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The New Animism

     In denying the spiritual in a knee-jerk fashion, modern philosophers and misunderstanding scientists have had to tackle with the entire concept of consciousness. Their solution?      Panpsychism. “Consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter; every single particle in existence has … Continue reading

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The New Academic Soviet

     At this point it is clear that for some people on the Left, everything is a social construct, from gender to species and race. But surely mathematics remains a cornerstone of objectivity, right? Wrong. “Three British professors recently claimed that … Continue reading

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An Excuse For Perversion

     Aside from legitimate cases of mental illness and an increasingly larger number of young people who have been indoctrinated, the entire “trans” phenomena is, to a large degree, about legitimizing perversion.      A few years ago, a grown man claimed to … Continue reading

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An Erotic Clothing Company’s Newest Mascot: An 8 Year Old Drag Queen

     Remember that woke eight year old drag queen “superstar” named “Lactatia“? He is now the poster boy for an “avant-garde” vegan clothing company… that specializes in erotic wear and drag queen costumes. Yasss! Queen 馃憫 Lactatia for The House of … Continue reading

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Whitewashing The Bloodline

     It is well accepted that White-supremacists despise “half-breeds”. But then, what of the racial purists of a non-White variety who rage against any possibility of “Whiteness” infecting the gene-pool?      There is so much sturm und drang over the superficial appellations … Continue reading

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The Ultimate in H8: Milk

     What originated as a silly 4chan meme has become, in the eyes of the woke Left, a symbol of absolute “H8” and White Supremacy. This insanity has gone so far as to cause the Left to (yet again) deny evaluational … Continue reading

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There Can Be Only One (Galaxiegender)

     One special little Tumblr snowflake will be very, very upset with you if you dare claim to be the same admittedly-made-up gender: Tweet

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An Epitome of Social Engineering

     A “thought experiment” from two psychology professors have come to the conclusion that the way to utopia lies in taking babies away from mothers the moment they are born and then substituting a mother’s own child with a substitute.      Herein … Continue reading

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The Transing of Health

     A group of lunatics called the Edinburgh Action for Trans Health decided to post a “Trans Health Manifest” on, of course, Tumblr. “Following the centuries-long repression of trans lives at the hands of the state, the next stage in the … Continue reading

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The Normalization of Child Abuse

     So, just how will Western Civilization commit suicide? With twerking pre-teen boys in high heels, of course. “A pageant mum has defending the decision to let her 11-year-old son wear high heels and twerk on stage – claiming she’s not … Continue reading

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