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Witchcraft to be Taught in College

     The increasing trend in many African nations is to engage in “decolonization” by purging Western civilization and science from the continent. This includes colleges where magical lighting bolt throwing witches are defended as being as valid as Isaac Newton, if … Continue reading

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California’s Get Out of Jail Card

     California has given a wide swath of criminals a “get out of jail free card” through what it calls a “pretrial diversion”. This consists of a judge determining that a defendant suffers a mental disorder based solely on the word … Continue reading

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Trump’s Greatest Asset

     I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: President Donald Trump’s, and America’s, greatest asset is the histrionic Left’s willingness to air, proudly, their bats**t insanity for all to see.      The RNC has put together an ad summarizing a … Continue reading

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California Supreme Court Effectively Bans New Semi-Auto Handguns

     The California Supreme Court, by declaring that a law that is impossible to follow, effectively banned the sale of new models of semi-automatic handguns. “The California Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a lawsuit that sought to invalidate a state … Continue reading

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Legally Motherless in Britain

     Outside of science fiction, give or take some mitochondrial DNA, it still take a man and a women to make a baby, with the man becoming a father and the woman becoming a mother. Legally, in the U.K., this may … Continue reading

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Progressives’ Dream Constitutional Convention

     A group in, of course, California are launching an initiative position to stake out an ultra-Left wing set of demands to be put forth if an Article V convention were ever called. While it is unlikely that 2/3 of states … Continue reading

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School’s Anti-Bullying Scheme: Smile, Or Else

     With a rash of bullying incidents, a high school principal has decided on a clever plan: Require students to smile or be forced to go to a guidance councilor to talk about their feelz. “‘If you don’t (smile) you get … Continue reading

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Ebola Outbreak in the Congo? Vox Blames Donald Trump

     Leave it to Vox.com to somehow connect an Ebola outbreak in the Congo to, and figure out a way to start blaming… Donald Trump.      So what are the accusations? “Just one day after DRC’s Ebola outbreak was declared, the head … Continue reading

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Amazon Rights

     Amazon how has rights according to a court. Oh, this doesn’t have to do with the company or to the female warriors of Greek mythology, but with the South American river filled with parasites, disease, piranhas, and disease.      The Supreme … Continue reading

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Women Living Longer Than Men Is Now Considered Misogyny

     It is quite accurately pointed out that men live shorter lives, on average, then women.      However, even this is considered a form of misogyny and sexist oppression! Tweet

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