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The Damage Of Puberty Blockers

     Puberty blockers are being increasingly pushed and used on children as a matter of course under the idea that puberty will just be paused for a while, and that the children can then decide to transition via cross-sex hormones if … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Animals Are People Too: Animal Husbandry Is Rape; Sentient Insects; Non-Human Persons

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Doin’ like they do on the Discovery Channel.      First, a little … Continue reading

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Inter-Species Organ Transplants: One Step Closer To Catgirls

     Genetically engineering animals to make them more human-like has taken a massive step forward with a kidney from a genetically engineered pig being successfully transplanted to a human. “Scientists temporarily attached a pig’s kidney to a human body and watched … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Climate Change

     Ah, Canada!   The land where state monopoly healthcare is geared towards slaughter. The land where climate heretics are rooted out and punished.   Now these two facets have combined in a Canadian way: A doctor in British Columbia is … Continue reading

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Trans-Women Athletes Are Good But Trans-Species Bird Are Better

     If a biological male can with first prize in a women’s sporting contest, then why can’t a biological mammal be named “Bird of the Year 2021”? “The bat is getting its due — at the expense of birds. “New Zealand … Continue reading

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Artificial Wombs: The Golden Mean For Abortion Or A Way To Mass Produce Catgirls?

     Imagine the possibility of a woman being able to terminate a pregnancy… without killing the child? Technical and biological barriers at present aside, only a surrogate or Tleilaxu Axlotl tank would be an alternative for the child… at least until … Continue reading

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End Of Cyber “Innovation Zone” In Nevada—Cyberpunk Catgirls Hardest Hit

     Nevada was considering “innovation zones” that would allow megacorps to form their own de facto independent local governments free from the surrounding elected county governments.      Alas, this cyberpunk future of potential enhanced cyborg catgirls will be no more. Hearing that … Continue reading

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Bioengineering And Robots Converge: Confluence To Cyborg Catgirl

     While technology to create fembots and gynoids progresses, the advancement of bioengineering is also advancing towards the same ultimate goal of genetically engineering catgirls for domestic ownership in robotic, or cyborg, form.   Specifically, the ability to grow the brains … Continue reading

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Equity And Political Correctness Come To The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided that the best way to control and prevent disease is… wokeness. Oh, and it’s very, very intersectional.      Apparently, healthcare isn’t equitable if you use doubleplus ungood words, or even just perpetuate … Continue reading

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Firing Line Friday: Sex Education

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      Now-a-days “sex education” means teaching the transcendental “truth” of transgendersim, normalization of sexual activity and younger and younger … Continue reading

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