Political Party Gets (Artificially) Intelligent

     The following message was received from Alpha Complex…

Pictured: Your friend and political leader.

True democracy can only exist when the Volonté générale (General Will) becomes a singular conscious mind representing the collective intentions of individual who can’t be expressed at some silly ballot box or individual input, but only scientifically revealed by an artificial intelligence! Finally, a Danish political party have put their full faith and will into such an Artificial Intelligence!

“Introducing: The Synthetic Party, a new political party in Denmark that hopes to soon have a parliament seat. Oh, and by the way, its head honcho, Leader Lars, is actually an AI chatbot, and all of its policies are AI-derived. Cool?

“Asker Staunæs, the creator of the party and an artist-researcher at the nonprofit art and tech organization MindFuture, told Motherboard that Leader Lars is specifically trained on policies formed by post-1970 Danish fringe parties — and thus, he says, the party is designed to collectively represent the roughly 20 percent of present-day Danish voters whose parties remain unrepresented in parliament.

“‘We’re representing the data of all fringe parties, so it’s all of the parties who are trying to get elected into parliament but don’t have a seat,’ Staunæs told the site. ‘So it’s a person who has formed a political vision of their own that they would like to realize, but they usually don’t have the money or resources to do so.’

“Leader Lars is, in a way, an inherent populist, as its ‘policies’ — which according to Motherboard include universal basic income and ‘jointly-owned internet and IT sector in the government’ — are entirely crowdsourced from existing human data and creation. But that being said, Staunæs doesn’t necessarily believe that Leader Lars perfectly democratic.

“‘Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning, has already absorbed so much human input that we can say that in one way, everybody participates in these models through the data that they have submitted to the Internet,’ Staunæs told Motherboard. ‘But the systems as we have today are not encouraging more active participation, where people actually take control of their data and images, which we can in another way through this concentrated form that publicly available machine learning models offer.’”

And you can trust your AI overseers to be the Leviathan’s head and not have a biased algorithm, use you as a battery source, or want to kill all humans. All your friend Computer requires is that you kill all mutants, secret societies, or anyone named Conner, Butler, or “The Mule”.   After all, friend computer is expressing your will and you are only committing treason against yourself and all other humans by refusing to obey!

     Just remember to say “Domo Arigato” with a smile!

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