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Multiracial Whiteness

     “Whiteness” is posited as the underlying evil of American, and Western, society because it creates a “system of oppression” that “privileges” White people by oppressing non-White people. And what better example of that, according to a Washington Post op-ed, than … Continue reading

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Looking Back Upon The Life Of Margaret Thatcher

     It has been nearly eight years since we lost Margaret Thatcher, AKA the “Iron Lady”, who aptly demonstrate one could have grace, poise, and charm, and still more balls than most male politicians put together (those balls being the balls … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Green Totalitarianism: Gaia Jugend; Climate Emergency as Medicine; Slave Labor for Gaia

Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Everything within Gaia; nothing outside Gaia; nothing against Gaia      First, a … Continue reading

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Disrupt Texts: When Schoolbooks Go Full Woke

     Some people still think that “wokeness”, “decolonization”, and teaching “social justice” is a fringe idea that at worst happens in some Left-wing dominated city.   It is hard to argue that point when the official “School & Library Marketing department … Continue reading

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Communist China Openly Celebrates Genocidal Eugenics

     The People’s Republic of China is the most murderous regime to have ever existed, exceeding even Nazi Germany in its body count. Some apologists have argued that those deaths were necessary and that Communist China was better because they weren’t … Continue reading

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The “Bad Touch” Biden Commemorative Cake

     Joe “Bad Touch” Biden’s election win is certainly being celebrated around the world, including Hong Kong where a bakery has commemorated the infamous hair-sniffer and lover of anime girls with a commemorative cake. “A Hong Kong bakery has received a … Continue reading

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Restorative Justice In Seattle: Community Wrist Slaps & Collective Restitution

     Because that “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ, renamed “CHOD”) in Seattle was so spiffy, the King County prosecutor wants to let the “community” choose a punishment which doesn’t involve jail time or even having to provide restitution for “first-time” criminals. … Continue reading

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Berkeley Professor Supports Book Burning

     An English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley—who of course specializes in, in part, Critical Theory and Gender & Sexuality Studies—has come out lauding that liberal value of … book theft and book burning. Since some ppl have misunderstood … Continue reading

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Corona-chan Brings Communism To Los Angeles

     Does it come to anyone’s surprise that Corona-chan, AKA Xinnie the Flu’s Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague Bio-weapon of DOOM (with sprinkles*), brought not only the COVID-19 pandemic but outright “workers of the world” uniting… or at least in Los … Continue reading

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When Anti-Fascism Means Attacking Jews

     “Antifa” we are told, just means that they are “against fascism”, and after all who wouldn’t be against fascism other than some fascist Nazi? So, when Antifa and friends actually “bash the fash” they obviously target… Jews? People in New … Continue reading

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