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The Canceling Of America And The Rough Woke Future Slouching To Be Born

     From the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror with its obsessive desire to toss old units of measurement and replace them with with such follies as metric time and a new calendar untethered to the past that starts at … Continue reading

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Concerning The “Forced Trajectory Project”

     While some cities’ and counties’ leadership is fully on board with the woke demand of “defunding the police” or otherwise more honestly wanting to abolish the police altogether, others are worried of losing their phoney-baloney jobs and would have to … Continue reading

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Cancel Culture Is About Imposing Privilege And Power

     It has been noted that “cancel culture” (or as George Orwell might put it, “unpersoning”) is arbitrary and capricious since there are no generally understood rules of what is or is not acceptable, which is especially pernicious when not only … Continue reading

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When Everything Is Racist All Anti-Racism Is Arbitrary And Capricious

     The usual rejoinder to “when everything is ______” is usually “than nothing is”. However in reality, the actual response is far more insidious. In reality, when everything is racist, just as when everything is a crime, actual enforcement based on … Continue reading

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George Floyd As The Queen Of Diamonds

     One of the gravest errors of much of the conservative movement was to see a disconnect between the Gramscian marched institutions and the “normalcy” of society, at least as they experienced it. With that came the foolish idea that “it … Continue reading

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Firing Line Friday: Has America Had It?

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.      With protestations that America is fundamentally evil, with even calls to destroy Mt. Rushmore, some are asking the … Continue reading

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When The Revolution Comes?

     There are some people who seem to be curious contradictions. They are absolutely histrionic over America being lost an the eternal doom that would bring, yet somehow chalk this up to either some identified conspiracy or simply an example of … Continue reading

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Venezuela, A Pariah Of Oppression

     Actual socialism doesn’t work, not even in Venezuela, so they’ve embraced… money laundering, schemes to get around sanctions, graft, and criminal cartels!   Yet they still have gas shortages.      While some nations like the U.S. are standing up against Venezuela’s … Continue reading

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All The Cops Are Criminals; All The Fundamental Transformative Revolutionaries Saints

     So, after the city of Minneapolis was subject to lawlessness, arson, looting, violence, and arson, the woke leadership of the Minneapolis City Council got the bright idea to abolish the police department, explained their clever little scheme:      The city council … Continue reading

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Systemic Oppression, Mandatory Allyship, and the March Through the Institutions

     For many, the riots, revolutionaries, and cultural iconoclasts that seemed to come out of nowhere and have been met without any resistance are either a bit of temporary madness that affects someone else (which somehow the communities of those many … Continue reading

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