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Quick Takes – Fragile Youth: Happy Badges; Pronoun Stickers; Triggering Textbooks

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Gotta protect those emotionally fragile feelings!      First, a little mood music: … Continue reading

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Queering Ecology

     The Eugene Lang College is offering a course on “Queer Ecologies“. The course summary is: “This course will address the interdisciplinary constellation of practices that aim, in different ways, to disrupt prevailing heterosexist discursive and institutional articulations of sexuality and … Continue reading

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CSI: 3rd Reich

     Apparently, the fact that there are measurable physical differences, skeletally, between males and females, and that reconstructions from skulls can reveal facial features associated with one race or another is raaacist and that all forensic science is Nazi science or … Continue reading

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“So, just so you all know: Trans. Girls. Get. Periods.”

     Biological reality is not a strong area of understanding for those who buy into the entire “transgender” thing. People are told that gender is a completely different thing from biological sex, yet mutilating one’s body and doping up on hormones … Continue reading

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Witchcraft to be Taught in College

     The increasing trend in many African nations is to engage in “decolonization” by purging Western civilization and science from the continent. This includes colleges where magical lighting bolt throwing witches are defended as being as valid as Isaac Newton, if … Continue reading

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AP Exam Sends Thousands of Years of History Down the Memory Hole

     The College Board, which provides the Advanced Placement Exams that allow high schoolers to earn college credit by successfully passing an exam, has decided to axe over seven thousand years of history and only testing on history since 1450. “In … Continue reading

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Trump’s Greatest Asset

     I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: President Donald Trump’s, and America’s, greatest asset is the histrionic Left’s willingness to air, proudly, their bats**t insanity for all to see.      The RNC has put together an ad summarizing a … Continue reading

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California Supreme Court Effectively Bans New Semi-Auto Handguns

     The California Supreme Court, by declaring that a law that is impossible to follow, effectively banned the sale of new models of semi-automatic handguns. “The California Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a lawsuit that sought to invalidate a state … Continue reading

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Ebola Outbreak in the Congo? Vox Blames Donald Trump

     Leave it to Vox.com to somehow connect an Ebola outbreak in the Congo to, and figure out a way to start blaming… Donald Trump.      So what are the accusations? “Just one day after DRC’s Ebola outbreak was declared, the head … Continue reading

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The Venezuelan Wasteland and the Ignoble Savage

     A trope of the Left is back before the eeevil KKKapitalists of Western Civilization came around, all the peace-loving persons of color were “noble savages” living twig-worshipping idyllic communal lives free from silly things like gender or any concept of … Continue reading

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