News of the Week (March 26th, 2026)


News of the Week for March 26th, 2023



Dobbs Decision


Ohio’s Proposed Multimillion-Dollar Abortion Tax Increase
Carrie Campbell Severino, Frank Scaturro, and Ed Sitters all have some incisive criticisms about the proposed ballot proposition that would place abortion rights in Ohio’s state constitution. Severino, Scaturro, and Sitter are all correct that this constitutional amendment would effectively legalize abortion on demand in Ohio for all nine months. Additionally, the authors are correct that this amendment might well strike down Ohio’s pro-life parental-consent law. One aspect of the proposal that deserves greater attention, however, is that this constitutional amendment would likely require Ohio’s Medicaid program to pay for elective abortions.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules State Must Allow Abortions to ‘Preserve’ a Mother’s Life
But the court upheld the ban on elective abortions.


Gun Rights


1911 vs. 2011
With John Wick: Chapter 4 due in theaters soon, there’s been a lot of talk of 2011 model semi-auto pistols. The biggest difference between it and the classic 1911 design seems to be a separate polymer grip that better isolates the shooter’s hand from perceived recoil.

‘Unconstitutional’: Federal Judge Blocks Multiple California Gun Restrictions
A federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking multiple California gun restrictions Monday, saying the laws violated the constitution in light of a landmark Supreme Court case in June.

Challenges to New York’s End Run Around SCOTUS 2nd Amendment Ruling Argued At Second Circuit
Court hears five separate challenges to New York’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act in spirited, three-hour hearing – the result is anybody’s guess


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Who Killed English Literature?
English majors are fast disappearing from our colleges and universities, and with good reason. Here’s a current summer course offering from Johns Hopkins University: Climate Fiction and Capitalist Accumulation – AS.060.186

University of Helsinki gives Greta Thunberg a Doctorate of Theology
The University of Helsinki has decided to make that official by giving Greta Thunberg an honorary Doctorate of Theology at the ripe old age of 20.

Nevada: The ‘Green Amendment’ is well-intended — but that’s not enough
Supporters of AJR3, also known as the “Green Amendment,” want to protect Nevada’s water, air, and climate. Who could be against that?

The Humanitarian Horror That ‘Electrify Everything’ Would Unleash
Standing on the train platform the other day, after work, a chilling event happened, and I’m not just referring to the weather, although there was that. It was one of those dull but frigid days when standing still, waiting, on concrete, leaves a person daydreaming not of mansions and fast cars and alluring holidays but of crawling under a pile of blankets.

Biden Administration to Use California as Tool to Smash Existence of Diesel Trucks In The U.S.
President and CEO Chris Spear of the American Trucking Association counters: “If the reports are in fact accurate, let us remind you that this isn’t the United States of California.”

Dem-Led Colorado City Allowing Only Six Gas Stations in the Name of Climate Change
“The ordinance allows for an exception and will allow a seventh gas station if it is part of a new, large retail center.”

A Requiem for Blueberries
A correspondent in Mississippi reports in with respect to her blueberry crop

DC cutting bus routes in order to buy electric buses
Leftists want everybody to use transit because it is climate-friendly. Leftists also want to electrify everything because it is climate-friendly. Leftists have to cut bus routes because electric buses are too expensive. In reality: Leftists hate mobility. Ride a bike, peasant.

GM Kills the Camaro
Like an old dog with IBS-inspired flatulence, the Camaro is set to be dragged by General Motors management behind the Detroit offices and put down with a double tap from a Remington — 2024 will be the final year for GM’s flagship muscle car, as reported by the Detroit Free Press. This news follows the similar retirement of the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

City forbids almost all new gas stations ‘to address the changes to our climate’ — even as some admit measure won’t do much
A suburb of Denver, Colorado, has voted to cap the number of gas stations within the city limits to help “address” so-called climate change. However, some in the community, including one councilmember, admit the measure likely won’t help much.

