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Libraries Are Tools of Racist Oppression… or Something…

     It has long been clear that the Progressive Left believe everything is racist (or sexist or homophobic or &c.). Yes, even libraries are tools of racist oppression! “If you look at any United States library’s collection, especially those in higher … Continue reading

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First They Came For The Drinking Straws

     California, where banning plastic straws is all the rage, and where there have been serious attempts to ban everything from printed receipts to the internal combustion engine, is not pushing forward with an initiative to make it illegal for hotels … Continue reading

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White People are Temporal Oppressors

     It is integral to the Progressive Left’s view that everything is not only racist, but created by White people in order to oppress people is some nefarious scheme of oppressive oppressiveness. Case in point: “White people own time“. “[T] he … Continue reading

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The Healthcare Crises Goes Silly

     Is this a sign of how badly healthcare under Obamacare, et al., has degraded? Is it a sign of the degradation of society? Or is it both? “TriHealth is suing a company known for sexually explicit gag-gifts after receiving one … Continue reading

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Firing Line Friday: The World of LSD

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      Sometimes a civil debate from someone with a different consciousness can be more illuminating and experiential, with the … Continue reading

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Alex Jones and the Nekomimi Mode Conspiracy

     Alex Jones, a less entertaining and less accurate imitation of the venerable Weekly World News, spoke on the Joe Rogan Experience on a variety of topics, including human-animal hybrids. In other words, secret research to genetically engineer, in all likelihood, … Continue reading

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Lakes Are (Armed) People Too

     It is increasingly being established in law that natural features such as rivers, glaciers, and Gaia zyrself are becoming legal persons that have a right to sue in court… or more accurately have someone else sue in court on their … Continue reading

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Amy Klobuchar’s Salad Days

     By now, it is well known that Minnesota Senator, and 2020 Presidential hopeful, Amy Klobuchar, has enjoyed eating a salad with… a comb. Aside from this being a sign that one is a psychopath, it illustrates how in Klobuchar’s case … Continue reading

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Nonconsensual Puberty

     The disparity between reality and what it takes to buy the “transgender” ideology has rarely had such a striking and facepalm inducing example: Tweet

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Banning Unwoke Pronouns in California

     California state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson has decided that her state Senate Judiciary Committee shall replace “he” and “she” with the gender-neutral “they” because California now recognizes “non-binary” as a gender option.      Note that she then goes on to use masculine … Continue reading

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