Nature Rights In Colorado — Gaia Strikes Back

     The fight by twig-worshipping Gaia cultists to enshrine “rights” for “nature”, there is pushback from saner people.   However, quite often “nature” is granted “rights” by people who do so in order to feel all warm and fuzzy about loving Mother Nature, until they realize that when “nature” has rights… and they don’t.

“Town of Nederland leaders loved their wild watersheds so much they passed a resolution for “rights of nature” to protect local rivers, and bolstered that by appointing two “guardians” who could question dams or other threats to clean, flowing water.

“Until Nederland remembered it might want to build its own dam.

“Now, Nederland’s town board will vote whether to repeal the rights of nature concept for local watersheds because it may be used ‘in ways that could jeopardize the town’s water security,’ according to a memo written by Mayor Billy Giblin.

“Supporters of rights of nature are now using the semi-official role ‘as a point of leverage against the town and its neighbors in the community,’ and may no longer “be a good fit for the town,’ Giblin wrote as part of the board agenda for Tuesday night’s repeal discussion.

“Giblin said in an interview he is an environmentalist seeking the least harmful ways to secure water, but that he and town leaders must also ‘balance those ideals with the practicality and reality that we must reserve our water rights and store our water for the sake of the present and future welfare and security of our community.’”

     Now this is a local measure, and when the locals figured out it was a bad idea, they has the power to potentially change it. However, when such rights are granted more widely, such as at a state, nationa, or even international level, the impacted locals have no power whatsoever and have no choice except to sacrifice for Gaia.

     And it is always the Nomeklatura who will decide what “nature’s” best interest is.

     Hat Tip: Wesley J. Smith.

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