The African power grid collapse is spreading
Last summer, we looked at the collapse of the power grid in South Africa. The country which previously had the most economically stable and prosperous government in sub-Saharan Africa suffered waves of unemployment and looting as its economy buckled under the strain. They’ve managed to put together some foreign aid to apply patchwork fixes since then, but there are still rolling blackouts taking place on a regular basis. This winter, however, the power grid problems are spreading in one of the more underreported stories of the year. Zimbabwe and Nigeria are now also experiencing near-total collapses of their power grids. People who still have jobs are having to work at night because that’s the only time there is stable electricity. Scheduled blackouts frequently last up to ten or even twelve hours per day, and both nations’ economies are tanking as a result.



Government in Healthcare


Euthanasia’s Cultural Collateral Damage: Less Respect for Human Life
Euthanasia causes egregious cultural damage beyond the direct consequences of allowing the killing — or facilitating the suicides — of sick and disabled people. Eventually, the lives of the elderly, disabled, mentally ill, and seriously ill come to be seen as less valuable than the “healthy” and able-bodied — to the point that their homicides are often winked at by society. (We saw this phenomenon during Jack Kevorkian’s mass assisted suicides in the ’90s, supported by the much of the media and accompanied by the unwillingness of several juries to convict for nearly a decade.)

Death Activists Oppose Limits on Virtual Access to Assisted Suicide
Assisted-suicide advocates say they believe in “strict guidelines to guard against abuse.” They don’t. They write bills as broadly as they deem politically expedient and then expand access as people become accustomed to doctors prescribing overdoses to ill, suicidal patients.


War & Terror


U.S. Navy’s Priority in 2023? Climate Change
While Biden Administration’s new budget request actually shrinks the size of the fleet in the face of threats from China, Russia, and North Korea, the Secretary of the Navy says climate change is one of the Navy’s “top” priorities

With Biden Missing in Action, Japan Proposes Indo-Pacific Strategy to Counter China
AP News: “Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida … announced action plans for a new Indo-Pacific initiative aimed at countering China’s influence in the region.”

The growing Chinese investment in illegal American weed
Multiple states in the West are seeing an increase in Chinese workers and funding at unlicensed cultivation operations.

Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held
A bomb threat was called in just as a judge in lower Manhattan was about to start a hearing over a $250 million lawsuit by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump.

Xi and Putin sitting in a tree, S-M-I-L-I-N-G
Do you know what you get when you have a POTATUS vice POTUS sitting in the White House and occupying the chair normally held by the leader of the Free World?

USS District of Columbia: The First Nuclear Columbia-Class Submarine Is Named
The delivery of the first Columbia-class boat, the USS District of Columbia, is slated for 2027.

American military to have additional access in the Philippines
In addition to the four military bases that the US was granted access to, the Philippine government is looking at providing access to additional sites. The Philippines has not named these sites yet. However, there is a possibility that the US had requested locations in Isabela, Zambales, Cagayan, and Palawan. Many local governments appear to support the Philippine government’s decision for these added locations.

Russia caught sending ‘ancient’ 1940s tanks to Ukraine as they run out of weapons
Russia has been caught sending 75-year-old Soviet-era tanks to fight in Ukraine after losing an estimated 2000 tanks amid the conflict – and the US is sending its own vintage tanks too

A US destroyer navigated the South China Sea and China is threatening ‘serious consequences’
Thursday the guided missile destroyer USS Milius sailed near some islands in the South China Sea that China claims as its own. Actually three different countries claim the Paracel Islands but China currently occupies them. Here’s a map showing the locations of some of the disputed islands in the South China Sea.




Guess What: Reparations Already Unpopular in San Francisco
As suggested here yesterday, the idea for a multi-billion dollar “reparations” payment to blacks in San Francisco is swiftly proving unpopular with San Francisco’s oh-so-progressive citizens. And so the city’s board of supervisors is reacting according to script: San Franciscans who oppose the reparations plan are racist.

Stanford Students Who Shouted Down Judge Demand Their Names and Photos be Removed From News Reports
“California is a two-party consent state, and you have no right to publish this student’s identity/likeness/face without consent.”

The Media Take On the UNC Board
Reporting on Chapel Hill’s new School of Civic Life and Leadership has been lopsided and misleading.

