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Are Lab-Grown Catgirl Brains Worth The Risk?

     When one sees a scientific journal article entitles “Complex Oscillatory Waves Emerging from Cortical Organoids Model Early Human Brain Network Development”, only one thing comes to mind: Are we on the verge of growing custom brains to create clever cyborg … Continue reading

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These Are Not The Catgirls We Are Looking For

     As a proud advocate of mad science, the many technological steps we have made that contributes to the genetic engineering of catgirls for domestic ownership have been openly celebrated on this blog.      However, we must acknowledge that not all “catgirls” … Continue reading

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Would Anime Traps Be Targeted Under A Biden Presidency?

     Former Vice-President Joe “Bad Touch” Biden is well known for his penchant for getting uncomfortably close to women and even young girls. This, of course, raises the question of what Biden thinks of young girls if said young girls were … Continue reading

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Is Elon Musk On The Verge Of Making Cyborg Catgirls Real?

     Animal cyborg development has been increasing in recent years, with breakthroughs with synthetic DNA, artificial organs/skin, and in vitro growth of brain tissue.   However, the possibility of brain-computer interfaces has been the most intriguing. Now, Elon Musk may be … Continue reading

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Neanderthal Girlfriends And Prehistoric Catgirls

     Homo sapiens are so heterosexual, they get all the ladies, even those sexy, sexy caveladies. “Y chromosome sequences now provide new evidence that Neandertals and early modern humans met and exchanged genes before the major out of Africa migration—potentially as … Continue reading

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Human-Mouse Chimeras Mean Only One Thing”: The Era Of Catgirls Becomes Nearer

     The scientific quest to genetically engineer catgirls for domestic ownership is an ongoing one, give or take an Elon Musk tweet or two. One of the most promising avenues for investigation is the combination, on the genetic level, of human … Continue reading

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Historic Scientific Achievement In The Quest To Create Catgirls: Biological Machines Created In The Lab

     Considering the advancements in science that could lead to the creation of catgirls and other human-chimeras, including the advancement of technologies that could result in “bioroids” (biological androids) with synthetically created—and customized—brains, it was only inevitable that actual biological robots … Continue reading

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Science On The Verge Of Creating Synthetic Cyborg Catgirls

     Scientists have grown tissue that in the lab that is spontaneously generating human brain waves. “Neuroscientists may have crossed an ‘ethical rubicon’ by growing lumps of human brain in the lab, and in some cases transplanting the tissue into animals, … Continue reading

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Human-Primate Chimeras: The First Step Towards Immanentizing Catgirls

     Japan, the land of 猫耳 (AKA Catgirls), has now legalized and approved of making human-animal chimeras. Though planned research involved rats and mice, such techniques aimed at eventually at growing human (or at least human compatible) organs, such techniques would … Continue reading

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I, For One, Welcome Our Robot-Run Casino Overlords

     Nevada, and especially Las Vegas, tends to be a rather transient state and a state more than many where humans with few educational credentials or those without higher level skills can nonetheless earn a living working in the casino industry. … Continue reading

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