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Glaciers are People Too

     India, not wanting to limit itself in equaling New Zealand by declaring rivers to have human rights, has now extended such rights to… glaciers. “An Indian court granted Himalayan glaciers status as ‘legal persons’” on Friday in a new conservation … Continue reading

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The Climate Inquisition vs. The Heresy of Science

     The following was obtained as a note attacked to a comfy chair that was recently delivered… NOBODY expects the Climate Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency…. Our … Continue reading

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Birds, Tomatoes, and Sharks, Oh My

     The “Sharknado” movies, which involve sharks being airborne and transported inland by adverse whether events, have been seen as ridiculous with no bearing on reality. This is similar to the 1978 movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.      The opening credits … Continue reading

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An Obvious Suggestion for Green Groups Wanting to Reduce CO2 Emissions

     Ever get the feeling that some environmental groups are willfully oblivious to solutions to the environmental problems they claim?      Ask a silly question, and get a facepalm inducing answer demonstrated. “The sponsors of an environmental conference flew roughly 50 college … Continue reading

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California and the Censoring of Doubleplusungood Political Internet Speech

     A bill was introduced this year to the California Assembly, AB 1104, bans “false” or “deceptive” statements on the internet having to do with any candidate or ballot measure. The relevant text of the proposed measure: “Section 18320.5 is added … Continue reading

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Modern Day Reanimator

     The following was delivered via non-Euclidean post from Miskatonic University… I am ecstatic that scientists today are finally engaging in accurate research concerning bringing the dead back from life. I am, of course, speaking of Project Reanima: “Scientists are getting … Continue reading

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Scientists Take First Step in Genetically Engineering Dryads

     Scientists have already taken the first steps to genetically engineering human-animal hybrids, such as catgirls. Science has also shown a path forward for engineering materials that are truly biocompatible that will integrate with the catgirls and other assorted kemonomimi.      Scientists, … Continue reading

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Luna Declares War on Brianna Wu

     This message was received from independence leader Adam Selene of the Luna colony via the colony’s HOLMES IV system. It would seem you do not take our commitment to independence seriously, what with purported Earth politician Brianna Wu, who stands … Continue reading

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Science Working On Making Bioroids & Cyborg Catgirls More Pattable

     The science journal “Science Robotics” reports on creating robots with real human tissue. “In summary, it is now both technically possible and scientifically pertinent to explore in greater detail the potential of humanoids as tools for regenerative medicine. Advances in … Continue reading

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Milk: It Does A White Supremacy Good?

     Critical Race Studies Logic: Milk is white; White is racist; ergo milk is racist!!1!      Yup, milk is considered a symbol of White Supremacy due to 4chan memes and the fact that Northern Europeans are one of three or four global … Continue reading

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