woman complained about immigrants setting fire to cars and defecating in the streets. The Swedish authorities took notice and did something about this outrage.      Oh, they didn’t do anything about the public defecation or arson, they decided … Continue reading

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Is There ANY City in England not Infested with Rape Gangs?

     Rotherham is best known as being the English city where child sex trafficking was allowed to go on lest anyone who would dare to intervene be called a “racist“. However, this is going on in many more cities. Now, two … Continue reading

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British Judge Channels Herod, Orders Slaughter of an Innocent

     The death penalty was abolished in the U.K. decades ago, because it was considered uncivilized to execute rapists and murderers. This “civilized” society now considers the execution of the innocent baby Charlie Gard—in dismissal of the pleas to the contrary … Continue reading

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Britain’s The Times Newspaper Declares War on… Anime

     The British daily newspaper “The Times” recently published an investigation about how Facebook refuses to remove what it deems to be “child pornography”. This is a serious accusation and something worth reporting about if true. However, The Times does itself … Continue reading

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A Word of Warning for Pineapple Hating Presidents Everywhere

     The following message from Cuthbert Aloysius Coddington III, President of the Amalgamated International Fruit Company, delivered via telegram as delivered by a young boy who looked like that one girl from “The Go-Go’s”… It has come to our attention that … Continue reading

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Euthanasia No Longer a Choice in the Netherlands

     Just when you thought the Netherlands couldn’t become more morbidly—insane with their obsession for slaughtering people via euthanasia, from killing children and ripping organs from the still living, to legitimizing ennui as a medically appropriate reason to die—the Dutch have … Continue reading

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Quote The Bible, Go To Jail

     The Bible has been considered H8 speech in Canada for some time now, and quoting it accurately has been considered a H8 crime. It is little wonder, then, that quoting the Bible in Scotland, after explicitly being inquired upon, would … Continue reading

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