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Kill ’em All: From the Suffering Terminal Ill to Whomever

     Death with dignity? The emotional implorations of those who wish to push the skeletal camel’s nose into the reaper’s tent by claiming that of course allowing those sane adults who want to “die with dignity” when faced with insufferable pain … Continue reading

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In Venezuela, A Cornered Animal

     Things are not going to well for Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, as the gyre continues to widen while fair-weather friends are fleeing from Maduro. Venezuela’s currency continues to devalue to worthlessness, and even Twitter seems to be turning on Maduro’s … Continue reading

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Hawaii Poised to go Full Purple Wage

     Hawaii has declared that “basic financial security” is now a fundamental human right that people are entitled to simply for having a temperature above room temperature… “Hawaii may trail blaze and become the first to offer guaranteed basic income. “A … Continue reading

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Teaching the Bible in a Christian School Now Illegal in Canada

     Apparently in the Canadian Province of Alberta, the Bible is considered illegal H8 speech and Christian schools are being told that they may no longer teach the Bible… or at least the portions the state considers to be doubleplusungood: “A … Continue reading

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Campus Socialists Go Full Jacobin

     Stalin and Mao aren’t the only ones the Leftist lunatics on college campuses look up to. They go way back and start itchin’ to emulate the Jacobins of Revolutionary France: Tweet

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Decolonizing the Scalp

     The intellectual concept of “decolonization” is not limited to once powerful European empires retreating into a self-euthanizing society embracing their own colonization, but extends to the purging of all rationality and science in the name of embracing “different ways of … Continue reading

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Buggy-Whips of Reason

     One of the basic lessons of Sun-Tzu is to understand the enemy. Another of Sun-Tsu’s basic lessons is to understand oneself.      Twitter poster “John Of Argghh!” points out that many on the Right who act like they are still the … Continue reading

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An Evergreen Madness

     There was a time when normal people could delude themselves that the hardcore madness of the Left was concentrated in a few self-segregating colonies of madness. Even in higher education, one could delude themselves that most departments and majors as … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought That Western Civilization Couldn’t Die Even More Stupidly

     This happens…      Yes, hobby horses have exits for ages, not only used by children pretending, but also by adults for a lark, pantomime, or religious symbolism. But people haven’t seriously competed with hobby horses as a sport with winners and … Continue reading

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German Rape — Turkish Delight

     In an age where a woman is considered to have been raped if she changes her mind after a consensual encounter, it would be reasonable to assume that a woman who screams for her rapist to stop as she fights … Continue reading

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