Gaia Cult Goes Global

     Many countries and localities, including localities in the United States, are starting to recognize “Nature Rights” of Mother Nature and that Gaia’s rights can trump your rights. However, this is a global movement with legal work being done towards that end at the United Nations.

“[In February, there were] preliminary negotiations for the UN environment assembly in Nairobi […], when government representatives were asked to consider a draft resolution by Bolivia on ‘living well in balance and harmony with Mother Earth and Mother Earth centric actions.’ This included a passage on the rights of nature.”

     And no, this isn’t anything new.

“The UN general assembly adopted resolutions recognising the rights of Mother Earth or nature at Rio+20 in 2012 and in the convention on biodiversity in 2022. Altogether, there have been 14 UN general assembly resolutions on this subject.

“Agustín Grijalva, a former supreme court judge in Ecuador who issued a pioneering judgment on the rights of the Los Cedros forest, said the UK dismissal was disrespectful. ‘It is completely disrespectful to rule out in such terms the proposal of Bolivia and other countries of the UN system where it is supposed that government delegates work at least to hear, dialogue and debate what is the best for humanity and nature.’”

     And they use false parallels to push rights for Gaia.

“César Rodríguez-Garavito, a Colombian legal scholar who leads the Earth Rights Advocacy Clinic at New York University, said the UK’s position was paradoxical at best and contradictory at worst. ‘It’s paradoxical because it recognises rights for non-human entities like corporations but denies them to non-human living beings. It’s contradictory because, while rhetorically acknowledging different cultures and Indigenous worldviews, it nevertheless imposes the western understanding of rights and law,’ he said.”

     The falsity of this logic is that corporations are ultimately owned by people and run by people working on behalf of the owners, while nature per se isn’t, though it can be owned by humans and it is those humans whose property rights can be violated.

     But how bad can simply looking after Earth be? As bad as you’d expect from humanity-hating zealots who want to deindustrialize everything. People are pushing to make “ecocide” a crime punishable by the International Criminal Court on a similar level to genocide. Such crimes could include: Industrial fishing; deep sea mining; cattle ranching; large-scale agriculture farms; mining; oil extraction; fracking; and cement manufacturing.

     Why yes, that is bad.

“The conjoined ‘nature rights’ and ‘ecocide’ movements are part of the increasing effort among radical leftists to destroy Western civilization, the central principle of which is human exceptionalism. If that revolution prevails — and I think it could within a decade or so unless we wake up — our economies are doomed. Why? Nature-rights laws empower radical greens to go to court to stop any use of the natural world with which they disapprove. ‘Ecocide’ would make large mining and energy-extraction development a heinous crime. Imagine the litigation possibilities!”

     If you enjoy the fruits of the industrialized world, then to these Gaia cultists, you are literally Hitler.

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