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No Dissent From Diversity!

     Once upon a time, during the Cold War when literal Communists who were literal agents (or useful fools) for the Soviet Union that literally plotted to bring down America, many universities and colleges required loyalty pledges of employees stating that … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Purging the Military; Purging Basic Necessities; Purging the People from Venezuela Itself

     What better excuse to make potential dissenters within a regime disappear than a gold old fashioned assassination attempt? Why, none, of course. Whether this drone attack was a “false flag” operation or an honest attempt to get ride of Venezuela’s … Continue reading

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Nicaraguan Violence & Venezuelan Breaking Points

     Demonstrating in Nicaragua that when the going gets tough for Communists, the Communists get tough on the people—with violence. Not only is Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega happily massacring dozens at a time, but he has gone so far as to … Continue reading

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Modern College Class Overthrowing the Government “Legally”

     The Eugene Lang College has a class wherein the students not only learn about how film can be used to undermine America, but actually be forced to participate in the same! From the course summary: “This course will be on … Continue reading

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The Left Are Obsessed About Childhood Sexuality

     If there is one thing that the Progressive Left have successfully swept under the rug, it is their penchant for the sexualization of children. Some do so ought sheer perversion and many others do so because they are insane; still … Continue reading

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Doom: From Venezuela to Nicaragua (Again)

     The longer doom is delayed, the greater the catastrophe. The end of Venezuela’s hellhole had been predicted for years, and though signs of all seven seals being broken exist in Venezuela, it is far from certain that the end is … Continue reading

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Mathematics as Oppression

     Of course, the Progressive Left find mathematics to be #Problematic. Unless Progressive “ethics” and “philosophy” are intimately intertwined with the teaching of mathematics, mathematics per se causes “collateral damage” according to a chapter from the textbook “Philosophy of Mathematics Education … Continue reading

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Fleeing the Venezuelan Hellhole

     Chavez and then Maduro after him took an oil-rich and relatively prosperous country and turned it into a hellhole with a little “21st-Century Socialism“. And yes, it was socialism. I found this gem on a commie website. They where linking … Continue reading

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Progressives’ Dream Constitutional Convention

     A group in, of course, California are launching an initiative position to stake out an ultra-Left wing set of demands to be put forth if an Article V convention were ever called. While it is unlikely that 2/3 of states … Continue reading

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California Proposal to Officially Celebrate Communist Holiday in Schools

     The first of May, often referred to as “International Workers Day”, and better known as “May Day” (or alternatively, Victims of Communism Day), was proposed to be an official paid holiday in California schools, if AB 3042 passes: “SEC. 2. … Continue reading

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