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The Venezuelan Wasteland and the Ignoble Savage

     A trope of the Left is back before the eeevil KKKapitalists of Western Civilization came around, all the peace-loving persons of color were “noble savages” living twig-worshipping idyllic communal lives free from silly things like gender or any concept of … Continue reading

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The New Animism

     In denying the spiritual in a knee-jerk fashion, modern philosophers and misunderstanding scientists have had to tackle with the entire concept of consciousness. Their solution?      Panpsychism. “Consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter; every single particle in existence has … Continue reading

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The Socialist Dictatorship of Venezuela Does What Socialist Dictatorships Do

     …repress and self-destruct, of course.      Dropping any last pretense that Venezuela cared about the “will of the people” or an semblance of a functioning democracy, opposition parties have been banned. “Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday that leading opposition parties … Continue reading

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The Most Racist?

     A “trans-woman” model who recently threw a privileged temper-tantrum as a model, has declared that the U.K. is the most racist country: "The uncomfortable truth is that the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Socialist “Success Story”: Where Some… Are More Equal Than Others

     Venezuela slips ever more easily into the typical “success” story of all socialist regimes: Where the Nomenklatura live in opulence, and the great unwashed masses who are supposed to be the masters of their socialist utopia enjoy the lack of … Continue reading

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Peak Guardian: Socialism is Far Right Ideologically

     The Guardian, a British newspaper that has shifted from more traditional hard-Left pro-Communist fare towards outright Social Justice Warrior mode, decided to give everyone a lesson on two icky “right wing” German political parties… “Adolf Hitler only joined the Nazis … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Hex-O-Rama: Witchy Pagan Students; Witchy Trans Make-up Artists; Witchy Black Lesbians

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: This blog post will turn you into a newt!      First, a … Continue reading

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Big Mouth Big Derp

     Adult oriented cartoons and animation that involve potty humor are well established, be it South Park, Drawn Together, or some hentai anime. However, the vulgarities were just a means to tell an often outrageous joke. But ‘twould seem that for … Continue reading

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Arizona Supreme Court: Deny Objective Biological Science and Presume the Impossible

     The Supreme Court’s ruling declaring Gay Marriage to a Constitutional right was premised on the Rawlsian presumption that a couple of different sexes was exactly the same as couples of the same sex, and that any point to the contrary … Continue reading

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De-Transing The Child

     It seems rare these days that a child is able to buck the pressure to embrace transgenderism. Thankfully, one young Australian boy was able to do so. “An Australian boy who pleaded with his mother to allow him to make … Continue reading

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