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In Condemnation of a Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

     The following message from Dennis (Labour MP for Mucklandshire) was delivered by Zoot and Dingo (after the spanking, of course)…. As I have said many times before, “Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris Talks To Her Intellectual Superior

     Presented without additional comment. Children are our nation’s future. We must listen to them about what they care about and give them a voice in our government. pic.twitter.com/buBBTj1MNc — Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) August 24, 2017      … Tweet

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The New Holy Faith (Muggles Not Welcome)

     Shot:      Chaser: Tweet

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Columbia Smashes the Duo-Normative Diarchy

     Only after recently legalizing Same-Sex Marriages, Columbia has smashed the duo-normative oppression of the two-person family core unit (i.e. the “Diarchy“) and is now recognizing a three member “thruple” of three men: “Three gay men say they have gained legal … Continue reading

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Left Wing Cuck Squad and the Giant Spiders

     No, this isn’t some hipster version of a David Bowie album… it is the openly declared madness of the Portland AntiFa/Black Bloc rioters.      In an ironic banner, the Black Bloc AntiFa rioters—most of whom are pasty White—openly asked: “White People … Continue reading

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Anime Waifus Now As Valid As Homosexuality

     Remember how two male penguins raising a chick together was touted as absolute proof that homosexuality was not only normal in nature, but would result in superior parenting?      If penguins are now the arbiters of behavior normalcy, then falling in … Continue reading

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Glaciers are People Too

     India, not wanting to limit itself in equaling New Zealand by declaring rivers to have human rights, has now extended such rights to… glaciers. “An Indian court granted Himalayan glaciers status as ‘legal persons’” on Friday in a new conservation … Continue reading

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Birds, Tomatoes, and Sharks, Oh My

     The “Sharknado” movies, which involve sharks being airborne and transported inland by adverse whether events, have been seen as ridiculous with no bearing on reality. This is similar to the 1978 movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.      The opening credits … Continue reading

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Intersectional Racism Comes to the Gayborhood

     Owners of some nonprofits are being required to attend mandatory reeducation camps to correct the wrongthink of their “implicit” bias. The targets are the LGBTQ&c. “community”.      Another case of eeevil bakers, florists, and photographers oppressing Queer couples’ weddings?      Nope. This … Continue reading

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Woke Babysitting

     Not being content to “enwoken” adult White people, the insane Left is now targeting babies and toddlers, as the insane Left is wont to do, most likely to ensure children achieve “peak wokeness” by age 8.      Now the insane Left … Continue reading

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