Trump: DeSantis May Learn What It’s Like to Be Falsely Accused of Sexual Impropriety by a Man or Underage Girl
Jeff mentions […] the Trump insinuation that DeSantis might be gay. But our colleague spoke too soon. Trump deleted the TruthSocial post, seemingly because it went too far even for him. Then, Trump reposted an edited version, keeping the gay insinuation and adding a grooming insinuation.

Ron DeSantis: ‘I Don’t Know What Goes Into Paying Hush Money to a Porn Star’
Over the weekend, Trumpworld was full of demands that Ron DeSantis leap to the defense of the former president over the rumor (started by Trump, but likely based in the reality of an escalating investigation) that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is about to indict Donald Trump over how his business accounted for payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence during the 2016 presidential campaign about an affair she says she had with Trump around the time of Melania’s pregnancy with Barron. There is no real dispute that Trump made the payments, although he (rather implausibly, given his character and the size of the payoffs) denies the affair.

Maine School’s “Civil Rights Team” Accused of Bullying at Rowdy School Board Meeting on Parental Rights
RSU 14 parents from Windham and Raymond aired grievances against the school board and the school system Wednesday evening, with an overwhelming majority of parents opposing x-rated books and intrusive, sexualized surveys.

OSU requires DEI statements from mechanical, aerospace engineer job applicants
Recently introduced legislation in Ohio seeks to ban ideological hiring practices

Nevada AG: My plan to decriminalize theft really hasn’t worked out
Back in 2019, Nevada passed Assembly Bill 219, loosening many laws and decreasing or eliminating prison sentences for various property crimes. The minimum value for retail theft to be treated as a major crime was more than doubled and jail time was largely eliminated if the perpetrator paid a small fine and agreed to complete an online course. The bill’s sponsors described as an effort to do away with Nevada’s “lock ’em up and throw away the key” culture. One of the leading proponents who testified in support of AB219 was state Attorney General Aaron Ford. But the AG is back in the news this week, calling for parts of that law to be pulled back. The reason? Retail theft is “out of control.” Who could possibly have seen this coming?

His ‘Zombies’ Are Giants
When I talked with George Will the other day, he was wearing a Princeton tie. He referred to the university as “a basketball factory located in New Jersey.” The Princeton basketball team is now in the Sweet 16.

Arkansas Finally Getting Around to Ending Racial Preferences
California voted for a ban on racial preferences by state government back in 1996. Michigan did so in 2006. If states so infected with “progressive” thinking can do that, you’d think that a state like Arkansas would have long ago put an end to preferences by the state. It’s only now on the verge of doing so, however.

California measure would force tech giants to pay news outlets
California lawmakers this week are launching a plan to force digital giants like Facebook and Google to pay publishers for news content, taking a contentious global fight to the state level.

Radical leftist legal org with university ties has 10-acre ‘haven’ in Florida ‘enchanted forest’
A leader of a radical leftist legal organization in Florida recently said they need to use a 10-acre property as a ‘haven’ because of hostility towards ‘critical knowledge’ in the state.

Boston School Survey Asks Middle School Students About Their Sexual History, Oral Sex, and Transgenderism
One parent: “To go on field trips the district has parents sign permission slips, but for the district to ask our children private explicit sexual questions they are able to do so without consent?”

Novel drug makes mice skinny even on sugary, fatty diet
Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio) have developed a small-molecule drug that prevents weight gain and adverse liver changes in mice fed a high-sugar, high-fat Western diet throughout life.

White students barred from Iowa State University ‘womxn of colour’ retreat
‘Womxn of Colour Network’ hosts other events for minorities only

How a Private College Mandated Civics Instruction
At Pennsylvania’s Cairn University, the much-needed subject is no longer optional.

Supreme Court rules that student can sue public schools
Hopefully, this will open the door for students who have been deprived of an education by public schools to punish them for their failures.

