Regenerative Society: Communism By Another Name

     Notice how some people push Communism without calling it Communism? This is particularly true when it takes on an ecological sheen by the “Watermelons” (Green on the outside and Red inside).   When you can’t get the masses to rise up, you gotta resort to scaring them with environmental alarmism and doom.   Such is the case of “regenerative society” that demands a “degrowth economy” followed by a “post-growth economy”:

     Let’s go point by point:

     Yup, it’s the same old Marxist line where the elite Capitalists have everything and make everyone else pay for it. Though notice how growth, which used to be what Communists wanted and believed could only happen equally for everyone under Marxist teachings, become universally bad because is make Gaia cry or something.

     And here we seen how the new eco-friendly Communism is even worse for everybody. They want to take away your stuff and make you eat less (i.e. they want to make you eath the bugs, live in the pod, drink the soy, and own nothing.

     And, of course, it will be run “democratically”, which means in reality rule by Nomenklatura, assuming it doesn’t just devolve into mob rule, complete with “social justice” as the justification for denying some people anything or forcing them to do anything… all for their “well-being”, of course.

     Oh, and this doesn’t apply to third world countries who are allowed to grow and pollute as much as they want, because CO2 emmisions are only harmful to the environment with those privileged oppressors in 1st World countries do it. Yet somehow this will eliminate 96% of emissions in just seven years! Clearly those in the 1st World are going to have to give up everything if the rest of the world is to be allowed to release all the CO2 they want. Even if the 3rd World isn’t exempted, destroying nearly all industrial capacity would result in much of the world’s population to die… which is likely the actual point of this scheme.

     And here we get to their immanentized eschaton and utopia! Mankind kept in check to make Gaia happy (Nomenklatura excepted, of course) where everyone comes to agreement by consensus (which is provided by the Nomenklatura, of course) and share their misery and poverty equitably (but where “some are more equal than others”, of course).

     The utopia of the few is the hell of the many.

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