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Totalitarian Pronouns

     Once upon a time, pronouns like “he” and “her” once referred to individuals identifiable as “men” and “women” based on (unusually) obvious and objective criteria, much in the same way a person can point at a tree and know it … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Hex-O-Rama: Witchy Pagan Students; Witchy Trans Make-up Artists; Witchy Black Lesbians

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: This blog post will turn you into a newt!      First, a … Continue reading

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Woke Racial Segregation Comes To Canada

     Canada, the land that made a blithering “male feminist” Prime Minister, has yet again demonstrated just how woke it is!      How?      Some no-name Colombian-Canadian singer “asked white audience members to move to the back of the concert hall and people … Continue reading

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There Can Be Only One (Galaxiegender)

     One special little Tumblr snowflake will be very, very upset with you if you dare claim to be the same admittedly-made-up gender: Tweet

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The Transing of Health

     A group of lunatics called the Edinburgh Action for Trans Health decided to post a “Trans Health Manifest” on, of course, Tumblr. “Following the centuries-long repression of trans lives at the hands of the state, the next stage in the … Continue reading

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To Serve And Protect But Not Be The Best And Brightest

     Average IQ is typically considered in the range of 90 to 110. A cutting off point of just over that average IQ range would make sense if high intelligence was necessary, such as with a good amount of police work. … Continue reading

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Arizona Supreme Court: Deny Objective Biological Science and Presume the Impossible

     The Supreme Court’s ruling declaring Gay Marriage to a Constitutional right was premised on the Rawlsian presumption that a couple of different sexes was exactly the same as couples of the same sex, and that any point to the contrary … Continue reading

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De-Transing The Child

     It seems rare these days that a child is able to buck the pressure to embrace transgenderism. Thankfully, one young Australian boy was able to do so. “An Australian boy who pleaded with his mother to allow him to make … Continue reading

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In Condemnation of a Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

     The following message from Dennis (Labour MP for Mucklandshire) was delivered by Zoot and Dingo (after the spanking, of course)…. As I have said many times before, “Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some … Continue reading

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When Does A Drag Queen Achieve Peak Wokeness? 8 Years Old.

     Proving yet again that peak wokeness occurs at eight years old, ELLE magazine is celebrating an eight year old boy who is out and proud about being a… drag queen. This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia—& he … Continue reading

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