Comrade Chuck Schumer

     This past Lunar (AKA “Chinese”) New Year, New York Senator Chuck Schumer attended acelebration with Communist Chinese officials, including one associated with China’s extraterritorial “police stations”, including in New York City, while he waved the Communist Chinese flag.

     And Comrade Chuck wasn’t alone

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer waved the People’s Republic of China flag, just moments after the organizers of a Lunar New Year event blasted China’s national anthem in the middle of Manhattan.

“Schumer’s apparent willingness to wave the flag of a foreign authoritarian government calls attention to the strange nature of the New York political world’s engagements with community events that feature a pro-Beijing twist.

“He and other top New York politicians appeared onstage at a rally, preceding an annual parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown, alongside Huang Ping, a hard-line Chinese ambassador who publicly denies Beijing’s human-rights abuses, and Wu Xiaoming, a senior consular official linked to China’s secret police station in New York.

“In addition to Schumer, New York governor Kathy Hochul, NYC mayor Eric Adams, and several New York legislators and city council members sat in the parade grandstand for the opening ceremony.

“Toward the end of the event, a singer performed the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ followed by the ‘March of the Volunteers,’ China’s national anthem.

“At one point during the latter song, Schumer appeared to put his hand over his heart, before quickly removing it. Then, someone in the crowd attempted to hand Hochul — who waved China’s flag at last year’s event — an American and a Chinese flag. She appeared not to accept them. Instead, Schumer grabbed the two flags and vigorously waved them for a moment.”

     Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened with a sitting U.S. Senator.

     Between Democrats like these and Blame America First pro-TikTok Senators on the right, one has to ask just how many U.S. Senators the Communist Chinese have?

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