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The Venezuelan Wasteland and the Ignoble Savage

     A trope of the Left is back before the eeevil KKKapitalists of Western Civilization came around, all the peace-loving persons of color were “noble savages” living twig-worshipping idyllic communal lives free from silly things like gender or any concept of … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Leviathan: Amish Prisoners; Authoritarian Eurocrats; Outlawed Straws

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the … Continue reading

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Euthanasia Is Built On A Lie

     A slippery slope isn’t a fallacy when it happens over and over again, despite promises to the contrary. Oh, it is claimed that just because the promise for euthanasia to only be used on the terminally ill in excruciating pain … Continue reading

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Chicago and the Blue Helmets

     A member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners had opined that in order to solve the anti-gun city of Chicago’s disturbingly high murder rate is to bring in United Nations peacekeepers to stop the “genocide”, going so far as … Continue reading

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Das Vierte Reich

     The leader of the far Left German political party SPD (but then all German political parties are far Left, abet some more so than others), Martin Schulz, wants to leverage the inability of Angela Merkel to form a coalition government … Continue reading

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The Woke Obsolescence of Parenthood

     The greatest enemy of the oh-so-woke forces of Progressivism and the broader hard Left is, and always will be, the one thing that stands in the way of total dependency on the enlightened state: The family.      The Left have been … Continue reading

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The Sinicization of Neocolonialism

     With the rush to “decolonize” Africa starting from the abandonment by France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, to the aftershock of the Carnation Revolution, and onto the beginning of de facto one party dictatorship of the ANC in South Africa, … Continue reading

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The New Feudalism of the Enlightened Technocratic Overlords

     A hallmark of Fascism is a disgust with both the individual ipso individual and for democracy. This hallmark is shared and enthusiastically endorsed by the New Republic in an article that celebrates an enlightened technocratic elite.      Ah, the elite that … Continue reading

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The Transgendering of Leviathan’s Children

     It is an established tenet of the broader Left that you do not have children—the state does. Your only “right” it to raise Leviathan‘s children as Leviathan directs. Particularly with subsidized school lunches, state directed education, welfare on behalf of … Continue reading

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California Legislature to go Full Soviet Commune

     An initiative proposal in California would, if it were to be verified for the ballot and pass, abolish the direct election of members of the state Assembly and state Senate, to replace them with delegates from “working committees”. According to … Continue reading

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