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Praying Silently? Go To Jail!

     A woman in the U.K. was literally arrested for committing thought crime. Specifically she was standing and praying silently.   She was across the street from an abortion clinic but wasn’t protesting, interfering with anyone coming or going, or otherwise … Continue reading

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Anti-Prayer Zones In Ireland

     Ireland, in less than a generation, went from being conservative and religious to become a secular and leftist state. No wear can this better be seen by a country that had relatively recently banned abortions now banning prayer outside of … Continue reading

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Equity: Theory vs. Reality

     From the wilds of the internets and presented without further comment. Tweet

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Nothing Says Queer Like A Lesbian Enthusiastically Giving Fellatio

     The “T” in “LGBT” is making the “LGB” disappear by redefining homosexuality as attraction to the same “gender identity” and that lesbians who won’t give fellatio to “women” with penises are “transphobic”… and those who reject “genital preference” are to … Continue reading

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The Florida “Transgender Sports Ban”

     Florida has a new law that restricts participation in sports, aside from co-ed teams, to teams designated by biological sex and not “gender identity”. The law even takes into account medical conditions and allows for sex to be determined by … Continue reading

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Defining The Term: “Transgender Child”

     The Left is fond of playing “Humpty Dumpty” with words, including appropriating words used to describe one thing and applying it to another and then exploiting that ambiguity.   In general, such ambiguity can allow for a “Motte & Bailey” … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Nevada Bad Bill Edition: The ERA On Steroids; Election Fraud-apolooza; Property Tax Grab

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature … Continue reading

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Fisking An Anti-TERF Sports Rant

     Sometimes a rant is so incoherent that one can not criticize it’s non-existent point, but simply fisk the incoherent ramblings themselves. It is especially important to do so when it comes from a law professor who writes for Teen Vogue … Continue reading

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Communist China Openly Celebrates Genocidal Eugenics

     The People’s Republic of China is the most murderous regime to have ever existed, exceeding even Nazi Germany in its body count. Some apologists have argued that those deaths were necessary and that Communist China was better because they weren’t … Continue reading

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Berkeley Professor Supports Book Burning

     An English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley—who of course specializes in, in part, Critical Theory and Gender & Sexuality Studies—has come out lauding that liberal value of … book theft and book burning. Since some ppl have misunderstood … Continue reading

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