Human Trials For Artificial Wombs Begin. Can Lab-Grown Catgirls Be Far Behind?

     There have been many advancements in the development of artificial wombs, primarily with the goal of helping extreme premature babies survive. Now human trials are set to begin:

“In 2017, researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) announced they had successfully been able to keep premature lambs alive through ectogenesis — an artificial womb. Now, six years later, they are requesting to move forward to human trials, which could have massive repercussions.

“Nature reported that CHOP researchers have requested approval to test their Extra-uterine Environment for Newborn Development, or EXTEND, device, on humans. For now, the team cautioned that it is not meant to support life from conception through birth; rather, they are hoping to increase survival chances of micro-preemies.

“‘If it’s as successful as we think it can be, ultimately, the majority of pregnancies that are predicted at-risk for extreme prematurity would be delivered early onto our system rather than being delivered premature onto a ventilator,’ Alan Flake, a fetal surgeon, said in 2017.”

     However, this is not a test from conception through birth yet.

     This raises the prospect of a woman choosing to terminate a pregnancy without killing the child.   However, pro-abortion proponents demonstrate that for them it’s not about bodily autonomy of the woman, but extermination of the baby.

“And Harvard bioethicist I. Glenn Cohen wrote an op-ed for Vox arguing that women should still have the right to abortion, because they might not want to be a ‘genetic’ parent.

“‘This would effectively preserve her right not to be a gestational parent — as she can stop gestating by transfer to the artificial womb — but not her right not to be a genetic parent. That’s because a child would come into being with her genetic code that she does not want to exist,” he said, adding, “Confronted with the argument that transfer to an artificial womb could be made mandatory, a different strategy might be to stand up and defend abortion as a right not to be a genetic parent — full stop. The asserted right, in other words, would extend further than the right not to be a gestational parent and include a right to terminate the fetus.’

Ultimately, the problem with the abortion industry revolves around a simple premise: they are pitting the rights of one class of human beings against another, stronger, class. If a child is developed in an artificial womb, it is obvious that the “right” to abortion, then, is not truly about a woman’s bodily autonomy. It is about what the pro-life movement has long claimed: the right to a dead child.”

     While this is not a test from conception through birth yet, the prospect of conception through birth could mean but one thing: Laboratory grown catgirls genetically engineered for domestic adoption.

     It’d be a win-win for everyone.

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