The Fix Is In: The Real GOPe In Nevada Strikes Again

     Nevada will have a Presidential primary with all Republican active voters receiving a ballot.   Most Republicans in Nevada will assume their vote will count, but it won’t. The Nevada Republican Party executive officers (not even as of yet the full state central committee) have declared that they will hold a separate caucus on a Thursday early evening, after most Republicans have finished a full day of work, when people are tired and not want to blow the evening on some caucus after voting in a government primary?

     The Nevada Republican Party is doing this in order to rig the vote for their preferred candidate, though that isn’t quite accurate, for the people in control of the Nevada Republican Party establishment actually is the campaign team for their preferred nominee. So, which candidate is the actual establishment running the state party apparatus as the de facto campaign for?

     Donald Trump.

     The NVGOP really, really, wants to keep Nevada Republicans from deciding who wins Nevada’s Presidential vote.   Not only are they doing this to circumvent the primary that hundreds of thousands of Republicans will be using, they are holding this on a THURSDAY.

     Most Republicans in 2008, 2012, and 2016 didn’t even know there was a Presidential Caucus. How many of them won’t even bother to see if there is a separate party run caucus after voting by official government ballots that they were sent? Not many, and that’s the point. Most Republicans in Nevada will not know is occurring, especially since they think their primary vote in the state-run Presidential primary will count, meaning they won’t even bother looking to see if their is a caucus.

     But it gets worse! The establishment running the Nevada GOP have declared that anyone on the primary ballot will be prohibited from participating in the caucus and potentially winning delegates.   This would create a situation when one or more people could have far more people vote for them than anyone, including Trump who participated in the caucus, yet receive no delegates while those in the caucus who received less votes got them all.

     But it would also sew chaos. Imagine a low information Republican voter receiving a primary ballot without Trump or some other major candidate on it? Nevada does not allow write-in voting, with only the “Nevada Option” of voting “None of these candidates”. Imagine the outrage!

     The confusion is intentional. The Nomenlkatura that run the Nevada GOP are in the bag for Trump and they won’t let actual Nevada Republicans say otherwise, come hell or high water.

     Oh, and to participate in the caucus, campaigns will have to fork over “donations” jus to participate and help fill up the coffers of the de facto Trump campaign in Nevada.

     That’s one hell of a grift.

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