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Venezuela: Is Reality Setting In?

     After a year of over five-thousand innocent Venezuelans dead, including targeted assassination, amongst other abuses of power, people are still willing to stand up against the tyrant Maduro, and his friends in other countries.      Yet, while Maduro seems happy to … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – California Madness: Genderless Graduates; Preteen Polyamory; Liquidating Kulaks as a Class

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: California, the land of genderless preteen polyamerous Communists!      First, a little … Continue reading

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Rape Gang Privilege

     Because certain proscribed “truths” that individuals who happen to be of [REDACTED] race and [REDACTED] faith must be assumed more innocent than others… regardless of the damage to justice, many, many, many, many, examples of minors have been sacrificed upon … Continue reading

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Los Angeles To Go Full-In With Racial Equity

     Disparate impact is the purported idea that any inequality of results is due to nefarious structures of oppression, and that in order to achieve “equity”, “justice” demands not that there be an equality of results, but rather an equality of … Continue reading

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American Public Schools: Guardians of Sharia

     Despite the strict “separation of church and state” in public schools, it increasingly feels like there is no “separation of mosque and state”. We’ve already seen examples of schools in America teach about the hajj, extolling jihadis, and even write … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Brand New Decade; Same Old Tyranny

     The decade of the 2010s certainly seemed to close on a twinkling of hope for Venezuela. Spain ordered the extradition of Venezuela’s Ex-Intelligene chief to the U.S., while Maduro’s brother tyrant, Evo Morales, fled Bolivia after he was caught rigging … Continue reading

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Housing Justice

     Whenever an ardent Leftist Progressive qualifies the word “justice”, they don’t actually mean justice and rarely actually care about the qualifier beyond the excuse to target someone over something.      Such as is the case in the call of “housing justice”. … Continue reading

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Old Communist China Same As The New Communist China: Evil Incarnate

     With the recent attention shone on Hong Kong trying to resist the treaty-violating machinations of the tyrants of Beijing, we are reminded that the “New Communist China” that was supposed to embrace democracy and (classical) liberal values just embraced a … Continue reading

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You Will Be Made To F**k

— Erick Erickson      Conservative activist once noted that while the Left used a plea for tolerance for themselves they ultimately want to abolish tolerance once in power and impose their will on dissenters, summing it up with the phrase “you … Continue reading

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Firing Line Friday: Resolved: That Government Is Not the Solution; It Is the Problem

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      In 1981, Ronald Reagan declared during his inauguration speech that “government is not the solution to our problems; … Continue reading

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