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Stop Critical Race Theory

     Christopher Rufo, who has done yeoman’s work exposing the infiltration of Critical Race Theory. Now, with the embrace of this racist drivel by the Biden Whitehouse, he has join a coalition that will fight this in the courts.

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     The “Model State Constitution” has been around, with revisions, for 100 years now.  As someone who used to read current and former state constitutions for fun and relaxation, I’ve found the “model” constitution to be lacking and not especially good … Continue reading

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Pronoun Madness in British Columbia Courts

     In a criminal or civil court, lying tends to be severely punishable; in criminal or civil court going against a judge’s will and committing contempt of court also tends to be severely punishable. In British Columbia courts, people will be … Continue reading

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Education Organizing Community Gathering

     An initiative or program entitled “Education Organizing Community Gathering” sure does sound innocuous enough, but you know that even something that sounds innocuous isn’t when it turns out to be a “Critical Analysis Tool” proffered by the “Vermont Coalition for … Continue reading

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The Woke Indoctrination Of 8 Year Olds

     The indoctrination by government of Critical Race Theory is not limited to bullying adults: A Cupertino elementary school is bullying eight year old kids into peak wokeness and forcing the youthful “oppressors” to check their privilege with intersectional critical theory! … Continue reading

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Disrupt Texts: When Schoolbooks Go Full Woke

     Some people still think that “wokeness”, “decolonization”, and teaching “social justice” is a fringe idea that at worst happens in some Left-wing dominated city.   It is hard to argue that point when the official “School & Library Marketing department … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – When Some Races Are More Equal Than Others

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Racial bias; racial essentialism; racial lives that don’t matter.      First, a … Continue reading

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De-Gendering Physiology In British Columbia For Abortions

     Remember when abortion was championed as the ultimate “women’s right”? If so you should check your privilege you “cis-scum”! But don’t worry, you can enlighten yourself with wokeness by reading about “Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services” provided for the Canadian province of … Continue reading

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Anti-Colonialism in Space!

     The following message was dropped off from a spaceship that looked like a DC-8 on its way to a volcano. It would seem that you Teegeeackians are finally listening to your Thetans and checking your Teegeeack privilege by treading lightly … Continue reading

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The (Genderless) Birds And The (Woke) Bees

     When a child asks where a baby comes from, the old usual response starts off with “when a Daddy and a Mommy love each other lots”. This will likely become a “H8” crime to say (even in one’s own home) … Continue reading

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