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Venezuela Degenerating Into Primates Flinging Feces

     Venezuela continues to spiral downward into an ever deepening maelstrom.   People are starving, the regime is no longer unified, and people are resorting to flinging feces… and being forced to eat the same.      The people are starving and farmers can’t … Continue reading

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Progressive Science: Pansexual Wood Sprites and Sad Clowns

     Bill Nye, who used to be known as the “science guy” a generation ago when he hosted a sub-par kiddy program, now fancies himself a warrior of the one true faith science. He has decided to highlight his dedication to … Continue reading

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Glaciers are People Too

     India, not wanting to limit itself in equaling New Zealand by declaring rivers to have human rights, has now extended such rights to… glaciers. “An Indian court granted Himalayan glaciers status as ‘legal persons’” on Friday in a new conservation … Continue reading

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An Obvious Suggestion for Green Groups Wanting to Reduce CO2 Emissions

     Ever get the feeling that some environmental groups are willfully oblivious to solutions to the environmental problems they claim?      Ask a silly question, and get a facepalm inducing answer demonstrated. “The sponsors of an environmental conference flew roughly 50 college … Continue reading

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Luna Declares War on Brianna Wu

     This message was received from independence leader Adam Selene of the Luna colony via the colony’s HOLMES IV system. It would seem you do not take our commitment to independence seriously, what with purported Earth politician Brianna Wu, who stands … Continue reading

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Rivers Are People Too

     There have been plenty of insane attempts to grant the Earth legal “rights”.      New Zealand has eclipsed them all by declaring a river to have the same legal rights as a human being. Yes, the Whanganui River is LITERALLY a … Continue reading

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#BlackLivesMatter vs. Yakub’s Soulless Albino Mutants

     It would seem that a co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter, Yusra Khogali, has “decolonized” her mind and embraced “alternate ways of knowing“… which apparently include Black supremacist pseudo-scientific garbage: “A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are ‘recessive … Continue reading

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The Constitution as Crime

     You’d think that if anything were Constitutional, it’d be the Constitution. Not at Kellogg Community College it isn’t! “Kellogg Community College is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket … Continue reading

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From Canada, In Your General Direction

     Canada, indicatively suffering under a Prime Minister who makes Barack Obama seem intellectual by comparison—quite a feat indeed—the Canadian Parliament is discussing the important questions… like the use of the word “fart”: Tweet

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Trump’s Useful Idiots

     The Left has often used “useful idiots” to defend itself from just and accurate attacks against them, most notably in re the Soviet Union and Lenin’s alleged use of the term. But now these same “useful idiots” are being used, … Continue reading

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