Law Professor Might Report the Stanford Law Students Who Shouted Down Judge to California Bar
“I am writing to advise you that I plan to file formal complaints with bar admission authorities opposing the admission of students identified as violating the free speech rights of Judge Duncan and their own fellow students”

Equal Protection Project Files Opposition to Biden Education Dept. Rule Rescinding Trump-Pence Campus Religious Protections
Proposal would remove Trump-Pence era regulation mandating that higher education treat campus religious groups and secular groups equally

Alito: “I went to a law school where I didn’t learn any law.”
Alito has said many times before that he learned no actual law at Yale Law School. As soon as Blatt mentioned law school, I knew Alito would jab back at his alma matter.

Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers Guild
It turns out that the disruption by several dozen Stanford University law school students of a speech to be given by federal judge Kyle Duncan was not a spontaneous exercise of freedom to protest.

Are you ready for the “trans day of vengeance?”
Get your go bag ready. Fill the water bottles. Make sure you have enough canned and dry goods.

Drug-sniffing dog put his paws on a man’s car. Idaho Supreme Court says he trespassed
The Idaho Supreme Court has vacated a Mountain Home man’s conviction for felony drug possession and delivery after it ruled that a police drug-sniffing dog trespassed and conducted an illegal search by putting its paws on his vehicle, prompting the search that led to his arrest.

Dumbing Down the Judiciary
If you look up “courtly southern gentleman” in a dictionary, you just might find a picture of Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (a former Democrat, by the way). He’s rapidly becoming my favorite senator in committee hearings, for his polite questions and unrancorous demeanor with Biden nominees that expose their ignorance or ideological bias. He’s bit like detective Columbo; he lets the nominees hang themselves with their own words.

Behind the scenes of the Harvard affirmative action case, a joke about Asian applicants
As you probably remember, Harvard was sued a few years ago on the grounds that its admissions criteria were unfair to Asian applicants. The trial was held before Judge Allison Burroughs, an Obama appointee who eventually decided in Harvard’s favor.

Court Strikes NY State Regulations Threatening Orthodox Jewish Yeshivas Under “Substantial Equivalency” Test
Court finds the state education department exceeded its authority in requiring religious schools to provide the substantial equivalent of secular education: “Parents should be given a reasonable opportunity to prove that the substantial equivalency requirements for their children’s education are satisfied by instruction provided through a combination of sources.”

Boston School Latest to Ask Young Kids About Their Sex Lives
A Boston public school is the latest to survey young teens — and some preteens — about their sexual “history.”

University removes statement compelling faculty speech after CRO report
Last month, Campus Reform published a copy of the anti-racism statement which compelled faculty to denounce white supremacy, ‘uphold social justice in our lives and work as teachers and scholars [and] embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.’

Diversity and Inclusion means shutting people up
The largest college Democrat group in Virginia wants you to know that keeping Republicans off campus is required if you value diversity and inclusion.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Anti-Muslim tweets, inactive warrants, and anti-Muslim prison guards.

Trump Claims ‘Death & Destruction’ Will Happen if DA Bragg Charges Him
“What kind of person can charge another person…known by all that No crime has been committed, & also known that potential death & destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic…a degenerate psychopath that truly hates the USA!”

Conservative Rising Star Mark Robinson to Announce Run for Governor of North Carolina
“Should he run and win, Robinson will become the first black governor in the state’s history.”

Child Sexual Abuse: 13-Year-Old Drag Queen Gyrates for Pervy, Leering Crowd
In the Gospels, Jesus Christ said, “It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come. It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones” (Luke 17:1-2). Watching the video of a 13-year-old drag queen gyrating suggestively on stage for a mob of ecstatically cheering perverts—ahem, adults—made me think a few millstones seemed to be in order.

Russia to station nuclear arms in Belarus, says Putin
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Sunday urged Belarus not to host Russian nuclear weapons, saying it could face further sanctions if it did.

Unintended Consequences of DEI Brainwashing
John Stossel observes that all major companies require employees to undergo indoctrination in cultural Marxism — a.k.a. diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Utopia has been achieved; we now live in a climate of totalitarian political correctness.


Economy & Taxes


Let the Semiconductor Cost Overruns Begin
It was a narrow bill justified by national-security concerns, we were told of the CHIPS Act. Government was going to do what the markets couldn’t, or wouldn’t, and bring semiconductor manufacturing back home.

