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Venezuela: Purging the Military; Purging Basic Necessities; Purging the People from Venezuela Itself

     What better excuse to make potential dissenters within a regime disappear than a gold old fashioned assassination attempt? Why, none, of course. Whether this drone attack was a “false flag” operation or an honest attempt to get ride of Venezuela’s … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Leviathan as Parent: Racializing Patriotism; Trans in Kindergarten; Medical Ownership

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Putting the “loco” in “In Loco Parentis”      First, a little mood … Continue reading

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Tech Overlords of Silicon Valley: Gay Frogs and the Silencing of Dissent

…or, whither free speech?      Less than a dozen tech companies have accumulated a de facto monopoly on communication and the ready exchange of information. Increasingly, more and more people, not only in tech, but in politics and elsewhere desire to … Continue reading

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Nicaraguan Violence & Venezuelan Breaking Points

     Demonstrating in Nicaragua that when the going gets tough for Communists, the Communists get tough on the people—with violence. Not only is Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega happily massacring dozens at a time, but he has gone so far as to … Continue reading

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What Does Citizenship Mean When Non-Citizens Can Outvote You?

     California has for some time now demonstrated themselves to be hell bent on destroying any notion of citizenship in any way that matters. Not only may foreign nationals illegally in this country can practice law in California courts, but there … Continue reading

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Criminalizing the Drinking Straw

     Yet more proof that the more and more some need to virtue signal their environmental wokeness, the stupider the signaled virtue: Plastic straw bans. But what could be more woke than banning straws? Throwing people in jail for violating the … Continue reading

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To Dissolve The People And Elect Another

     Those who say that having a problem with a massive influx of immigrants with a high fertility index to a country whose native population is in a population death spiral are “racist” and “paranoid” about being eliminated as a people, … Continue reading

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AP Exam Sends Thousands of Years of History Down the Memory Hole

     The College Board, which provides the Advanced Placement Exams that allow high schoolers to earn college credit by successfully passing an exam, has decided to axe over seven thousand years of history and only testing on history since 1450. “In … Continue reading

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Doom: From Venezuela to Nicaragua (Again)

     The longer doom is delayed, the greater the catastrophe. The end of Venezuela’s hellhole had been predicted for years, and though signs of all seven seals being broken exist in Venezuela, it is far from certain that the end is … Continue reading

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Press Nothing For English

     If there is one thing that the U.K. powers that be have made clear, it is that they despise, more than anything, the British peoples. In the not-too-distant future, if you call 999 (U.K. equivalent of America’s 911) and speak … Continue reading

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