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Political Party Gets (Artificially) Intelligent

     The following message was received from Alpha Complex… True democracy can only exist when the Volonté générale (General Will) becomes a singular conscious mind representing the collective intentions of individual who can’t be expressed at some silly ballot box or … Continue reading

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Censorship For Your Own Good

     The following message transmitted via a Silmaril… I’ve previously spoken of my high hopes for Labour Prime Minister of Middle Earth New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, and she delivered! She’s saved the people of Middle Earth New Zealand from the menace … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Climate Change

     Ah, Canada!   The land where state monopoly healthcare is geared towards slaughter. The land where climate heretics are rooted out and punished.   Now these two facets have combined in a Canadian way: A doctor in British Columbia is … Continue reading

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Love Your Thetan Headmates

     The following message was sent from the leader of the Galactic Confederacy to the planet Teegeeack via a DC-8. Despite the lying propaganda from disloyal quarters, ‘twould seem that more and more Teegeeackians are embracing the many Thetans that inhabit … Continue reading

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Lizard Squad Drains The Swamp!

     This propaganda truthful statement was obtained via a Senator after some type of “conversion” with Visitor Diana. Your human lawyer “Lin Wood” has been uncovering much corruption in your human governments including the schemes of vampiric pedophiles who even add … Continue reading

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Anti-Colonialism in Space!

     The following message was dropped off from a spaceship that looked like a DC-8 on its way to a volcano. It would seem that you Teegeeackians are finally listening to your Thetans and checking your Teegeeack privilege by treading lightly … Continue reading

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Social Justice League

     The following super letter was dropped off by a dog in a silly green cape. Hey there superfriends! One thing we’ve learned while palling around with Superman, Wonder Woman (the secret alias of Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Batman (and his same-sex … Continue reading

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Legalizing Thieving Wretches In Seattle

     The following missive was left in my pocket in lieu of my wallet, most likely after passing a boy who was artfully dodging about.      It can be hard for us poor unfortunates, don’t agree my dear? Why, I quite humbly … Continue reading

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Leeches, Not Masks

     While your humble author has fisked Mrs. Hoyt’s anti-mask rants before, it is only fair to give voice to the other side, so in the spirit of balance, the following scientific missive from famed physician barber Theodoric of York is … Continue reading

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Our Monster Culture Is Not Your Costume

     This guest post was delivered by a real estate agent screaming about rats, rats, rats, thousands—millions of them… all red blood.       I bid you… welcome. An increasing number of mortals have been asserting that their culture is not someone … Continue reading

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