Nevada: SB 96 Eliminates 3 Percent Property Tax Cap
Sup. Workman: ‘NASS has been advocating for years that we sunset or get rid of the property tax cap’

Unions Pitch a Fit over Lunch Breaks at West Coast Ports
West Coast dockworkers have been operating without a contract since July 1 as negotiations for a new deal drag on. That means their no-strike clause is no longer operative, and ordinary arbitration procedures for resolving disputes no longer apply.

Home Prices Fell in February for First Time in 11 Years
U.S. sales of existing homes jump 14.5% from prior month, but well down from year earlier

Fighting inflation, rescuing banks: The Fed’s sprawling jobs collide
The last time Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell appeared in public — 13 days ago — he warned that the central bank was seeing signs the economy was heating back up and might need to be more aggressive raising interest rates.

Fed hikes rates by a quarter percentage point, indicates increases are near an end
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday enacted a quarter percentage point interest rate increase, expressing caution about the recent banking crisis and indicating that hikes are nearing an end.

Michigan Is Headed Back to Rust Belt Poverty
Since the early days of Henry Ford, Michigan was the proud symbol of America’s industrial might. But then, starting in the 1970s, things went south — in part because of the might of the unions that ran the state’s political machine. That’s when Michigan transitioned into the sad symbol of closed factories: the American “Rust Belt.” Flint, Michigan, became a ghost town.

Stock Market Down After Federal Reserve Chair Issues Warning on Inflation
Sec. Yellen’s announcement that US Treasury is not considering ‘blanket insurance’ for all U.S. bank deposits also a contributing factor.

California Truckers Vote against the Teamsters
The Left insists that workers really want unions, if only given the chance. California passed A.B. 5 to get more independent contractors reclassified as employees, partly to allow them to unionize. The Teamsters supported that law because many truck drivers are independent contractors, not employees.

Welcome to the Superprime Banking Crisis
Rising rates have exposed the problem with building a strategy around serving wealthy clients




Brazil Moves to Take Back Guns After Surge in Purchases
New government tries to reverse a proliferation of firearms and 24-hour shooting clubs

Ferraris and Hungry Children: Venezuela’s Socialist Vision in Shambles
In the capital, a store sells Prada purses and a 110-inch television for $115,000. Not far away, a Ferrari dealership has opened, while a new restaurant allows well-off diners to enjoy a meal seated atop a giant crane overlooking the city.

Xi Jinping tells ‘dear friend’ Putin ‘change is coming’ as he leaves Moscow
Xi Jinping told Vladimir Putin that ‘change is coming’ as he left the Kremlin after the two leaders showcased their ‘no-limits friendship’ during a pomp-filled state visit.

Cuban player defects in Miami after team’s loss in World Baseball Classic
As if the pummeling the communist Castro dictatorship’s team received from Team USA and the Cuban exile protests broadcast all over Cuba were not embarrassing enough for the regime, they also lost one player to defection. Bullpen catcher Ivan Prieto Gonzalez never showed up for the early morning flight back to Cuba on Monday, becoming the first Cuban player to defect during the World Baseball Classic.

Afghanistan’s secret schools for girls
Shortly after America’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s Supreme Leader, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, ordered an end to school for girls beyond elementary school. (And even some of the elementary schools were closed to them later.) But the Wall Street Journal is reporting this week that his plans haven’t worked out entirely as he had hoped. Akhundzada is getting some pushback from his own people, including some high-ranking members of the Taliban. And there have been secret schools popping up around the country where girls are allowed to complete their education, despite the Supreme Leader’s attempts to have them shut down. This could turn out to be a rare positive sign of progress, but the people operating the schools still face significant danger if they are discovered.

Will Vladimir Putin Be Arrested in South Africa?
An arrest warrant was recently issued for the Russian president by the International Criminal Court. In the summer he’s due to visit South Africa – one of the countries that’s obliged to carry out such a warrant.

World Athletics bans transgender women from competing in female world ranking events
World Athletics has banned transgender women from competing in the female category at international events.

Nigerian Senator Found Guilty of Organ Harvesting Plot in UK
London trial ends with guilty verdict for senator and his wife. Lawmaker accused of finding disadvantaged man for organ donor.

