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Genetically Engineering A New Ecological Mankind

     It is by now practically a trope that the worldview of the Progressive Left is based on the idea that mankind can be moulded into a type of “New Soviet Man Person” by purported intelligent designers, whether this be by … Continue reading

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Lakes Are (Armed) People Too

     It is increasingly being established in law that natural features such as rivers, glaciers, and Gaia zyrself are becoming legal persons that have a right to sue in court… or more accurately have someone else sue in court on their … Continue reading

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DiFi vs. The Gaia Jugend

     California Senator Diane Feinstein has been lucky in her Senate elections, in that she could always come across as the “moderate one”, despite her being very left-of-center, by comparing herself with the other, more outlandishly crazy Senators from California, namely … Continue reading

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Banning the Receipt in California

     The People’s Republic of California, which has already banned plastic grocery bags and waged war on drinking straws is now poised to go after… receipts.      AB 161, as introduced into the California Legislature Grand Soviet, would require: “[O]n and after … Continue reading

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Literal Human Sacrifice for Gaia

     The environmental movement has been less about science than it has been about an apocalyptic religious notion for half a century more or less.      Nothing makes that clearer than a true believer sacrificing himself to his god Gaia as in … Continue reading

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Reimagining the Human

     The following post was delivered by a guy, in a fake looking human mask, who was chanting about a bomb or something… While some apes, such as Drs. Cornelius and Zira, consider humans to be equal of apes, those scientist … Continue reading

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Watermelons of the Global Elite

     By “watermelons”, it is not meant the delicious food, but of those of the political bent that can be described as “red on the inside; green on the outside”; in other words, eco-socialists.      There is no greater concentration of such … Continue reading

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Pledge to Global Society

     An Atlanta school decided to sideline the Pledge of Allegiance and instead have students recite together, during their morning meeting, a pledge to “global society“: “Teachers and the K-5 leadership team will be working with students to create a school … Continue reading

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Queering Ecology

     The Eugene Lang College is offering a course on “Queer Ecologies“. The course summary is: “This course will address the interdisciplinary constellation of practices that aim, in different ways, to disrupt prevailing heterosexist discursive and institutional articulations of sexuality and … Continue reading

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Criminalizing the Drinking Straw

     Yet more proof that the more and more some need to virtue signal their environmental wokeness, the stupider the signaled virtue: Plastic straw bans. But what could be more woke than banning straws? Throwing people in jail for violating the … Continue reading

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