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So They Say They Want A Revolution…

     Unless you’ve been blissfully unaware of the news recently, then you likely know about the autonomous anarchist commune that has been declared in a part of Seattle (apparently in a bid to out-Commie Portland), and have declared independence (while remaining … Continue reading

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The Wokeness of Spreading Coronavirus via Riots

     Quite a few people have noticed that many people who were dead set on lockdowns until some cure is found are now championing the protests turned riots. There are plenty of people who have been consistent, with those who believe … Continue reading

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Masks & Moronicity

     It is amusing when someone belittles credentialed experts then turns around then preaches pseudo-science in authoritative tones. It is sad when this results in two fiskings within one month. Specifically, author Sarah A. Hoyt’s piece against the masks of the … Continue reading

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Anti-Credential Intelligentsia

     Your humble author has often challenged supposed “experts” who put ideology above discipline. However, these attacks have been first and foremost upon factual inaccuracy and ideological warping and mischaracterization of facts. The belittlement of their claims to being right due … Continue reading

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Nevada Governor Bans Prescription Of Coronavirus Medication

     There is hope, and some early tentative evidence, that chloroquine and hydroxyclhoroquine might possibly be effective, especially in combination with other drugs. So of course the Governor of Nevada thought it was a bright idea to ban new prescriptions for … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

     Happy π Day everyone!      Demonstrating that reality and proposed laws quite often are orthogonal to each other: Tweet

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The Ultimate Defense Against Rapists: Song And Dance?

     What is apparently the most effective way to stop a rapist in Finland? If you guessed a gun, a mace, or a kick to the crotch, you’d be wrong according to the city of Oulu, Finland. What is, then, this … Continue reading

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Housing Justice

     Whenever an ardent Leftist Progressive qualifies the word “justice”, they don’t actually mean justice and rarely actually care about the qualifier beyond the excuse to target someone over something.      Such as is the case in the call of “housing justice”. … Continue reading

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Signs and Portents for 2020?

     The November 5th elections signal a complete cycle (save for the Gubernatorial run-off in Louisiana) of off-Presidential year elections in the United States. If we can learn anything from this odd-year election it is that all the trends in elections … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Transgenderism: Mandatory Hysterectomy; Defunded Rape-Relief Shelter; Wax the Scrotum

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: You will be made to affirm transgenderism.      First, a little mood … Continue reading

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