All Your Electricity Are Belong To California

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of California…

     Ever wonder how California plans to switch to all electric vehicles in the future and support the burden on their electric grid? The solution is easy: They will drain your electric car while it’s at a “charging station”… leaving you potentially stranded!

“The California legislature has introduced a bill that would mandate bidirectional charging capability for all new EVs sold in the state beginning in 2027.

“First spotted by Charged EVs, SB 233 has passed the California Senate Energy Committee and now heads to the Senate Transportation Committee April 25 for further consideration. If enacted, the bill would ensure all new EVs sold in California after 2027 would have the ability to discharge power from their battery packs to assist the power grid, or provide a backup power source for homes.

“‘SB 233 will make EVs more attractive to consumers by enabling them to use their car batteries to power their homes,’ State Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), the bill’s sponsor, said in a statement.”

     Oh, it can also provide electricity to not only one’s home, but also to the entire grid itself, as is already done with solar panels on houses’ roofs.

“How can electric vehicles (EVs) assist the aging US electrical grid as it tries to handle the rising demand for electricity during peak load times? The answer is the EVs themselves. Bidirectional charging refers to two-way charging — that means the EV both charges and discharges. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) is a charging technology that allows the flow of energy from the car battery back to the grid — from the vehicle to the grid.”

     Not even the electricity in your own batteries is yours anymore.

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