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When Everyone Is White

     Apparently “White Supremacy” is so oppressive because “Whiteness” is so… inclusive and diverse. *universe exploding from head gif* pic.twitter.com/DDCZ5nhe2g — David Edward™ (@_David_Edward) November 5, 2020      That’s a funny “supremacy” that seeks to include more and more people within it. … Continue reading

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Fictional Spartans: The Enemies Of Wokeness

     “Shut up and enjoy your conquering enlightened overlords” is a take that does fairly encapsulate the Leftist ideology which is currently seeking to dominate. ‘Twould be “problematic” otherwise, as problematic as fictional Spartans trying not to be conquered. Comedy pic.twitter.com/Ml6MqHDTHG … Continue reading

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Equity & Marxism Explained In Cartoon Form

     A core belief of the many of the Orwellianly named “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” rioters/revolutionaries is that “equality”—not just of opportunity, but also results —is evil because it does not compensate for the “unearned privilege” that White individuals purportedly have, and … Continue reading

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Going Bald for Black Lives Matter?

     Are the White woke people going bald for #BlackLivesMatter?      Let’s find out!      This is tidbit came across on Twitter… Today I showed my solidarity for #blacklivesmatter by shaving my head in protest. #gobaldforblm i feel amazing pic.twitter.com/yNV44MsAca — MADDIE ❀ … Continue reading

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A Different Corona

     With so much news being Coronavirus related, and your humble author having already tossed in the proverbial 2¢, let’s talk about other coronas, particularly of the virus-free cerveza variety.      Keep healthy. Tweet

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American Innovation In The Age Of Quarantine

     What’s a business, like a strip club, to do when it’s declared a non-essential service?      Become an essential service… while still staying true to it’s core business model. Strippers staff 'Boober Eats' delivery service during coronavirus lockdown https://t.co/2umJn0rgzD pic.twitter.com/PqKlBu6m0c — … Continue reading

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2020 Election In One Clip

     Joe “Bad Touch” Biden recently declared that any Democrat running against Donald Trump would win, and that the Democrats “could run Mickey Mouse against this President and have a shot”. "I refuse to suggest any Democrat can lose. I think … Continue reading

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Highlighting the Nonsense of Gender Pronoun Madness

     The brave new rules of gender pronouns are difficult for native English speakers, so imagine just how maddening it would it be for someone who is just trying to learn English. Tweet

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Boxing Day Open Thread

     Now this is a holiday! Tweet

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Our Monster Culture Is Not Your Costume

     This guest post was delivered by a real estate agent screaming about rats, rats, rats, thousands—millions of them… all red blood.       I bid you… welcome. An increasing number of mortals have been asserting that their culture is not someone … Continue reading

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