Quick Takes – Your Children Are Theirs: Grooming Kids via Invading Their Privacy; Traning Kids via Secrecy; Radicalizing Kids via Anti-Racism

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: If you don’t eat your impossible meat, then you can’t have any soy pudding!

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     The schools want to know more about your own kids private lives than you do.

“Some parents were outraged by the ‘Youth Risk Behavior’ survey, which the school principal assured parents — via email — was written for the safety and best interests of students at the Eliot K-8 Innovation School.

“The allegedly anonymous survey also asks the pre-teens how much soda pop they drink, whether or not they are transgender, if they are taking diet pills, where they sleep, and whether or not they’ve considered suicide.

“It appears parents had no idea the survey was coming.

“‘To go on field trips the district has parents sign permission slips, but for the district to ask our children private explicit sexual questions they are able to do so without consent,’ a mother requesting anonymity told the Washington Free Beacon. ‘This makes no sense.’”

     Yes, they really are machinating in secret to mutilate and sterilize your kids.

“Dozens of Midwestern teachers met online this week and traded tips on helping trans students change gender at school without their parents’ knowledge, while criticizing a raft of new Republican laws on sex and identity.

“DailyMail.com gained access to an online session hosted by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP), which is funded by the Department of Education, attended by some 30 teachers from Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois and beyond.

“In the four-hour workshop, they discussed helping trans students in the face of new laws in Republican-run states on gender, pronouns, names, parents’ rights, bathroom access, and sports teams.”

     No one is surprised that Vermont is the center of school wokeness…

“South Burlington School District’s Orchard Elementary School used a curriculum titled ‘Reading to Raise Anti-Racists – Year Two’ to teach reading to the school’s Pre-K through fifth grade students. The curriculum rationale states that if schools ‘want to change racialized systems, then we have to deliberately engage kids in dialogue about the complexities of race early on in their development.’”

“As part of the justification for the curriculum, the school cites the Learning for Justice article ‘Teaching Kindness Isn’t Enough,’ which begins by stating that Dr. Seuss books present racist ideas. Instead, the district curriculum uses “picture books as a springboard for meaningful, transformative, conversations about race because when we “read race” we are helping children develop the skills to see the world through a critical race lens.’”

“According to an article in ASHE Higher Education Report titled ‘Critical Race Theory in Higher Education: 20 Years of Theoretical and Research Innovations,’ the authors define a ‘Critical Race Lens’ as one that ‘necessitates that although such spaces centralize the needs of marginalized students and celebrate these narratives, they must also simultaneously address the manifestations of power and privilege rooted in hegemonic discourse.’ According to authors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic in Critical race theory: The cutting edge, they state that ‘CRT aims to use literature to form social protests and political movements against racism through a critical race lens.’”

“The books used in the curriculum were chosen because ‘they feature Black, Indigenous People, and People of Color (BIPOC) as the main character, they avoid stereotypical portrayals of BIPOC’ and ‘they help us gain understanding of people whose racial, cultural or gender identity may be different from our own.’ The school’s hope is that ‘as a result of engaging in this school-wide reading and conversation, students will be inspired to become active anti-racists and ask questions like “What can we do?” or “How can we change that?”, as they fight for racial justice.’”

“The March unit features a book titled ‘Call Me Max’ by Kyle Lukoff, which is about a transgender student struggling with gender identity in elementary school. The listed resources for the unit include The Gender Wheel Pronoun Protocol, videos from the YouTube channel Queer Kids Stuff titled ‘No More Gender Roles’ and ‘T is for TRANS!,’ as well as a link to the video ‘Woke Read Alouds: It Feels Good to Be Yourself” from the channel Woke Kindergarten.”


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