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One Response to Contact

  1. avatar Rachel Dias says:

    Just thought you might enjoy this for a story – Rush and Drudge are
    named. Look at the maps in link.

    Rush, Drudge and Breitbart and other conservatives (look at map on page)
    are given continents and cities in a futuristic novel that said before the
    election that Trump saved America and built the wall. He had Drudge and
    Breitbart helping among others.

    The book was incredibly entertaining and says there were two Trump
    Presidents, and get this – there’s a wall on their coat-of-arms. The book
    takes place in the future and on a colony world of Earth.

    Here’s another write up about it. Take al ook at the maps at that one link
    and look at the names on it. It seems that the main character called
    Allfather Mark was repsonsible for naming places on the colony world and
    he seemed to love the U.S. and conservatism. Totally not a PC book.

    Hope it gives you some extra publicity, maybe a link back by Drudge. In
    any event it would make a great story as the left is always supporting
    their authors and ridiculous PC books. Here’s one that is Pro-Trump,
    pro-freedom and names names too that you would know. Just look at the
    maps. The story as well is just amazing.

    I was turned onto the book from a Game of Thrones board on Reddit where
    members there told me I had to check out the first book in the series
    thatwas just published a few weeks ago.

    Rachel Davis