Cancer Does Not Care About Your Gender Identity

     Many cancers and other ailments are more likely to occur in one biological sex far more often than the other, if not exclusively, due to human beings being a sexually dimorphic species with physical differences between the sexes. For example, though it is possible for a male to have breast cancer, it is very rare compared to breast cancer rates in females, while it is impossible for a male to have ovarian cancer due to not having ovaries.

     However, the “quality” socialist medicine of the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) seem to believe that whether or not you should be invited to have a breast exam or cervical exam is dependent not on your biological sex but your gender identity, as out lined in their pamphlet “Information for trans people” for “NHS Screening Programmes”.

Death, Rx

     That’s correct: The NHS seems to think that someone without a cervix ought to be invited for a cervical exam while someone with a cervix ought not to be invited to have one, because not doing this would hurt a “trans person’s” human rights by not pretending that a female who calls herself a male is still a female or that a male who calls himself a female is still a male.

     This is of particular note because the pamphlet explicitly mentions “males” and “females” rather than men and women, the former being an indicator for biological sex, while the later is used for one’s “gender identity”. We were told that gender is something separate and distinct from biological sex, but as has been noted before, once the words such as “man” or “her” were appropriated for use as it pertains to “gender identity”, the biological reality of sex would be denied and rejected.

     The problem with denying biological sex and instead relying on “gender identity” is that cancer and other diseases don’t care what “gender” you think you are, and any medical doctor who doesn’t also disregard such nonsense to instead focus in on biological reality is a quack.

     Sadly, it seems that the quacks are running the NHS.

     The full pamphlet can be read below.

Transgender Cross Programme Screening Leaflet by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

     Hat Hit: Chloe Kerr.

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