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California Bans High-End Personal Computers

…with Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, and Vermont quickly following suit.      Some people in six states started out July leaning that those states won’t let them have personal computers that are considered too powerful.      What prompted this?   Gamers who like … Continue reading

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Free Speech Victory Over Pronouns In California

     California, which has a history of punishing thoughtcriminals over doubleplusungood views of transgenderism, has just had its law, that punished healthcare workers who “misgender” patients with up to a year in jail, overturned by a California Court of Appeals in … Continue reading

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Indoctrination in Oregon Schools

     With all the states pushing against the Teaching of Critical Race Theory and its derivative evil, we are reminded that some states are not only embracing that indoctrination but are also open about it. One such state is Oregon, who … Continue reading

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All The Sinners Are Saints In New York

     The revitalization of New York that began in the 1990’s has reached the end of the line as New York embraces pro-criminal policies that makes the “Death Wish” and “The Punisher” look like fantasy utopias. Look no further for evidence … Continue reading

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Senators vs. Catgirls

     The U.S. Federal government has in the past supported the type of research into human-animal chimeras that could lead to the genetic engineering of catgirls for domestic ownership. Past political opposition is now being seen on the Federal level, despite … Continue reading

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     The truth about “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (AKA “DIE”) policies from schools and governments to businesses and military contractors is hidden, obscured, or distorted in order to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate the true nature of the underlying ideology which has … Continue reading

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Selective Anarchy

     The breakdown of law and order in the major, and woke, cities has become increasingly overt in the past year or two. Case in point in Seattle, where police sat by and let squatters clear out the home they were … Continue reading

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     FYI,      With so many states considering legislation to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory, it would be useful to use a centralized tracker of the legislation and its status.      Christopher Rufo has put together such a tracker here. Tweet

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Michigan vs. Critical Race Theory

     Yet another state has seen legislation introduced to stop the teaching of racial hatred in schools.   Michigan’s SB460 reads, in part: (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law under this act to the contrary, beginning with the 2021-2022 school … Continue reading

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North Carolina vs. Critical Race Theory

     With proponents of Critical Race Theory pushing their poison in North Carolina, it looks like North Carolina is pushing back. HB 324 reads, in part: (c) Public school units shall not promote the following concepts: (1) One race or sex … Continue reading

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