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Quick Takes – Education Today: Ignorance; Wokeness; Spanish Language Pseudo-Bestiality

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Out: The three “R”s. In: Chicken and cow getting jiggy with … Continue reading

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The Logic of the Left

     The logic of the intersectionally woke Left goes thusly: Whites, conservatives, men, “cis-het”, &c. hold “institutional privilege and power”. This “institutional privilege and power” is axiomatically deemed evil, as “Whiteness”, “heteronormativity”, &c. are defined as “systems” used to oppress everyone … Continue reading

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Columbia Smashes the Duo-Normative Diarchy

     Only after recently legalizing Same-Sex Marriages, Columbia has smashed the duo-normative oppression of the two-person family core unit (i.e. the “Diarchy“) and is now recognizing a three member “thruple” of three men: “Three gay men say they have gained legal … Continue reading

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The Transgender Colonization of Africa

     The Richard Dawkins imitator/supermodel Cara Delevigne has embraced the excuse/current truth of the so-called transgender movement: Homophobia: “Delevingne enjoys talking about how she is attracted to both men and women, her self-proclaimed ‘sexual fluidity.’ When people get understandably confused and … Continue reading

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ACLU vs Hyperintelligent Bees

     The so-called American Civil Liberties Union, specifically their New York state affiliate, is challenging the greatest threat to civil liberties EVER: Hyperintellegent bees. Does the NYPD use hyperintelligent bees to spy on unsuspecting New Yorkers? Without the #POSTAct, there's no … Continue reading

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Decolonizing the Scalp

     The intellectual concept of “decolonization” is not limited to once powerful European empires retreating into a self-euthanizing society embracing their own colonization, but extends to the purging of all rationality and science in the name of embracing “different ways of … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought That Western Civilization Couldn’t Die Even More Stupidly

     This happens…      Yes, hobby horses have exits for ages, not only used by children pretending, but also by adults for a lark, pantomime, or religious symbolism. But people haven’t seriously competed with hobby horses as a sport with winners and … Continue reading

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Death Cult Diversity

     When a person hears about a terrorist attack, one of the normal reactions is to think of those who were killed, be it by putting them and the survivors in one’s thoughts and prayers, be outraged over their deaths, or—if … Continue reading

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     Slowly creeping up on society has been the identity of “trans”. First, and most prominently, has been “transgender”. Taken to increasingly actual lengths has been the concept of being “trans-species” including surgery, marriage, and other elements of insanity. Now, not … Continue reading

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Left Wing Cuck Squad and the Giant Spiders

     No, this isn’t some hipster version of a David Bowie album… it is the openly declared madness of the Portland AntiFa/Black Bloc rioters.      In an ironic banner, the Black Bloc AntiFa rioters—most of whom are pasty White—openly asked: “White People … Continue reading

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