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An Evergreen Madness

     There was a time when normal people could delude themselves that the hardcore madness of the Left was concentrated in a few self-segregating colonies of madness. Even in higher education, one could delude themselves that most departments and majors as … Continue reading

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A Politically Correct Message To Earth

     The following message from the leader of the Galactic Confederacy and transmitted via a friendly Thetan… It has come to my attention that some Teegeeackian scientists and philosophers have finally found it fit to correct their own oppressive message to … Continue reading

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Indigenous Science Isn’t

     At the so-called “March to Science” protests, one of the many examples of anti-science sentiment on display was a call for embracing “indigenous sciences“… “Indigenous knowledge and practices are often dismissed as mythology or ‘quaint stories,’ Melissa Nelson, associate professor … Continue reading

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     Slowly creeping up on society has been the identity of “trans”. First, and most prominently, has been “transgender”. Taken to increasingly actual lengths has been the concept of being “trans-species” including surgery, marriage, and other elements of insanity. Now, not … Continue reading

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Mandatory Trans

     One of the arguments for legalizing abortion was the “right to privacy” between a doctor and a patient… even if that patient wasn’t old enough to consent to get pregnant. Indeed, other medical treatments can still require parental consent, or … Continue reading

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The Age of Synthetic Catgirls is Nyaa-igh

     Being an honest and open advocate of Mad Science, your humble author supports research to such and as the genetic engineering of catgirls for domestic ownership.      Now, researchers involved in the Human Genome Project are developing synthetic human DNA: “[T]his … Continue reading

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Anime Waifus Now As Valid As Homosexuality

     Remember how two male penguins raising a chick together was touted as absolute proof that homosexuality was not only normal in nature, but would result in superior parenting?      If penguins are now the arbiters of behavior normalcy, then falling in … Continue reading

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Gender Lysenkoism

     There are those on the “scientific Left” who would rather engage in “Gender Lysenkoism”. They deny that there are two biological sexes, claiming a dozen or so “sex determining genes” and declare that it is a “spectrum” and a “social … Continue reading

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Progressive Science: Pansexual Wood Sprites and Sad Clowns

     Bill Nye, who used to be known as the “science guy” a generation ago when he hosted a sub-par kiddy program, now fancies himself a warrior of the one true faith science. He has decided to highlight his dedication to … Continue reading

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Glaciers are People Too

     India, not wanting to limit itself in equaling New Zealand by declaring rivers to have human rights, has now extended such rights to… glaciers. “An Indian court granted Himalayan glaciers status as ‘legal persons’” on Friday in a new conservation … Continue reading

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