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Firing Line Friday: Politics and Black Progress

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      With #BlackLivesMatter still prominent and Critical Race Theory becoming the center political debate, let us examine how things … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Settling For Decline As Tyranny Spreads

     Good news: U.S. sanctions on a Chinese company hurt Maduro. Bad news: The Biden administration considers these sanctions to have “failed”.      This is why the people fleeing Venezuela, as people still flee from Cuba, even at the risk of their … Continue reading

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     The truth about “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (AKA “DIE”) policies from schools and governments to businesses and military contractors is hidden, obscured, or distorted in order to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate the true nature of the underlying ideology which has … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Nevada Bad Bill Edition: The ERA On Steroids; Election Fraud-apolooza; Property Tax Grab

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature … Continue reading

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The Multiracial Fight Against Critical Race Theory

     It clear that Critical Race Theory and its claim of supporting “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is actually monolithic, systemically discriminatory, and exclusive of dissenting thought.      By viewing everything through a racial lens, the proponents of Critical Race Theory get away … Continue reading

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Witches and Warlocks and Pumpkin Possums!

     If Alex Jones thinks you are a crazy conspiracy nutter… you might want to reexamine your life. "Witches and Warlocks and Pumpkin Po(p)ssums!" — Political Hat Blog (@PoliticHatBlog) January 11, 2021 Tweet

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The “Election Aftermath”… Aftermath

     Nearly two months ago I posted a belated look at the aftermath of the November 2020 election.   I described it as “surprisingly chill” because despite Biden having won, most people were ready to move on and deal with the … Continue reading

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Lizard Squad Drains The Swamp!

     This propaganda truthful statement was obtained via a Senator after some type of “conversion” with Visitor Diana. Your human lawyer “Lin Wood” has been uncovering much corruption in your human governments including the schemes of vampiric pedophiles who even add … Continue reading

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The “Bad Touch” Biden Commemorative Cake

     Joe “Bad Touch” Biden’s election win is certainly being celebrated around the world, including Hong Kong where a bakery has commemorated the infamous hair-sniffer and lover of anime girls with a commemorative cake. “A Hong Kong bakery has received a … Continue reading

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Critical Election Theory

     Ever notice how “Critical Theory” isn’t selectively applied and wondered how it would go if applied to some non-woke preconceived conclusion?      Thanks to Twitter user James Lindsay, you can! “People who deny any evidence of election fraud exhibit a rhetorical … Continue reading

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