The Purported Whiteness Of The Gender Binary

     Radical Gender Theory is systemically embedded in the school system and all children are being indoctrinated, not only with Critical Gender Theory, but the intersectional ideology of Critical Race Theory which posits that all non-Whites were queer genderless noble saveages until White people imposed the “gender/sexual” binary on indigenous peoples, and only the “other ways of knowing” of these non-White peoples—which strangely seems cribbed from the ideology of the Whitest of White leftists—will liberate anyone from the evils of not accepting English language neo-pronouns… because somehow all languages outside of Western European languages recognized that gender and biological differences between the sexes didn’t exist!

     That they are imposing far greater “Whiteness” on the thinking of non-Whites than any conquistador or colonizer ever could seems to escape them. Yet, here they are pushing their Whiteness on the bon sauvage! And not on some graduate school level… but on impressionable children.

     Non-Whites who are not culturally post-modern Western would consider all these ideas to be very… “White”.

     His article at City Journal can be read here.

     His continual work can be supported here.

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