“Organoid Intelligence” Of Lab Grown Brains Mean One Thing: Hyperintelligent Bioroid Catgirls

     Advances in bio-technology have gone from making lab grown skin and artificial tissue, to functional biological machines and even neurons. While all these things contribute to making cyborg or bioroid possible, growing and utilizing brain cells as functional thinking machines would be the next big step—and that big step is here.

“Artificially grown masses of cells or tissue known as ‘organoids’ could represent the next wave of innovation in modern computing through biocomputation and may also potentially supplement advances in artificial intelligence, according to a Johns Hopkins University team.

“Recent advancements in ‘organoid intelligence,’ as the researchers call it, could take the field of biocomputing well beyond the current limits of computation […]

“Hartung and his team believe that tapping such abilities in brain organoids could represent the next wave of computing through developments in biological, non-human intelligence in the coming years. This, in addition to allowing researchers to glean new insights into the function of the human brain by allowing researchers to experiment in ways prevented by ethical boundaries.


“Hartung and his team envision a variety of potential uses for their lab-grown ‘brain in a dish’ method of generating organoids with brain-like functions. These include supercomputing without the unsustainable energy demands that the current state of the technology requires.


“Rather than seeing organoid intelligence as an alternative to artificial intelligence, Hartung and the Johns Hopkins team believes they may be able to be integrated with artificial intelligence in ways that could potentially hasten the development of both fields and eventually lead to the creation of biocomputers whose processing and storage capabilities, as well as their speed and efficiency, could well outperform today’s best supercomputers.

     Obviously this can mean only one thing: Hyperintellegent cyborg and bioroid catgirls!

     A little mood music:

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