Science Working On Making Bioroids & Cyborg Catgirls More Pattable

Thank you science!

     The science journal “Science Robotics” reports on creating robots with real human tissue.

“In summary, it is now both technically possible and scientifically pertinent to explore in greater detail the potential of humanoids as tools for regenerative medicine. Advances in this field could lead to exciting applications across multiple disciplines.”

     Most important of these applications are to more pattable cyborg catgirls, as well non-kemonomimi bioroids (bio-android, or biological gynoid to be exact)!

     Specifically, the researchers are aiming to:

“The researchers propose a ‘humanoid-bioreactor system’ with ‘structures, dimensions, and mechanics similar to those of the human body.’ As the robot interacted with its environment, tissues growing on its body would receive the typical strains and twists that they would if they grew on an actual human. The result would be healthy tissue, grown for the exact area on the body it was destined to replace.”

     So, what, in effect, does this mean? This:

     To up the ante, scientists are also developing electronic skin that enables a sense of touch:

     Teams around the world are working to develop flexible versions of synthetic skin that can feel by mimicking the different kinds of sensory receptors found in human skin.

     Powering such systems is a challenge, but now researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering have developed a way to use graphene, an ultra-thin form of carbon, to generate electricity via solar power.

     The article on human tissue can be read below:

Growing Tissue Grafts on Humanoid Robots: A Future Strategy in Regenerative Medicine? by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

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