Quick Takes – Leviathan And The Hidden Transgendering Of Children: The Navy; The Mother In Maine; Bullying The Parent

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: All Your Child Are Belong To Trans

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Pictured: “Gender Affirming Care”.

     Is twelve the new eighteen? When it comes to puberty blockers, STDs, and mutilating one’s body, the Navy certainly thinks so!

“[A] Navy Nurse Practitioner in Bahrain giving a presentation to military parents regarding pediatric healthcare policies. The audience was clearly shocked to learn that military parents of children aged 12 or older could not access their children’s medical records online. And children as young as 15 or 16 can make medical appointments for specific issues without parental notification. Those ‘issues’ are, of course, gender identity, pregnancy, STDs, and mental health.”

     The Left used be paranoid about the military “getting” their children through propaganda and brainwashing. Oh the glove is on the other foot now…

     Yet another case of a school thinking that a parent shouldn’t interfere with the school’s child.

“When Maine mom Amber Lavigne found out that her 13-year-old daughter’s public school had kept the child’s “gender transition” a secret and encouraged the middle schooler not to tell her parents, Amber demanded answers. But officials refused to engage in open dialogue, so yesterday the Goldwater Institute filed a federal lawsuit on Amber’s behalf against the Great Salt Bay Community School Board for violating her constitutionally protected parental rights.

“Amber was alarmed when she came across a chest binder—an undergarment used to flatten breasts—in her daughter’s belongings this past December. She immediately began to investigate where the binder came from, but what the Newcastle mom discovered shocked her: a school social worker who Amber’s daughter began seeing in October gave the child the chest binder and had secretly been advising her about gender transitioning. Making matters worse, the social worker told Amber’s daughter the school wasn’t going to inform her parents about any of it, and that the girl didn’t need to do so either.

“When Amber contacted school officials, the administrators tried justifying the counselor’s actions. In fact, school personnel had already been referring to Amber’s daughter with a different name and different pronouns, effectively ‘socially transitioning’ her in secret.”

     Even if the parent does know, they’ll be bullied into acquiescing.

“Although he declared himself to be neither sex, puberty was declaring otherwise. His father thought counseling would help, and he wanted Casey to see someone in tune with LGBTQ issues, and eventually discovered the Transgender Center. By then Casey had already done research on something he heard about from a friend: puberty blockers. Casey arrived at the center with the agenda of stopping his puberty from progressing.

“Caroline assumed counseling at the center would help Casey sort things out. But in retrospect, she says, what the psychologist at the center did was solidify the idea that Casey needed medical intervention for his gender distress.


“The parents were given a two-page handout describing the possible side effects of the treatment. These included long-term effects on bone density; body aches and sleep disturbance; abnormal heartbeats and seizures; mood and weight changes. There were two sentences about fertility: “Blocking pubertal hormones and transitioning on to gender-affirming hormones may have long-term effects on fertility. If a patient is interested in fertility preservation, a meeting with a fertility doctor should ideally be done prior to hormone blockers and/or gender-affirming hormone therapy.” (Emphasis in the original.)

“The psychologist then addressed the family to make sure they understood that Casey might end up infertile. When Caroline expressed concern about this, Casey reassured her that he didn’t want children. She asked what if he changed his mind later. ‘I’ll adopt,’ he replied.

“Caroline was becoming more disturbed by how the therapist seemed to gloss over the enormous implications of the decision in front of them. ‘She said that if future fertility was a concern, we could look into banking his sperm before the blocker went in,’ Caroline said. She recalls wondering how she found herself in a conversation about banking the sperm of her 14-year-old. ‘It was weird, and I didn’t like where this was going. It was just so overwhelming.’

“Reed says what Caroline describes is not appropriate care. For one thing, she says, ‘No parent should feel pressured. That is not true informed consent.’ For another, she says, when children are faced with the prospect of sterilization and say they’ll adopt, that should be a red flag. ‘This says someone is still thinking about becoming a parent, and that means you have to stop and say we need to get real counseling about reproduction.’”


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