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The Digital Panopticon From Chinese Social Credit to New York and the 2nd Amendment

     The People’s Republic of China is expressing the totalitarian power that social media provides them by giving benefits or denying privileges based, in part, based on their online activity. The State of New York is poised to tell the Chinese … Continue reading

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Dear Mexicans: Welcome to the Kyriarchy!

     Specifically, those Mexicans who are Mestizo or heavily White ethnic heritage, who are the “colonizers” who are oppressing “Central Americans” in the “immigrant caravan” (as well as White-free “indigenous” people and those of noticeably African decent.      The list of “privileged … Continue reading

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The Witch War Against Kavanaugh

     The Left-wing “Social Justice” bent of modern self-declared witches is sadly not a new or novel thing, with everything from degentrification, and Google to transphobes and Trump being hexed or some other pseudo-spiritual ritual applied against them. It comes to … Continue reading

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Alyssa Milano and Humidors

     Interns cum Humidors hardest hit…      Shot.      Chaser.       Tweet

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The Grievance Studies Affair

     The decline and fall of Academia, particularly as it pertains to the humanities, has been well documented. The willingness to publish incomprehensible garbage replete with buzzwords has also been established. The true depths to which academia and peer reviewed journals … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Cisnormativity: In Anime; In Preschool; In Human Behavior

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: It’s like we’re a sexually dimorphic species that perpetuates itself through … Continue reading

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The White Patriarchy’s Greatest Weapon Against Women of Color: Menses

     Apparently non-White women never menstruated before the White Man came along: W H A T Pls someone tell me this is a joke. Holy shit 馃槀馃槅馃ぃ 鈥淲hite people are the cause of periods and Asians and middle eastern people are … Continue reading

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UK Labour Party Suspends Member For Pointing Out Party’s Insane Transgender Policy

     The British Labour Party has parliamentary shortlists reserved for non-Whites and for “women”. And by “women” they mean anyone who decides to identify as a woman regardless of legal recognition or pretty much anything other than their own self-definition. A … Continue reading

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Google vs. Witches

     Self-Declared “Witches“, usually of the Tumblr variety, have always prided themselves as being on the side of social justice or Bernie Sanders, while being against the long-gone Confederate States of America, gentrification, or Donald Trump.      Now, they have to fight … Continue reading

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Challenging Men To Create Fembots

     A rather histrionic tweet raging against sex dolls seems almost like a challenge… Can sex doll cook your meals? Can sex doll have your kids? Can sex doll wash your clothes? Can sex doll make your home? What's it? You'll … Continue reading

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