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Indigenous Science Isn’t

     At the so-called “March to Science” protests, one of the many examples of anti-science sentiment on display was a call for embracing “indigenous sciences“… “Indigenous knowledge and practices are often dismissed as mythology or ‘quaint stories,’ Melissa Nelson, associate professor … Continue reading

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Europe’s Magical Migrant Fairy

     What is a Eurocratic overlord to do when the peasants start complaining too loudly about being replaced by an imported population that is encouraged to NOT assimilate?      Why, pelt them with a poorly animated piece of propaganda about oppressed refugees … Continue reading

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Left Wing Cuck Squad and the Giant Spiders

     No, this isn’t some hipster version of a David Bowie album… it is the openly declared madness of the Portland AntiFa/Black Bloc rioters.      In an ironic banner, the Black Bloc AntiFa rioters—most of whom are pasty White—openly asked: “White People … Continue reading

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Progressive Science: Pansexual Wood Sprites and Sad Clowns

     Bill Nye, who used to be known as the “science guy” a generation ago when he hosted a sub-par kiddy program, now fancies himself a warrior of the one true faith science. He has decided to highlight his dedication to … Continue reading

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An Obvious Suggestion for Green Groups Wanting to Reduce CO2 Emissions

     Ever get the feeling that some environmental groups are willfully oblivious to solutions to the environmental problems they claim?      Ask a silly question, and get a facepalm inducing answer demonstrated. “The sponsors of an environmental conference flew roughly 50 college … Continue reading

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Woke Babysitting

     Not being content to “enwoken” adult White people, the insane Left is now targeting babies and toddlers, as the insane Left is wont to do, most likely to ensure children achieve “peak wokeness” by age 8.      Now the insane Left … Continue reading

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Decolonizing Medicine

     There is science, and there is not science. Science, particularly when it comes to medicine, is something that is learned over time. Ideas and concepts from the past may seem like voodoo or witchcraft now, but way back when, it … Continue reading

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Milk: It Does A White Supremacy Good?

     Critical Race Studies Logic: Milk is white; White is racist; ergo milk is racist!!1!      Yup, milk is considered a symbol of White Supremacy due to 4chan memes and the fact that Northern Europeans are one of three or four global … Continue reading

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Fauxcahantas in Spaaace!!1!

     Demonstrating how O’Sullivan’s First Law (or Conquest’s Second Law), that every organization that is not explicitly right-wing, becomes left-wing over time, is so very true, the Science Fiction publisher Tor—hand in hand with the World Science Fiction Convention and Hugo … Continue reading

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Rivers Are People Too

     There have been plenty of insane attempts to grant the Earth legal “rights”.      New Zealand has eclipsed them all by declaring a river to have the same legal rights as a human being. Yes, the Whanganui River is LITERALLY a … Continue reading

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