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Ten Reasons We’re Against Unions: A Fisking

     As in most things, one can have a reasonable debate over issues. However, sometimes there is such idiocy, such as this pithy little cartoon regarding unions, that deserve… a fisking!      And on to the belittlement…      Union bosses do want to … Continue reading

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Witchcraft to be Taught in College

     The increasing trend in many African nations is to engage in “decolonization” by purging Western civilization and science from the continent. This includes colleges where magical lighting bolt throwing witches are defended as being as valid as Isaac Newton, if … Continue reading

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AP Exam Sends Thousands of Years of History Down the Memory Hole

     The College Board, which provides the Advanced Placement Exams that allow high schoolers to earn college credit by successfully passing an exam, has decided to axe over seven thousand years of history and only testing on history since 1450. “In … Continue reading

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School’s Anti-Bullying Scheme: Smile, Or Else

     With a rash of bullying incidents, a high school principal has decided on a clever plan: Require students to smile or be forced to go to a guidance councilor to talk about their feelz. “‘If you don’t (smile) you get … Continue reading

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Ebola Outbreak in the Congo? Vox Blames Donald Trump

     Leave it to Vox.com to somehow connect an Ebola outbreak in the Congo to, and figure out a way to start blaming… Donald Trump.      So what are the accusations? “Just one day after DRC’s Ebola outbreak was declared, the head … Continue reading

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Amazon Rights

     Amazon how has rights according to a court. Oh, this doesn’t have to do with the company or to the female warriors of Greek mythology, but with the South American river filled with parasites, disease, piranhas, and disease.      The Supreme … Continue reading

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Women Living Longer Than Men Is Now Considered Misogyny

     It is quite accurately pointed out that men live shorter lives, on average, then women.      However, even this is considered a form of misogyny and sexist oppression! Tweet

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White Nurses Now Required to Acknowledge their “White Privilege”

     Those born with the unshrivable sin of “Whiteness” must grovel by acknowledging this sin in order to work their chosen profession in an act of useless recentness. Specifically, Australian nurses are now required to announce their “White Privilege” to Aboriginal … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – Woke Sexuality: Problematic DNA; Problematic Sperm; Problematic F**king

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.      The focus this time: Mother Nature is an oppressive b***h.      First, a little bit of … Continue reading

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The New Animism

     In denying the spiritual in a knee-jerk fashion, modern philosophers and misunderstanding scientists have had to tackle with the entire concept of consciousness. Their solution?      Panpsychism. “Consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter; every single particle in existence has … Continue reading

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