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Populism Isn’t Democracy, It’s Ochlocracy

     One of the great achievements, and integral elements of America as a civic nation (and formerly the Anglosphere more widely), was the keystone concept of liberty under law—an ordered liberty ordered not by either a ruling elite or some Rousseau-esque … Continue reading

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The Lawlessness In Schools

     Violence in public schools is getting worse. Teachers and school staff aren’t punishing these little monsters, often in the name of “equity”, with the result that the bullies live in a de facto anarchy resulting in students being beaten to … Continue reading

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Nevada GOP Establishment (GOPe) To Most Nevada GOP Voters: Your Voice Shouldn’t Count

     The Nevada Republican Party establishment (“GOPe”) has approved this past weekend a caucus to be held in the evening (right after most people get off work and just want to go home to their families) two days after the state … Continue reading

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Politics As Faith

     Politics often results in emotions overriding reason. But increasingly politics has become a form of faith, with political saviors and a good vs. evil mindset that seeks to purge heathens and heretics aside. Most troubling is a certain gnostic view … Continue reading

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The Fix Is In: The Real GOPe In Nevada Strikes Again

     Nevada will have a Presidential primary with all Republican active voters receiving a ballot.   Most Republicans in Nevada will assume their vote will count, but it won’t. The Nevada Republican Party executive officers (not even as of yet the … Continue reading

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Cabin Boy Living

     The Left have long been obsessed with utopian visions of living complete with their amaxophobic fears of the freedom of the car and thus their obsession with “walkable” communities which emphasizes communal living spaces and at most limited personal space. … Continue reading

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Let’s See How Abolishing The Police Is Working Out In West Hollywood…

     Remember how the “enlightened” Left believed that police caused crimes and were tools of the “system” of oppression, and how they should be replaced with experts in reconciliation?      Let’s see how that’s working out in West Hollywood… Notoriously liberal West … Continue reading

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Modern Education Part IV: Groomed Trans By School

     If it is impossible to change a person’s gender identity, why do trans advocates work so hard to do just that… and even fail when parents stand up to them. In a purportedly conservative school district, a girl was encouraged … Continue reading

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Election Aftermath — A Snapshot Of Politics In Flux

Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?      In your humble author’s 2022 election prediction post, you humble author stated: “In a neutral environment, the Democrats were likely to lose the House of Representatives and be endangered in the … Continue reading

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Public Schools Protecting Furries

     As reported previously, there were seemingly outlandish claims of schools accommodating children who identify as animals. It seemed too crazy to be true. Sure, public schools have gone all in on gender identity madness, but thinking you are a different … Continue reading

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