Transgender “Gotcha” Question Long Since Answered

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     Matt Walsh, who has recently made the documentary “What is a Woman”, tried to ask a “gotcha” question, specifically how a transgender EMT would respond to a patient with a patient who claims he’s having a miscarriage.

     Sadly, this isn’t a “gotcha” question because the answer in many places is that they’d treat a transgener individual as the gender they identify with and tests/treatments associated with their identified gender.

“The NHS seems to think that someone without a cervix ought to be invited for a cervical exam while someone with a cervix ought not to be invited to have one, because not doing this would hurt a “trans person’s” human rights by not pretending that a female who calls herself a male is still a female or that a male who calls himself a female is still a male.”

     The medical establishment has already gone all in on the magical thinking where what if you identify as something, then you become something. This isn’t the job for a physician, but a witch doctor.

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