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Of Bath Salts and Presidential Campaigns

     2016 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination, John McAfee, has announced that he plans to run again. And just what was the subject of his announcement? How awesome “bath salts” are and how he’s done “more than you and … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Hearings: Verdict First Trial Later

     The Senate Committee holding hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanagaugh have heard from his first, and more credible, of his accusers and from Judge Kavanaugh himself. There were two aspects to the hearing: An inquiry into the veracity … Continue reading

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What Does Citizenship Mean When Non-Citizens Can Outvote You?

     California has for some time now demonstrated themselves to be hell bent on destroying any notion of citizenship in any way that matters. Not only may foreign nationals illegally in this country can practice law in California courts, but there … Continue reading

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Doom: From Venezuela to Nicaragua (Again)

     The longer doom is delayed, the greater the catastrophe. The end of Venezuela’s hellhole had been predicted for years, and though signs of all seven seals being broken exist in Venezuela, it is far from certain that the end is … Continue reading

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Trump’s Greatest Asset

     I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: President Donald Trump’s, and America’s, greatest asset is the histrionic Left’s willingness to air, proudly, their bats**t insanity for all to see.      The RNC has put together an ad summarizing a … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Crazy: Coathangers, Mobs, and Decapitation

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: The normalization of madness.      First, a little mood music:      Carrying on… … Continue reading

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UK Labour Party Suspends Member For Pointing Out Party’s Insane Transgender Policy

     The British Labour Party has parliamentary shortlists reserved for non-Whites and for “women”. And by “women” they mean anyone who decides to identify as a woman regardless of legal recognition or pretty much anything other than their own self-definition. A … Continue reading

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Progressives’ Dream Constitutional Convention

     A group in, of course, California are launching an initiative position to stake out an ultra-Left wing set of demands to be put forth if an Article V convention were ever called. While it is unlikely that 2/3 of states … Continue reading

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Republicans Should Be Hitting The Panic Button

     Since November 2016, a clear trend has emerged from special elections, primaries, and regularly scheduled general elections: Democrats are energize, organized, and have demonstrated a capability to turn out en masse and massively narrow normal Republican margins if not outright … Continue reading

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From Separation of Powers to Administrative Oligarchy

     The Federal government and all state governments have a tripartite division of power into the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch—usually quite explicitly in state constitutions—de jure; now-a-days it is increasingly no longer de facto.      The administrative … Continue reading

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