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The Witch Cult Of Academia

     Increasingly, it feels as if colleges and universities have become insular communities where bizarre beliefs not only thrive, but are enforced one way or another.   Is college a cult? “The parallels are suggestive. Parents have wondered about the ever-longer … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Open Thread

     Now this is a holiday! Tweet

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Transgenderism is Magic

     “Existential Comics” is an unfunny hard Left “comic”. In a recent “comic” the artist was trying to… say that a gay man was transphobic for not wanting a boy in a girls bathroom or playing on women’s sports because Harry … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Mary Jane Sues Florida

     Maybe the entire “nature rights” where people are enabled to sue on behalf of some geographic feature or assortment of critters really is just the fevered dream of stoners… “Lake Mary Jane is shallow—twelve feet deep at most—but she’s well … Continue reading

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Equity: Theory vs. Reality

     From the wilds of the internets and presented without further comment. Tweet

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Fish Are People Too

     The radical environmentalist Left have increasingly started to declare that everything in nature has human rights, from the moon to elephants, and from mountains to swamps, in order to prevent anyone from utilizing these natural resources, even if such utility … Continue reading

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12 Posts of Christmas, 2021 (Day 10)

Nothing says Christmas like… homicide? Tweet

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Diagnosis: Climate Change

     Ah, Canada!   The land where state monopoly healthcare is geared towards slaughter. The land where climate heretics are rooted out and punished.   Now these two facets have combined in a Canadian way: A doctor in British Columbia is … Continue reading

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Why American Public Schools Are A Joke

     Reason № ∞ + 1 These are the people teaching our kids 😬 pic.twitter.com/AMnvrL8N59 — Anthony 🇺🇸🇮🇹 (@Antman0528) October 21, 2021      Oh, did I mention this is supposed to be math class? Because, yes, it is supposed to be a … Continue reading

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Allah vs The Astral Witches

     Woke witches have used their “magic” to fight many unwoke enemies, including non-anti-racists in academia, Brett Kavanaugh, the Confederacy, and even White urban hipsters. But now it seems that they’ve waged war against someone way out of their league: Allah. … Continue reading

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