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Suburban Shift — 2018 Election Aftermath and Postmortem

     After all the sturm und drang, not to mention the plethora of polling calls, political mailers and commercials, and emotional outbursts, the 2018 election is over and in the bag.      My predictions for 2018 were broadly accurate, but I was … Continue reading

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Words To Remember When Voting

     Half a dozen of years ago, I was talking with a scientist who had immigrated from Bulgaria, had lived under Communism, and had become an American citizen. The words she spoke to me still gives me a chill of terror: … Continue reading

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2018 Election Predictions

     It’s prediction time! My “official” prediction for the 2018 election are below. As a preemptive rejoiner to potential critics of previous predictions, I’d like to note that my predictions for Nevada have been highly accurate, with errors being within a … Continue reading

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Nevada Early Vote 2018 (End of Early Voting)

      With the completion of early voting, probably over ⅔ of the vote is already in, with, save for late returning absentees, only election day voters remaining to change things. Since the early vote is the vast majority of the overall … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Male Unprivilege: Women Get Out Of Jail Free; Women Can Screw 13-Year Olds; Women Get Automatic Positions On Business Boards

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Oh, the institutional misogyny!      First, a little mood music:      Carrying on… … Continue reading

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Nevada Early Vote 2018 (Second Weekend)

     The second and last weekend of early voting has concluded, with the final day of early voting occurring on the Friday immediately preceding election day. The two weekends of early voting, as well as the last day, tend to be … Continue reading

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Nevada Early Vote 2018 (First Full Week)

     The first of two weeks of early voting has finished up, with one more to go. The Democrats early voter lead is only 9021 registered voters, which shrinks by half to 4549, when returned absentees are included.* In comparison, in … Continue reading

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Nevada Early Vote (First Weekend)

Nevada est omnis divisa in partes tres      The state can be divided, as Caeser might say, into three parts: Clark County, which contains Las Vegas and 70% of the states population; Washoe County, which contains Reno and 20% of the … Continue reading

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The Witch War Against Kavanaugh

     The Left-wing “Social Justice” bent of modern self-declared witches is sadly not a new or novel thing, with everything from degentrification, and Google to transphobes and Trump being hexed or some other pseudo-spiritual ritual applied against them. It comes to … Continue reading

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The Coming Judicial Unswitching

     With the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the first truly pro-Constitution majority, since the infamous “switch in time that saved nine” during the Presidency of FDR, now controls the Supreme Court of the United States.      Of course, … Continue reading

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