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Synthetic Embryos Mean One Thing: Mass Produced Genetically Engineered Catgirls

     With all the advancements of science, perhaps the ability to generate complex life from a handful of cells has so many unexplored vistas of possibilities, including the genetic engineering of catgirls suitable for domestic adoption.   A research team at … Continue reading

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The War On Gas Automobiles Is Upon Us

     Two years ago, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to ban the sale of gas automobiles and trucks. That executive order is now being put into effect. “California on Thursday is expected to put into effect its sweeping … Continue reading

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Woke Indoctrination Of Children: Private Organizations; Public Schools

     It is not solely from government that the woke Left implements it’s woke “queer” agenda,   even if they end up working through government. Christopher Rufo has uncovered a left-wing NGO whose sole aim is to indoctrinate school children into … Continue reading

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News of the Week (August 28th, 2022)

  News of the Week for Aug. 28th, 2022 Tweet

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Stealth Veganism

     When most normal people think of a burger, they think of a hamburger made with a beef patty. For other patties, there is usually a qualification (e.g. “chicken burger”, “veggie burger”, &c.).   Why? Because a hamburger is definitionally made … Continue reading

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Republicanism And Conservatism

     Your humble author has often pointed out that many on the rights seemed inclined to tear down institutions, and even mores, in a quest to stop elites from being a threat, if not outright seek to “hear the lamentations of … Continue reading

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The Purported Whiteness Of The Gender Binary

     Radical Gender Theory is systemically embedded in the school system and all children are being indoctrinated, not only with Critical Gender Theory, but the intersectional ideology of Critical Race Theory which posits that all non-Whites were queer genderless noble saveages … Continue reading

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     Due to some vacation time, there won’t be posting, including News of the Week, until early/middle of next week.      Until then, enjoy this kitten live cam. Tweet

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Weaponized Government Is Here To Stay

     Why have responsible and limited government when you can use it as a cudgel against your political enemies? They'll just try to weaponize it for themselves, be completely incompetent about it, and leave the Democrats with an even more and … Continue reading

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Human Sacrifice For A Pope-Endorsed Pagan Goddess

     Ah yes, that “noble savage” knowledge and more Earth-centered and spiritual “way of knowing” so alien to the wicked and evil West! So enlightened as to still to this day engage in animal and even human sacrifice. “A man has … Continue reading

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