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The Memory Holing Of Literature Is Happening

     In the George Orwell novel “1984”, the protagonist’s job is to identify doubleplusungood news and proclamations and have them rewritten to a more contemporary understanding of the truth while the old versions go away down the “memory hole”.      Rewriting past … Continue reading

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Election Aftermath — A Snapshot Of Politics In Flux

Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?      In your humble author’s 2022 election prediction post, you humble author stated: “In a neutral environment, the Democrats were likely to lose the House of Representatives and be endangered in the … Continue reading

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Towards A Literal Parliament Of Whores

     Men are increasingly being sidelined in society, and many retreat into hobbies, gaming, or resentment. This is a real problem, but not everyone who recognizes the problem understands it. Case in point. Young men aren’t having sex! Nearly a third … Continue reading

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Pure Distilled Scum

     A woke blue check mark on Twitter decided a Hispanic mother teaching her child that the U.S. isn’t evil incarnate so bad and so dangerous, he literally called child protective services!      The woman in question responded to this outrage. Tonight, … Continue reading

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Human Sacrifice For A Pope-Endorsed Pagan Goddess

     Ah yes, that “noble savage” knowledge and more Earth-centered and spiritual “way of knowing” so alien to the wicked and evil West! So enlightened as to still to this day engage in animal and even human sacrifice. “A man has … Continue reading

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The State Of So-Called Social Science

     It’s easy to laugh at some of the bizarre ideas and concepts that come out of academia, but if you want to really understand just how un-academic these “academics” can be even when purporting to be more serious than usual, … Continue reading

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The White Racial Stain Of Cis-Genderism

     Ah, that intersectional car crash of critical gender theory and critical race theory!   It turns out that White people can’t be “non-binary” because allegedly White people invented the “gender binary” to oppress BIPOC, thus all White people carry with … Continue reading

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The Also Always Blame America First

     Once upon a time a true American ambassador spoke to a convention in America and said something very true of certain segments of domestic opposition cum agitation: They always blame America first.      Yet again, we see this.      In this case, … Continue reading

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When Your Gender Is A Cake…

     …you might be “tender and moist” in the head. People are identifying as cake gender. pic.twitter.com/9TTGMEjX7t — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 11, 2022      Note how this person emphasizes that a person who is “cake gender” doesn’t believe they are … Continue reading

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India: Mother Nature Can Sue And Be Sued

     The bizarre notion of treating “Mother Nature” as a person with inalienable human rights can be easily laughed at, but it is increasingly being not only pushed but also implemented, most lately by the High Court of Madras in India: … Continue reading

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