Stealth Veganism

     When most normal people think of a burger, they think of a hamburger made with a beef patty. For other patties, there is usually a qualification (e.g. “chicken burger”, “veggie burger”, &c.).   Why? Because a hamburger is definitionally made from beef.

     But not anymore… in Austria anyway for Burger King who believe that “meat is no longer a matter of course in the future.”

“Burger King Austria is continuing the chain’s introduction of plant-based menu items around the world with a new campaign to promote the burgers, which will be positioned as ‘the new normal’ on its menu.

“The restaurant chain has begun a campaign titled ‘Meat Option,’ which will see Burger King staff ask all customers whether they want their order as ‘regular or with meat’—as it standardizes the plant-based option over its more traditional offering.


“The campaign motto ‘Normal, or with meat?’ will be promoted throughout Austria and on social media. The video has already generated around 100,000 organic views through Instagram and YouTube, under the hashtags #normalodermitfleisch/#meatoption.”

     The commercial they made is… pure cringe.

     But at least they are giving an option that mentions meat as at least an alternative so that people don’t get hornswaggled, for now, which is more than the company Blue Bottle has done:

“In the United States, coffee chain Blue Bottle has made a similar shift. In 2021, it tested an oat milk default at its West Coast locations, so if customers order a latte without specifying a milk preference, it is made with oat milk rather than cow’s milk. Based on the overwhelmingly positive results, Blue Bottle has expanded its oat milk default nationwide.

“These food giants are posing a question to the public: how can we define a new normal?”

     Veganism is increasingly being imposed by stealth when they don’t even tell you you aren’t getting what you are actually ordering. You buy a burger, you expect beef. You buy a latte, you expect dairy.

     But even with beef… it might not all be beef.

“When I read the labels, I was shocked. Shocked, and a little wigged-out to be honest. In reading the fine print (in Spanish), I found that the beef we’ve been buying has not been 100% beef like we’re used to. Here’s a small sample of what I found:

“The first one shows 78% beef, water, soy protein, cornstarch, and…at first I thought it was Aroma of Meat. I figured that would be a great cologne for men! Or a new deodorant! It’s really just meat flavor. Back to the list…preservative (E-221). E-1 through E-220 caused cancer in Spanish mice, but E-221 is A-OK! It continues with sulfites, antioxidants, flavor enhancers, dye, and maybe some traces of milk (that was probably irradiated with Polonium 210 or something). So my point is that there is a lot of Un-meat in the meat we were buying, and no wonder it tasted funny.”

     Make changes slow enough, and you’ll cook the tofu imitation-frog before you know it.

     Be vigilant. Be always vigilant.

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