Communism And Polyamory

     Instead of being greedy, sharing equally within a larger group results in prosperity hand happiness? That is the idea behind Communism, where, transformed into the New Soviet Man non-gender specific person, people no longer greedily hold onto what is theirs in ways that are hurtful towards others. It is also the idea behind polyamory.

“[D]espite what many believe, polyamory isn’t just about sex. It’s a form of ethical non-monogamy that’s defined as having multiple intimate relationships—sometimes sexual or romantic, but not always—with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.”

     Polyamory suffers that same flaws that Communism does, and for the same reason: It rejects human nature.   Women tend to be hypergamous, looking for a male partner who is strong/powerful. Many women will flock to few males. The consequence of this is that you have many males fighting over the women who were unable to get those strong/powerful men. It is a social bifurcation. Similarly in Communism, the few elite who control the aparatus of the state, i.e. the Nomenklatura, will have the resources they want while the less-than-powerful have to suffer breadlines and rationing.

     And much where workers are told that they won’t have to work hard because everyone shares the burden and those in need are taken care of, so we are told is the same with polyamory.

“‘Pooling their resources also allows adults to have more personal time, work more flexible hours, and get more sleep because there are multiple people around to take care of the children,” Sheff writes. “Poly parents said that they felt more patient and had more energy for their children when they were well rested and had sufficient income—all of which benefitted their children.’”

     This isn’t just a “lifestyle choice”, is it sacrificing the family for ideology.

“Ideally, that doesn’t generally happen with polyamorous parents.

“A common term in the poly community is ‘compersion’—the joy a person feels when they see their partner experiencing pleasure with someone else. It’s the opposite of jealousy. While it’s typically spoken of in terms of poly lovers, it translates to other people caring for and loving children.”

     And then human nature gets in the way… as it does inevitably with Communism.

     Hat Tip: Moonbattery.

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