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Taking The Piss Out Of Men In Sweden While Sitting Down

     The Swedish Left Party in Sörmland want men to sit down while they urinate. “Men who work for the Sörmland County Council in central Sweden should sit down rather than stand up when urinating in office toilets, according to a … Continue reading

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The Gaia Cult vs. Florida

     The continuing fight to give “nature” rights on the level of a human right is an ongoing bit of maddness that has seen some push back in recent years, including in Ohio and Florida, the later of which showed that … Continue reading

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Crying Wolf Over Fraud

     Election fraud happens. Electoral shenanigans are pretty much expected, and it has been said for decades now that a candidate not only has to win but win above the “margin of fraud”. The problem in tackling this is that there … Continue reading

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The Political And Cultural Bias of Freedom House

     An outfit calling itself “Freedom House” has decided that the U.S. is free… but not free enough.   Why is the U.S. not free enough?   President Trump. The administration of President Donald Trump continued to introduce restrictive new policies … Continue reading

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The Superficial Dating Transphobia Lie

     Human beings are a sexually dimorphic species, with physical and physiological differences between the sexes, that reproduce via sexual congress of the two sexes. It is only natural and normal, then, that most people have a sexual interest in members … Continue reading

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Banning Tasty Food In California

     Banning things for people that the allegedly enlightened elite decide the serfs ought to do without is something that people in California have to to expect. The receipt, hotel shampoo bottles, straws, and disposable cutlery are all items that have … Continue reading

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Pimp Hand Of Social Justice

     Nothing says “fighting systemic injustice” like appointing a felon who pimped out children as “street czar” to provide “alternatives to policing”.  Unsurprisingly, this bright idea came from the City of Seattle. “Seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp … Continue reading

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The Latest Tool Of White Supremacy: Miscegenation

     You know you are live in an age of wokeness when interracial marriage is not only responsible for perpetuating “White Supremacy” but also a tool of genocide against… Blacks! Who knew that miscegenation was a tool of “Whiteness”?      Chinyere Osuji, … Continue reading

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Transphobic Chromosomes

     There are people with bonafide medical conditions such as Swyer’s Syndrome where the body develops along the lines of the opposite sex than the presence (or lack thereof) would otherwise have directed bodily development.      There are people who insist that … Continue reading

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Decline & Fall of British Humor

     Post-WWII, one of the things that the British could boast about was their brilliant comedy, that even the BBC could boast about while otherwise putting down the U.K.      So, what has British “humor”—in all it’s political correctness—degraded to?      This. It's … Continue reading

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