As the Rich Swarm Costa Rica, Thousands of Monkeys Are Being Electrocuted
Down past the mango fields, past the river and pock-marked dirt roads, the town of Nosara occupies a dazzling portion of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Just north, at daybreak, thousands of baby sea turtles push through the sand and stagger their way to the ocean. The jungle teems with hummingbirds and coatis, peccaries and blue morphos and iguanas. Up in the branches, howler monkeys unleash roars that can be heard up to three miles away.

Cuba Holds a Stacked Election Amid the Biggest Population Exodus Since the Revolution
Cuba is holding elections Sunday to pick lawmakers at a time when the ruling communist party is struggling to keep a lid on public anger caused by rampant inflation, hunger and blackouts.

In China, Marriage Rates Are Down and ‘Bride Prices’ Are Up
The 30 women sat in wooden chairs, facing each other in a rectangular formation. At the front of the room was the ruling Communist Party’s hammer and sickle logo, with a sign declaring the meeting’s purpose: “Symposium of unmarried young women of the right age.”




The Trouble with ‘Elite’ Law Schools
About 15 years ago, I was speaking with a friend who was a partner in a national law firm, and I asked him what he thought about law students at that time. He said that he was not impressed by many and particularly tried to avoid interviewing applicants from Yale, since they had loads of useless theories in their heads, but little practical knowledge of our legal system. Training them to be good lawyers for his firm took too long.

Pick One: Conservatism or Trump
Those are our only two choices — we cannot have both of these things.

Let’s Not Pass the Railway Safety Act
Michael expresses concern over our editorial yesterday urging Congress to reject the Railway Safety Act.

The Western Canon’s Enduring Threat to Authoritarianism
The Free Press, an excellent upstart journalistic outfit, has a piece from Yeonmi Park, a young woman who escaped North Korea. Early on, Park observes how insulated Americans, especially American liberals, are from real political repression — or from doing anything about repression elsewhere. Eventually educated at Columbia, Park discusses her wide-eyed acceptance of the breathless terror propagated in 2016 by the New York Times and Washington Post led her to believe she was in nearly as terrible a place as the one from which she had escaped.

Buy Old Books
We recently learned that Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, and many other classic children’s books, had had his work bowdlerized by a publisher. The revisions, explained the London Times, related to “weight, mental health, violence, gender and race.” The offensive words “mothers” and “fathers” had been replaced with “parents.” A “female” became a “person.” A “man-eating giant” became a “human-eating giant.” The word “attractive” was changed to “kind,” altering the meaning. The color “black” was now “dark,” even though the original connotation had absolutely nothing to do with race.

It’s Not Hard to Define Wokeness If You’re Honest
Wokeness is a real ideology that makes everything revolve around hierarchies of identity groups. Anyone who says it can’t be defined is hiding something.

Tirien Steinbach Doesn’t Get to Decide If ‘the Juice Is Worth the Squeeze’
In the Wall Street Journal, Tirien Steinbach — the woman who is paid by Stanford University Law School to undermine the free-speech policies at Stanford University Law School — has confirmed that she will continue to undermine the free-speech policies at Stanford University Law School until she is fired.

Transgenderism, Jazz Jennings and The Fly
As I once wrote in The Stream, the premise of almost every horror movie is: Don’t mess with the Natural Law. Starting with Frankenstein and going through The Exorcist and Hereditary, horror films often reinforce positive social norms and warn against violating them. (Yes, most are too violent and crazy to recommend to Christian audiences.)

Let Them Eat Bugs
I don’t think there is any point at which the bossy authoritarians who now have so much control in America (and elsewhere) will ever say, “That’s far enough — we should now leave people free to make their own choices.” For that proposition I offer in evidence the current mania for eating insects.

Fear And Loathing On The Intertubes
As Brandon Morse noted, what’s significant here is not that somebody got bullied off the internet, but the massive backlash that bullying inspired in not just VTuber fandom, but a lot of people who had just had it up to here with the (alleged) minority of trans activists going around making other peoples’ lives miserable over video games.

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