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For The Delaware Green Party Species Is Just A Social Construct

     From the verified account of the Green Party of Delaware… Their dolphin-human baby is the future of intelligent life on earth. (And it's the only way we'll let dolphins, in some form, survive.) pic.twitter.com/ia0GUxPwfe — Green Party of DE (@GreenPartyofDE) … Continue reading

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Legalizing Thieving Wretches In Seattle

     The following missive was left in my pocket in lieu of my wallet, most likely after passing a boy who was artfully dodging about.      It can be hard for us poor unfortunates, don’t agree my dear? Why, I quite humbly … Continue reading

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The Political And Cultural Bias of Freedom House

     An outfit calling itself “Freedom House” has decided that the U.S. is free… but not free enough.   Why is the U.S. not free enough?   President Trump. The administration of President Donald Trump continued to introduce restrictive new policies … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Euthanasia In The Age Of Corona-Chan: Promoting Suicide As An Alternative; Suicide via Zoom; Suicide By Involuntary Proxy

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Oh, just die and suffer.      First, a little mood music:      Carrying … Continue reading

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Would Anime Traps Be Targeted Under A Biden Presidency?

     Former Vice-President Joe “Bad Touch” Biden is well known for his penchant for getting uncomfortably close to women and even young girls. This, of course, raises the question of what Biden thinks of young girls if said young girls were … Continue reading

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Pimp Hand Of Social Justice

     Nothing says “fighting systemic injustice” like appointing a felon who pimped out children as “street czar” to provide “alternatives to policing”.  Unsurprisingly, this bright idea came from the City of Seattle. “Seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp … Continue reading

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“Justice” Is Just An Excuse For Riot & Revolution

     “Racial Justice” or “Social Justice” is the rallying cry of “anti-racists” who claim that there is a plague of police who are executing innocent men who happen to be Black in order to maintain a “White Supremacy” that is “fascist” … Continue reading

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When The Center For Disease Control Considers There Is No Greater Disease Than Racism

     Despite “training programs” that push Critical Race Theory, the Center for Disease Control nonetheless attempted to push ahead with a plan to “examine the mechanisms of systemic racism” in opposition to “White supremacist ideology.” Thankfully, that has been forcibly canceled. … Continue reading

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The Normalization Of Polyamory

     The concept of “smashing the duo-normative concept of marriage” is often dismissed as the fancies fringe eccentrics or bong-loving ex-Congresswomen who pose naked with goats. But when it, or any other mad idea, is embraced by an actual government body—it … Continue reading

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Fighting Racism In Academia With Witchcraft

     Self-declared witches are well known by now for their wokeness and their hexing of enemies including Brett Kavanaugh, the Confederacy, Gentrification, and toilets used by “cis kids”. Unsurprisingly, witchcraft in college is not unknown, and now self-declared witches are invoking … Continue reading

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