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     Slowly creeping up on society has been the identity of “trans”. First, and most prominently, has been “transgender”. Taken to increasingly actual lengths has been the concept of being “trans-species” including surgery, marriage, and other elements of insanity. Now, not … Continue reading

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In Sweden, Defecating in the Street isn’t Illegal, but Complaining about It is a H8 Crime

     A Seventy-year-old Swedish woman complained about immigrants setting fire to cars and defecating in the streets. The Swedish authorities took notice and did something about this outrage.      Oh, they didn’t do anything about the public defecation or arson, they decided … Continue reading

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Venezuela Slides Ever Faster Towards Ever More Oppressive Dictatorship

     It is a sure sign of trouble within a repressive regime when the people no longer feel restrained from violently tearing down the statues of regimes objects of a cult of personality: “In one Venezuelan city, a statue of former … Continue reading

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A Venerable Privilege

     One of the central tenets of the broader Left is an axiomatic worldview of oppressors and the oppressed, the former gaining their lofty status through unearned privilege. In this Rawlsian view, because some children had a better upbringing than others, … Continue reading

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Britain’s The Times Newspaper Declares War on… Anime

     The British daily newspaper “The Times” recently published an investigation about how Facebook refuses to remove what it deems to be “child pornography”. This is a serious accusation and something worth reporting about if true. However, The Times does itself … Continue reading

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Venezuela Turning in a Widening Gyre

     Much like the proverbial falcon no longer hearing the call of the falconer, Venezuela has ceased to be able to hear the call of sanity and rationality. In other words, in Venezuela, things are falling apart, the center does not … Continue reading

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Birds, Tomatoes, and Sharks, Oh My

     The “Sharknado” movies, which involve sharks being airborne and transported inland by adverse whether events, have been seen as ridiculous with no bearing on reality. This is similar to the 1978 movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.      The opening credits … Continue reading

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The Greater the Democracy, the Less the People’s Consent

Whither the Republic?      An interesting, of not accurate, observation was made recently, that despite more and more people being able to democratically participate in electing representatives and officials, there is an increased sense that those same elected officials rule without … Continue reading

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No Alt-Right for Sane Men

     Many of the so-called Alt-Right fancy themselves partakers of the “red pill” to achieve their equivalent of being “woke” (Alt-Woke, so as to speak). They eschew the wisdom of those who know better and embrace the ideological framework of their … Continue reading

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Shut Up, the EU Parliament Explained

     The Eurocrats who run the European Union seem a bit disappointed with the people of Europe who are increasingly turning against the Eurocrats and towards more popularly appealing politicians: “After Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, the rising popularity … Continue reading

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