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The Transing of Health

     A group of lunatics called the Edinburgh Action for Trans Health decided to post a “Trans Health Manifest” on, of course, Tumblr. “Following the centuries-long repression of trans lives at the hands of the state, the next stage in the … Continue reading

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The Normalization of Child Abuse

     So, just how will Western Civilization commit suicide? With twerking pre-teen boys in high heels, of course. “A pageant mum has defending the decision to let her 11-year-old son wear high heels and twerk on stage – claiming she’s not … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – ‘Tis s Silly Place: Diversity for Medieval Peasants; Diversity for Residents; Diversity for Play-Doh

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: It’s just a model…      First, a little bit of mood music: … Continue reading

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American Rivers Are People Too

     The Colorado River has legal personhood, according to some environmental radicals who are suing on behalf of an ever changing flow of water… “The Colorado River is about to have its day in court – and not as the subject … Continue reading

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Big Mouth Big Derp

     Adult oriented cartoons and animation that involve potty humor are well established, be it South Park, Drawn Together, or some hentai anime. However, the vulgarities were just a means to tell an often outrageous joke. But ‘twould seem that for … Continue reading

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California Considering Banning Internal Combustion Engines

     California is mulling a ban on the internal combustion engine, meaning, primarily, non-electric cars. “California Governor Jerry Brown “has expressed an interest” in eventually banning the sale of vehicles using internal-combustion engines … “Achieving a single-state ban on specific kinds … Continue reading

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Dear Straight Black Men, Welcome to the Kyriarchy!

     Just as those of Asian ethnicities have become the new “Whites” (with all the attendant “White Privilege”), now it seems that Straight Black Men have become the “White People of Black People“… “It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black … Continue reading

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Decolonizing the Cannibal

     The concept of “decolonizing” is all the rage in the woke social justice paradise of South Africa, with the pursuit of the purge of all ideas of Western Civilization such as science, medicine, and now the taboo against cannibalism: “A … Continue reading

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When Does A Drag Queen Achieve Peak Wokeness? 8 Years Old.

     Proving yet again that peak wokeness occurs at eight years old, ELLE magazine is celebrating an eight year old boy who is out and proud about being a… drag queen. This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia—& he … Continue reading

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California’s Capitol City To Pay Dane-Geld

     Sacramento, the capitol city of California, has decided that it is silly to expect people to not just kill each other, and will now pay $1.5 Million to gang members to not kill people. Sounds like a sweet gig, so … Continue reading

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