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Allah vs The Astral Witches

     Woke witches have used their “magic” to fight many unwoke enemies, including non-anti-racists in academia, Brett Kavanaugh, the Confederacy, and even White urban hipsters. But now it seems that they’ve waged war against someone way out of their league: Allah. … Continue reading

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Casting +3 Cringe With Social Justice Buttons

     By now it’s practically a given than there is a huge overlap between Social Justice Warriors and self-proclaimed witches. It is also a given that they tend to mix up reality with fantasy including woke versions of D&D classes. Now, … Continue reading

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When Your Gender Is A Pizza

     … you are a special little snowflake who is special in the wrong way. There was a time when identifying as ‘pizza’ was considered parody…. no longer. pic.twitter.com/jzOCSgXVyn — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) August 11, 2021 Tweet

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Tyger Tyger Raping Bright

     Apparently an unwoke story about a tiger enjoying a tea part causes rape. So what is this horrible story about? “It may have delighted generations of children, but The Tiger Who Came To Tea reinforces gender inequality which causes violence … Continue reading

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Out: Alien Greys. In: Alien Gringo Honkey Cracker Whites

     Some anti-White groups believe that White people are actually evil mutant albinos that only originated a couple of centuries ago, and that they have been engaged in a conspiracy to cover up the “fact” that all of history’s great civilizations … Continue reading

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Love Your Thetan Headmates

     The following message was sent from the leader of the Galactic Confederacy to the planet Teegeeack via a DC-8. Despite the lying propaganda from disloyal quarters, ‘twould seem that more and more Teegeeackians are embracing the many Thetans that inhabit … Continue reading

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Nadsat Goes Woke

     Nadsat was the fictional slang which in the book (and later movie) that was influenced by Russian via “subliminal penetration” by Communists. These days, a woke equivalent can be found, also influenced by a Marxism-derived ideology. Case in point: Not … Continue reading

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California Bans High-End Personal Computers

…with Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, and Vermont quickly following suit.      Some people in six states started out July leaning that those states won’t let them have personal computers that are considered too powerful.      What prompted this?   Gamers who like … Continue reading

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Misgendering The Sandwich

     The Reddit subreddit group “/r/food” banned a person for threatening transgender people by… calling a “chicken burger” a “chicken sandwich”. In part, from the person who was banned: “I was scrolling through r/food like I normally do. (Background, My wife … Continue reading

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The Ultimate In Queer Pride? The Hyena Of The Gestapo!

     So desperate are some to portray “strong” and “transgressive” women who are also queer for that additional intersectional sheen of wokeness, that they ignore the fact that the person they are celebration, one Violette Morris, is… not only a Nazi … Continue reading

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