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Rivers Are People Too

     There have been plenty of insane attempts to grant the Earth legal “rights”.      New Zealand has eclipsed them all by declaring a river to have the same legal rights as a human being. Yes, the Whanganui River is LITERALLY a … Continue reading

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A Word of Warning for Pineapple Hating Presidents Everywhere

     The following message from Cuthbert Aloysius Coddington III, President of the Amalgamated International Fruit Company, delivered via telegram as delivered by a young boy who looked like that one girl from “The Go-Go’s”… It has come to our attention that … Continue reading

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Decolonizing the Meal

     It is well established that when the Left qualify the word “justice”, they mean anything but. “Food Justice“, then means, if properly and fully implemented, Holodomor (if we are lucky). Now Sen. Cory Booker has embraced this insanity, which has … Continue reading

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Wannabe Space Alien Has Come For Our Children

     Apparently “space alien” is a gender, or that being human is just a “social construct”… “Meet 22-year-old Vinny Ohh, a Los Angeles transgender man who identifies as an alien. Yes, you read that right. No, not an illegal alien, an … Continue reading

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Cannibal News Network

     How low in the ratings does CNN have to go before they resort to cannibalism? As low as they were when they decided to have a spiffy segment where one of their presenters drinks from a skull and eats human … Continue reading

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Kindergarteners LOVE Pazuzu!

     The following post was jotted down while listening to the dying words of a Catholic priest by the name of Father Damien… Hey kids! It’s your old pal, Captain Howdy! I’m ever so glad that a kindergarten teacher in a … Continue reading

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What Do Tweens, Drugs, Rape, and Incoherent Rants Have to Do with Each Other? A Middle School Teacher

     A public middle school in Madison, Wisconsin has a spoken word class. This sounds fine and dandy until you realize that the “spoken word” the middle school students are learning is a series of incoherent rants about rape, drugs, oppression, … Continue reading

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#BlackLivesMatter vs. Yakub’s Soulless Albino Mutants

     It would seem that a co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter, Yusra Khogali, has “decolonized” her mind and embraced “alternate ways of knowing“… which apparently include Black supremacist pseudo-scientific garbage: “A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are ‘recessive … Continue reading

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From Canada, In Your General Direction

     Canada, indicatively suffering under a Prime Minister who makes Barack Obama seem intellectual by comparison—quite a feat indeed—the Canadian Parliament is discussing the important questions… like the use of the word “fart”: Tweet

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You’re Not A Mermaid, You’re Just Crazy

     A little girl wanting to be a mermaid princess when she grows up is adorable. An adult woman who quits her job because she believe she is half fish and half human is just plain crazy in the head. “When … Continue reading

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