Quick Takes – The Fall Of Ireland: Climate Worship; Replacing The Irish In Ireland; Silencing of Dissent

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: After their war on prayer, Ireland is going full totalitarian.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Ireland is going from stoutly Catholic to full on Gaia worship.

“Ireland could become the first country in the EU to enshrine the rights of nature into its national constitution.

“The Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action has recommended the government advance a referendum on protecting biodiversity.

“The move would see nature bestowed with rights comparable to those of people.

“It came in response to a report from the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss.

“The Rights of Nature movement has grown in recent years.

“It seeks to have elements of nature, such as trees, mountains and rivers, recognised as entities with rights to exist and flourish, to be restored, regenerated and respected.

“And it also recognises the right of any person or organisation to defend, protect and enforce those rights on behalf of nature. “

     Immigrants who don’t assimilate can cause friction… and assault of children. And when people have enough of that… the government blames the Irish people.

“Ireland’s non-nationals comprise a whopping 20% of the population.

“The tinder box of immigration blew open Thursday with a mass riot in Dublin following the stabbing of a number of young children outside a school near the main street.

“The alleged perpetrator is foreign-born but still a citizen.


“Police chiefs have been quick to blame “far right” anti-immigrant elements.

“Yet public frustration with homelessness, joblessness, immigration, lack of law and order and anti-social behavior have been breeding a revolt by the urban underclass. …

“Commentary with vague but menacing tones about the “far right” masks the fact there is no political representation of serious conservative opinion in the Irish Parliament.”

     The proffered solution? Blame the “far right”…

“Since the riots erupted in Dublin in late November over the attempted stabbing of three children by a naturalized Algerian citizen of Ireland, commentators the world over have started examining Ireland’s proposed hate-speech law, which the Taoiseach and other members of government urged to be passed in the wake of the violence. A substrate of commentary, from Ireland itself, has focused on the fact that there really is no “far right” in Ireland — not in the way it’s understood in the rest of Europe, where a party defined by its stance on immigration makes headway. The “far right” in Ireland is more correctly analogized to Covid, wrote author Conor Fitzgerald. Nobody knows anyone who identifies as far right. You wouldn’t ask Covid for its opinion, or try to compromise with it. You see it as an impersonal but comprehensive threat.”


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